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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The 7-Day Nature Photography Challenge

Challenge accepted and surpassed! For 7 consecutive days, I have posted different nature photos of the 7 places I have visited in the Philippines. My friend nominated me to do this for 7 days. And I will do the same - to nominate a Facebook friend per day which corresponds to these 7 nature photos.

And here are the 7 nature photos I have posted:

Day 1 - Benquet
Day 2 - Corregidor
Day 3 - Ambon Ambon Falls
Day 4 - Tayak Hills
Day 5 - Cagbalete Island
Day 6 - Puerto Gallera
Day 7 - Caliraya

You may check the details of the said travel photos in my Facebook and Instagram accounts. (RCB)

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

I Remember The Days I: "BACOLOD"

November 8 to 11, 2005 - Bacolod City, Visayas

It was exactly four years ago when this event happened. I was a fourth year student taking my BSECE course that time. I was also the active Managing Editor in our school publication.

This event was actually our annual Editors' Guild. To be exact, it was the second time that our publication held such event. All the editors in our publication joined the said event. We were all went to Bacolod.

Well, you may wonder why it was happened in Bacolod?!

The Resort After Our Conference

Say Cheese With The Whole Team!

It was mainly because the Visayas branch of our university was that year's host of the said event. On the previous year (2004), we, the editors of Manila campus held the first Editors' Guild. On the next year, the ball was rolled to them. Therefore, all the editors from the three other branches (Manila, Taguig, Cavite) were obligued to go to Bacolod.

It was such an exciting trip for me that event. It is because, this was my very first time that I will go in Bacolod. It was also my very first time that I will ride in a ship!

Negros Navigation took us to Bacolod while Superferry lead us back home. It was such a full of fun travel.

But beside this, emotional feelings took place between the participants.

As We Travel Away From Manila...

Good Views From The Ship!

Seamen of the Ship Welcome Us With A Cool Dance! Oh Yeah...!

Actually feelings between each participants didn't started the time that we were already in Bacolod. It was started from the time that the editor participants from Cavite and Taguig arrived in our publication office in Manila.

Hmmm...maybe the 'feeling' started from me! When the editors from Cavite campus slept in our office a night before the day we departed to Bacolod, I eventually felt love to one of the editor. I don't know how that happened! I just felt it! I was falling in love to one of them!

But the twist continued the time that the participants from Taguig also came in our office morning of the new day together with the Cavite Editor in chief.

We Were Like Children Playing In the Ship's Visitor Area!

The Conference Hall That Welcomed Us

This Was The Cottage Hostel Where We Stay!

It was a twist in my supposed to be new love story when the person I fall in love with then fall in love with another editor from Taguig campus. I was really hurt knowing that the person I love was falling in love with the other person! Ouch...! I don't even know if my heart will really break seeing them together!

But the twist was getting deeper and complicated knowing that one of the editor who used to be close to me was really falling in love with me! At first I thought that it was a treatment by a friend! I was shocked when that person admitted that it was really love!

More complications took place when the editor who was loved by my love loved the person that loved me! Are you confused!? Hahaha...! Maybe I will scratch it in a diagram!

I Like The Flow of Water in this River

The Road Was Really Clean and Green!

We Were Really Having Fun...!!!

It was such a web-like or a thread-type love story that happened in Bacolod four years ago. After we arrived in Manila, I eventually forgot my editor whom I used to love in Bacolod since I prepare myself for another challenging love story. This time, a "Mulawin" like! What happen to the other three!?

The editor who loved me and the editor whom was loved by my love were eventually turn-out to be a lover! Yeah they became...! The editor whom I loved was became broken-hearted!

Oh...such a complicated affair! Maybe I will continue the story some other times! By now, I will let you remember the date, the place! I will want you to share the experience I had four years ago!

Of course, I'm allowing you to view some of the great pictures we had...the views, the fun, the travel! Hope you will enjoy them. Look at me in the photos, I was really thin that time! Hahaha...!!!

Well, that's all for now! Enjoy the memories I had before! c",)

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