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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My First Step On Our New Office

It's been one year now since we transfer our office from our main location to the new one. Actually our company is just expanding its office adding 1 more branch. It was June (the same month we have now) last year when we have our first step in our new office location.

At first, I feel that our new place is too far. I need to ride a bus from our home, then an MRT afterwards. Thanks God, our company now provides a fully air-conditioned shuttle service.

The same building we had. Tall, modernized, freshly scent. Still, we were located on the top floor.

Being on the top, I have the chance to view the green fresh fields outside our office. I love its green trees surrounded by grass. I can see from the top of our office the complete structure, the path of the highways we always move around. Seeing these cool views gives a relaxing sight to my tired eyes. It relieves my stress from work!

I remember how our office looks like on its early days. Too plain, simple, but attractive. Look at our elevator before...still it maintains its cleanliness and neatness. Compare our workstation before, too plain but with colorful wall around. But now, compare it with my present workstation...did you see the difference? Imagine how I made creations on my workstation now. It became now a lively one!

And the first place I look at here in our office before was our pantry! Very nice and accomodative! With its great look, it speeds up your appetites. So good...hehe!

Hmmm...if you were to ask, what can you say on our office? Do you like it? Or you want to visit me here? Well, you are free to give what you have! c",)

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