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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The Stars Who Greeted Me on My 2019 Birthday

My birthday is over. But yes, it was indeed another star-studded one! So for today, allow me to share with you their sweet and inspiring birthday messages to yours truly.

If I had Angel Locsin, Dennis Trillo, and Vilma Santos on my previous birthday greetings, who do you think are the stars who greeted my 2019 birthday?

Well, here is my inspiring birthday video compiling the celebrities who greeted me on my special day. Let's watch this out:

Once more, a word of thanks is not enough for all these inspiring messages. Thank you very much guys! Until my next birthday celebration! 05/15/2019 (Bits of Rocks)

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Monday, April 17, 2017

The Stars Who Greet Me on My 2017 Birthday

And of course, my birthday wouldn't be completed if there's no stars or celebrities that will greet me in my special day. 

So without further talks, check out the video compilation of those stars who shared their special message on my birthday:

All I can say, Thank You!

And that concludes my 2017 Birthday celebration series! See you all again next year! "Maraming Salamat Po!" 04/17/2017 (Bits of Rocks)

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Common Problems of College Students Tackle in 'Dorm Boys!'

 College years for me is one of my best years as a student. This is the time where I emerged as a student achiever in different aspects - leadership, honor roll, scholarships, and love life!. But though college years were my golden years, I also encountered different problems and struggles faced by ordinary students.    

These different challenges of college students were tackled in the latest indie film "Dorm Boys." Usually when we heard of 'indie film,' the first thing that comes in our mind is sexy or adult movies. But "Dorm Boys" erased that bad impressions to indie films.     

"Puso,"  "Pera," "Parents," and "Professors" were the four major Ps or problems of every student. These problems were faced by the five college barkadas who were living together in one dormitory!

With Arvic Rivero

With Aaron Villaflor

With Renz Michael
 The movie is led by the four young actors namely Arvic Rivero, Ryan Kevin, Renz Michael, Carlo Lazerna, and Aaron Villaflor. The story revolves around them narrating their respective stories!  

In the movie XLR8 member Carlo Lazerna deals with his college course. He is battling on which to pursue, engineering which his parents want for him or architecture which is his own desire.  

Newest teen hearrthrob Arvic Rivero is dealing with problems of love at the same time pursuing his dream to got a green card and live outside the country.

Another newbie Ryan Kevin's story focused on dealing with hearthaches. He fall in love with a beautiful young lady who was mistakenly identified as a young prostitute.

Renz Michael story also involved love and studies. His girlfriend in the movie is also his professor. It's the matter of putting boundaries between a teacher-girlfriend relationship!   

And of course the mainstream actor in the movie Aaron Villaflor deals with family problems. He is an illegitimate child of a family-man played by Bobby Yan. His father can't accept him as his son since this will create an issue with his current family!   

With Carlo Lazerna
 The Movie Worth-Watching!

The movie discussed how these youngsters deals with such problems and showed how they overcome these challenges. They were all ordinary students who encountered common teen problems. But in the end of the story, see how they emerge as winners overtaking their own trials!   

Here is the full trailer of the said movie. Let's all watch this:

The movie gives inspirations to every students. It tells the young viewers to be strong, don't easily give up, and keep on fighting amid of different trials. All of us have our own problems to face. But at the end of the day, try to realize that if "nakaya nila, dapat kayanin ko rin!"

Another good thing about this movie is that, it is light and cool to watch though tackling serious problems! After watching it, you might say, "naka-relate ako!" It is successful in captivating the target audiences which are the youth!      

I even love how the stories of each student were put together! They inter-relate one another!

"Dorm Boys" is another SM Cinema Exclusive! Yes, this movie is shown exclusively in all the SM Cinemas! It was officially opened this Wednesday, November 7, 2012 but had a red carpet premiere night the day before its official showing (November 6).

I also enjoyed mingling and talking with the casts of the movie. They were present during the premiere night!  I'll share with you our encounters in my succeeding posts.

Two thumbs up to this movie! It is truly worth watching! (RCB)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Getting to Know the Boys of 'Protege: The Battle for the Big Artista Break!'

 I even got a chance to hanged-up with the final three boys of "Protege: The Battle for the Big Artista Break." The final three in the male category are Jeric Gonzales, Mikoy Morales, and Ruru Madrid.

Before their rehearsal and pre-final performance, I've talked and interviewed them. They shared some of the interesting facts about their selves and about their battle for this big artista break.

Jeric Gonzales, my personal bet is from Laguna. He already finished a nursing course and already joined in the different pageants in their area. 

Mikoy is a UST student. He is talking up an architectural course. According to him, he will still pursue his studies even though he is busy with showbiz.

Ruru on the other hand is still a high school student. He filed a school leave to spend some times in "Protege."

The guys even revealed their showbiz crushes and the actresses they want to work with in the future. Jeric is Marian Rivera while Ruru is Barbie Forteza.

With Jeric Gonzales

With Mikoy Morales

With Ruru Madrid
After talking with these three gorgeous guys, the three already showed their best performance of the night. Each one of them performed unexpected performance.

Ruru started singing and dancing via an adaptation of "West Side Story" pairing him with Bea Binene. Mikoy performed a "singing in the rain" dance with LJ Reyes. Jeric on the hand showed his singing skill via a very emotional hit of Adam Lambert!

The costume of the three were also awesome! Let the pictures speak for their attire!

Jeric, Ruru, and Mikoy, who among them is your bet?! c",)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Meg Imperial Meets Rocky!

Meg Imperial is one of the TV5's Princesses. She is currently seen in their eco-fantaserye "Enchanted Garden."

It's so nice to meet and talk in person with this beautiful lady. We had met during the red carpet premiere night of the blockbuster Indie Film and Cinemalaya's 2012 Best Picture "Bwakaw."

Aside from taking pictures together with her, we talked about her upcoming movie. She revealed that she will going to star in a movie called "Menor De Edad."

We even had videos together! In two separate videos, Meg invited you to visit my two top-rating blogsites namely TV Series Craze and Bits of Rocks. We even promoted her upcoming movie which is "Menor De Edad"  as well as her teleserye "Enchanted Garden."

Here are our two videos together. Let's all watch these:

Meg Imperial for TV Series Craze

 Meg Imperial for Bits of Rocks


Meg is really nice and kind! She is not only beautiful outside, but more inside!

Meg also reminds me of my former officemate Camille. Yup, Camille truly had a resemblance with Meg as well as with Danita Paner. 

Nice meeting you Meg! See you again soon...!!! c",)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rocky and JC Tiuseco Caught in the Video!

JC Tiuseco, GMA-7's hunk actor and a product of the network's reality show "Survivor Philippines" Season 1 is one of the center of the recently concluded Cosmopolitan Bachelor's Bash. He ramped half-naked in the said sizzling show creating louder scream from the fans!

But actually before the said event, I already met JC month ago in another sizzling event. This was via another magazine's sexy event called the Stud Party courtesy of Inside Showbiz Magazine.

Check out two of my photos together with JC Tiuseco below:

But aside from the photos, I even got the chance to have JC together in one cool promotional video. This is my first video together with a star.

In the said video, JC is thanking to have me in the event at the same time inviting you to visit my top blogsite TV Series Craze.

Are you ready to watch our video?! Well, here it is:

It's a short video clip of yours truly Rocky B. and JC T. But we enjoyed each others' company. We had our talks together before and after taking our video.

More on JC, he is actually a varsity player in Ateneo De Manila University. He rose in stardom after grabbing the title of being the very first Sole Survivor of the first edition of "Survivor Philippines" in 2008. JC is actually my bet to win in the said reality show and I'm glad that he made it!

JC's previous TV series in the Kapuso station was the afternoon soap "Sisid" together with Jackie Rice.

See you next time JC in another exciting event! c",)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Empress and The Rock in the Video!

For the third time, I met the so-called "Empress of Drama," Ms. Empress Schuck! But for that moment, she is not suited for the said title. Indeed, she could be called as the "Horror Princess!"

She is now the newest "Horror Princess" because Empress already starred in two consecutive successful horror movies namely "Guni-Guni" and "Amorosa: The Revenge."

Our third meeting was during the Blog Conference of "Amorosa," another horror movie offering of Star Cinema which premiered on theaters last August 29. In the said movie, Empress plays the character of a ghost.

Aside from having our third moment photos together, me and Empress even got a cute video clip. And here how it goes:

Empress invited you to visit my blog sites namely "Bits of Rocks" and "TV Series Craze." On the other hand, I've invited all to watch their movie "Amorosa!" Cool!

I first met Empress during the premiere presscon of "Mundo Man ay Magunaw." I met her the second time around during the finale presscon of the said hit afternoon drama series!

Well, what can you say about our video?! Putting us together is truly a perfect match! c",)

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