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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

An Ash Wednesday!

Today is another Ash Wednesday! We will see once more many people with a mark of a cross on their foreheads.

The cross mark on the people's forehead is actually an ash. Whenever they attend the Ash Wednesday mass, the priest puts ash on their forehead.

The said ash cross mark reminds us of one thing - "that all of us started as an ash and will all end as an ash...!"

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Feast of San Juan Bautista

Today, June 24, we are celebrating the feast of San Juan Bautista. If I'm not mistaken, this is the day when Jesus Christ was baptized by San Juan in the river of Jordan. That's why when you get along ridding a jeepney in the City of San Juan or in Manila, you will be poured by water! Or maybe today is his birthday?! Hmmm...

Yup, this is the tradition I most remember way back again in my childhood days. I remember when I was a 5-year old kid, me, my father, and my mother went to church ridding in a jeepney. We were got wet by the people on the road as they poured water in our jeepney. We need then to change our wet clothes!

And did you also know that in this same day my mom is celebrating her birthday?! Yup, today is also the birthday of my mother! And right now she is preparing foods for us. My nephew and my aunties were already in our home today to celebrate our mom's birthday!

And besides my mom, my friend and my co-editor in our college student publication named Edlee is also celebrating his 26TH birthday today. "Pa-burger ka Pre...!" Even my look-alike actor, Mr. John Lloyd Cruz is also celebrating his birthday today!

Well, it seems that there's a lot to celebrate today! Birthdays of my mom, my friend Edlee, my look-alike actor Lloydie, and San Juan Bautista in addition to the regular holiday in the City of San Juan and Manila.

Therefore, allow me to give greetings to all of them! To my mother, Edlee, Lloydie, and San Juan Bautista...

"Happy Birthdays!" C",)

Friday, May 28, 2010

The 'Kamasutra' Stone Statue!

This picture was taken last Summer of 2008 during our company outing in 88 Spa and Resort. What can see on the picture?

Yup, besides those green grass and plants were two persons hiding. What they were doing...?! Well, you know...!

Try to spot the two stone statues behind the green leaves. Yup, they were doing something...a lusty act! Yeah, they were having a love-making using different position.

Actually that statues were not only the pair doing sexy acts. There were many more pair of statues demonstrating different sexual positions! According to one of my teammates, it's a Korean tradition! It's a Korean style of Kamasutra portrayed by stone statues! Hmmmm...! sad that I wasn't able to take pictures of other statues! Well, hope to see more in our next outings...! Hehe...! C",)

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