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Saturday, June 26, 2010

The High School Class Picture IV

After my most romantic Junior year in high school, let us now proceed to my last year in college, my Senior or fourth year high school year!

If in my third year, love and career collided, this year it was more for career!

The competition for the honor graduating students really intensified! The battle between the top 10 students were really seen!

But thanks God! He further gave me His blessings! I graduated being the First Honorable Mention student! My final grade was really closer with our valedictorian and salutatorian! So proud that I graduated with honor! =)

But it was not all! Besides being a First Honorable graduate, I was also crowned as the Best in Social Studies and the "Mamamahayag Ng Taon"!

What more, my fourth year high school days were really a successful one! I participated in the different seminars and trainings, I won in the different Quiz Bees (in Science, World History, Pop Quiz, etc.)! And I was also the topnotcher in our NSAT exam! Great!

The blessings did not stopped here. Before I enter college, I got my DOST scholarship! Thank you Lord!

Well, these were my four class pictures in high school! Do you see how my physical appearance developed in these four pictures?!

Nice to reminisce these good old days! Moments, our days, and special events were all flashes in my mind seeing these four high school pictures! Thanks for letting your time with me remembering my high school days with the four class pictures! See you once again...!!! C",)

The High School Class Picture III

After my disappointment year during my sophomore year, let us now go to my most precious year in high school. This is my Junior or my third year high school year! Did you know that this year was my "Golden Year" in high school?!

Yup, it was my most successful and most memorable year to me during high school! My academic career and my love life really bloomed during this year!

Academically speaking, I really performed best in all my subjects! I was a top-rater in our hardest subject Science and Technology III which was Chemistry! I consistently got a ceiling grade for this subject. And I further won in our different Quiz Bee competitions! All my subjects, I got the highest grades! And most of all, I became the Top 2 in our Top 10 Honor roll!

Of course this was my most romantic yea in HS. This was the year when I felt the so-called 'first love'! Wow! Falling in love with a fourth year student, my co-history quiz mate was the most memorable moment or the trade mark of this year!

To be exact, it was September 19, 1999 when I first met her during our Philippine History review. From that moment, the rest of my third year high school days were turned upside down because of her! I really felt so 'kilig' reminiscing our moments! "Born For You", "Before I Fall in Love", and "I Knew I Love You" were some of our theme songs!

Hayz...I really love this year! School Year 1999-2000 was indeed the most successful one! C",)

The High School Class Picture II

After you saw my freshmen class picture, time now to proceed in my sophomore high school year.

My sophomore or my second year high school school year was on 1998-99. Yup, I was a 14-year old boy during those days. Still like a toddler! Haha... Can you spot me here in the picture?!

On this year, I further became excellence in Social Studies 2, that time it was Asian History! I got a consistent high grades, top-rater scores in every quizzes, and really show great excellence in this subject.

But the worst thing was, I was not became the Best in Social Studies in this year! You know why?! It was because my great rival for this subject, our valedictorian cheated us. When our teacher asked us to bring cleaning materials, all of us didn't able to bring. When I called my surname (I was the first in the list that was called since my surname started with letter B) I honestly told that I wasn't bring any! My teacher got angry! But when our valedictorian surname was called (she was called second to the last since her surname started with letter T), she used her handkerchief as a rug (kunwari) just to say that she had brought a cleaning material. Therefore our teacher was not get angry with her. Then our teacher eventually said, "now I know who will be my Best in Social Studies is...ang pagiging best ay hindi lang nakukuha sa galing kundi sa pagiging responsable!" pertaining to our valedictorian! So dishonest! That event made me cry too hard!!!

Other than this disappointed moment, the best thing that was most memorable in this year was our THE II class. Yup, always every week we always performed a drama or a role play. And our teacher was always proud on us. We always got a ceiling grade for every role play we performed! And I always won a best actor award! Hehe...

What other more memorable things during high school?! Well, we will discuss in my next posts! C",)

The High School Class Picture I

Yup this is my class picture when I was in First year high school. As you can see all of us were really young boys and girls. We all look like toddlers!

I was only a 13-year old boy in this picture. Yeah, too young and a fresh new teen!

My Freshmen year was on School Year 1997-98. The highlight of my first year high school year were the times when we always joined and won in the different drama skit contest. I was started to be known here as a best script writer. All my scripts were used in the drama contest and won.

In terms of Quiz Bee, I always joined in the different Science and Technology Quiz Bee during Science Fair and Quiz and won. And of course, in Social Studies I (Philippine History), I always brought home the bacon in every History Quiz Bee.

Yup, in this school year, Science and Philippine History were my cup of tea! These were my two strengths. But then in my over all academic performance, I excel putting me in the top 10 honor roll!

And at the end of our school year, I grabbed the crown being the "Best in Social Studies"!

Beside these things, I have other more stories to tell during my high school years. So watch out for that! These were just some of the things I remembered during my Freshmen days in HS! C",)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Two Years in My Company!

My Very First Picture Here in My Company

February 11, 2008
- It was exactly two years from now since I was hired here in my third job! So many things were happened! Many good memories were now printed in my own history. I have been with the different people and friends here. Some of them were still here, some already moved-on to pursue another career!

So, as part of my second year anniversary here in my company in this same date, join me as we go back in time two years ago! Here are some of my picture memories taken during my early days here in the company:

My First Day @ Work...

The Pantry on My Early Days!

I was hired on the first week of February, 2008. Initial interviews, exams, then final interview and medical exam happened on this week. Then my first day started on February 11, 2008! Actually, I started Tuesday instead of Monday since they only had a 4-day per week work. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday were their offs!

I started to work in a very plain working station with a CRT PC just like what you seen in the pictures!

Actually in the pictures were my former team members. Majority of them, I think 6 members were already in the different company! My manager who hired me will also leave her new team as well as our company by the end of this month since she will go abroad!

Look at me in the pictures, I was so thin and really, really looked young! I really looked like a teenage boy that time! =)

The Night of My Birthday Blowout...!!!

My First Teammates...Missing Them!

Though happened in March 19, 2008, one of my most memorable experience here was my first birthday here! Yeah, just like what you have seen, I spent my first birthday here on my first month. I was also in a nightshift that time. I brought lots of foods to all my teammates like Spaghetti, Salad, loaf of bread and Ube Halaya!

My officemates really loved my foods. They even asked for more!

This was our first office located in the 35TH Floor! That was really memorable to me specially the pantry wherein you could see the tops of the other building! It was really a relaxing place every time you eat there!

Of course, I also missed my former first working station. Though plain and simple, many good things and memories were left there!

But most of all, I truly missed my former teammates who then became part of my corporate life! The friendship and camaraderie we had were meaningful! Our communications were now only in the internet!

Hayz...really missing those days! Two years had passed! For two years of my stay here in my company, I really grow and improved not only physically and financially but also in terms of career, skills, camaraderie, and memories! I was then so thankful...!!! c",)

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