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Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Miming #Selfie

One of my favorite kittens love to take selfies of his cute face infront of the camera. Whenever I hold my iPhone 6 facing him, he looks towards it posing cute.

Well, meet my white cute kitten named Nunuy and some of his stolen selfie shots in a cute collage:

Nunuy or Nuy is so tame. He loves to sleep in bed, sofa, or in soft pillows. You can even hug him all you want!

On my next posts, I'll share with you more photos of Nuy as well as his other siblings. 

This cute kitten including his mother and his siblings living with us in our home sweet home really relieve our stress and tireness. They were truly lovable to take care with. (RCB)

Sunday, June 30, 2013

The New Born Kittens!

We have three new cute little kittens now playing around our home! Yes, the three cute baby kittens were the children of our female cat named Choleng. All in all, we have now 5 pet cats in our house - Macmac the male older cat, Choleng the mother cat, and the three cute kittens!

It's more than one month now after our female cat Choleng gave birth to three healthy kittens! Three white kittens add more happiness in our home today!

Let me share to you the pictures of the three cute little kittens one week after their birth day. Here they are:

Yes, when they were babies, a big red basin served as their cradle! Even their mother slept inside it to feed her babies!

Now, these baby cats grew. They were now bigger and can sound louder specially when begging for foods!

On my next post, I'll share with you more cute photos of these three cute little kittens with their mother! So stay tune! (RCB)

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