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Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Recipe and My Birthday Treat

It's already one day ago after my birthday. Last night right after my work, I enjoyed my simple birthday celebration with my family.

Actually I served last night my own made food! Yeah, some of the foods served in my birthday were my very own recipe! I was the one who cooked it.

These were some of the foods we enjoy! Come and taste my recipe! =)

My Very Own Italian Style Spaghetti and Caesar Salad

Pizza, Pizza, Pizza!

It is Perfectly Blended with Salad Dish

Except for the pizza, two of the dishes served were my own made recipe.

The first one is the spaghetti! Yeah that's one of my favorite. I was the one who cooked it! What made it so special?

First, it is an Italian Style spaghetti. The sauce I used for it was a Clara Ole Italian Style Spaghetti Sauce. You know that we have different spaghetti styles. These were the Italian, Sweet Blend, and the Pinoy Style which has now a variation of Pinoy Sweet Style. I love the Italian. I like its sour taste! It's truly captivating. What adds to its delighting taste was that I put an evaporated milk to it. The sauce now became so creamy and delicious! And of course it was so meaty since I put more ground pork and hotdog to it! These made my recipe more special and yummy! =)

My next recipe that I was served was the Caesar Salad! I learned this from my officemate so I did my own afterwards. This salad was composed of green leafy vegetables namely lettuce, Petchay Baguio, and Japanese Cauliflower (the dark green one for salad) . Slices of cucumber were also put. Sweet ripe mango slices were put into it as a toppings! And of course, I have two salad sauce to chose from, the Caesar Sauce and the Honey Mustard Sauce. My mom really love the honey mustard since for her, the Caesar sauce was salty. But then this sauce truly blends with the sweet ripe mango!

Well, do I need to discuss the Supreme Family Sized Pizza?! Or let us then focus on my very own recipe?!

Aside from my Italian style spaghetti, Caesar Salad, and Pizza Supreme were slices of bread , strawberry-watermelon juice, softdrinks and Pinoy Sorbetes completed my whole birthday treat for my family! It was such a simple celebration of my birthday last night! Simple yet so yummy...! I like...! c",)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Cooking My Favorite Recipe!

Last Holiday, I cooked one of my favorite food. Actually it was my third time to cook or make a special dish. The first one was Taco, the second was my favorite Spaghetti, and this is the third...Macaroni!

Maybe you may ask why I cooked such like this..!?

Come and Taste My Dish... !

It's Perfect With Orange Juice!

Just like I said I had already cooked two special dishes (excluded to these were my own creation of my different desserts!). And it was a successful experiment! So I continue developing my hidden talent now in the field of foods and cooking!

Actually my original plan was to cook again another Spaghetti dish. But then, since I already tested cooking a very delicious special Spaghetti two weeks ago, I decided to cook another one but similar to Spaghetti! Oops...FYI, my favorite food is Spaghetti...yum-yum!! I really love it.

And so, when we went to grocery together with my mom, I decided to cook Macaroni pasta!

Cooking An Italian Sauce...Wow!

Here You Go...Yum-Yum...So Cheesy!!

This was an Italian style macaroni spaghetti! I really choose the Italian sauce to make a different in our cravings! With hotdogs, ground pork, and cheesy favorite recipe was so successful!

It was indeed another great recipe of mine! I like the Italian was sour and really yummy!

My mom and my younger brother tasted and eat a lot of my recipe! They loved what I cooked! Great!

Oh, how about you!? I forgot to give you some free taste of my sorry for that! But I have here some of my crafts! Here were some of my outcome! Imagine you were tasting some! Feel free to give comments afterwards!! c",)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Four Days Free Foods

Right after the "Ondoy" calamity, what happened next is FFF!

Yup, FFF...that is "Four days Free Foods in our company! Solved out all my meals need in our office. After the disaster, here comes a blessing in-disguise. A blessing of foods...foods...and foods for four consecutive days. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner...all were given free in our company!

Actually the giving of free foods just exactly happened last Saturday on the very day of the typhoon. As I told you on my previous typhoon stories, before we went home on the afternoon of Saturday, lunch of canned goods (like Maling, CDO, lechon paksiw, and sisig) were served to us. Together with the hot rice cooked in our rice cooker here in our pantry, we didn't feel anymore the hunger besides the heavy rainfalls of "Ondoy"!
A Bucket Fried Chicken for the First Free Dinner

McDonald's Breakfast Meal with an Orange Juice

A Yummy Delicious Spaghetti with Cheese Toppings

On Monday, the first day of our office days after the harsh typhoon, I was amazed to see bucket meals of KFC fried chickens in our pantry. Just beside the fried chickens was the rice cooker full of cooked rice. Since I was in a nightshift work, our office admin as well as our managers told as that we had something to eat for dinner. Those KFC bucket meals were all for us!

Together with my officemates, we fully and happily ate our fried chicken dinner. Though the chickens were already cooked hours ago, it still yummy to eat! Actually I ate two chickens in the dinner then since more chickens were left on the morning, I also ate another one for breakfast! My stomach felt slightly uncomfortable in a while!

On the morning of Tuesday, another food was served but now for breakfast. This time, McDonald breakfast meal was served to us. Fried rice, fried egg, and hotdog longganisa with orange juice as our drink were ours for breakfast. I went home with the full stomach that day!

A Typical Breakfast!

Barbecue...barbecue...barbecue...Insufficient for Me!

Special Meal From Chowking!

Lumpiang Shanghai...Pretty Taste Good!

The next succeeding foods we had for dinner on the next days were pork barbecue, a piece of shanghai roll (lumpia), and a small plate of spaghetti. Those foods were served in a paper plate with a plastic spoon and fork. Those foods were a batch package ordered in Ambers, one of the prominent restaurant near in our place.

The food that night were too good and delicious. I feel so 'bitin' right after I ate them though there was enough rice. But then since I was a night shifter, I should eat the foods just enough served for me!

The breakfast served to us on the next morning was ordered in our canteen. Again, fried rice, fried egg, and spam packed in Styrofoam for the day. I don't have an appetite for that morning so I don't feel to eat even my officemate gave me her longganisa!

On the last free dinner we had, it was from Chowking. A variety of packed meal like sweet and sour and baby back ribs were served. I was given and eaten the second meal.

Hayz...after the heavy rain, food were poured and flowing! I wish these would happen again for a lifetime in our company. NO...NO...NO...NOT the cruel typhoon but the kind serving of free foods and meal! Oh...lots of these foods will make me chubby, I will lost my diet and my sexy hot body!!

But then even no free foods, it always good to have no disaster like "Ondoy"! Again I am so thankful that I was not that much affected by this cruel storm. And I was even so thankful for the free foods we had for four days here in our company! Thanks and Thanks...!!! c",)

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