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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Pictorial with the Zombies!

Happy Halloween!!!

Let me start the month of November with scary photos of yours truly with the zombies!

Exactly two years ago, I have encountered these scary creatures. And yes, instead of bitting me, they enjoyed having photos with me! 

Check us out below:

Aside from those throwback pictures with the zombies, just recently (last week) during our Blogapalooza Seasons, I also encountered this zombie and enjoyed a wacky selfie with me:

Now I can conclude, zombies didn't only love to eat people... they also love to have photos and selfies together with them! Yours truly is a living proof! :)

Enjoy the Halloween everyone! (RCB)

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Scary Photos!

Just recent Halloween, our company conducted a Scary Halloween Photo contest. Many departments participated in this competition.

Oops...are you looking for our entries? Well, you can't find our's because, our team haven't join for this said contest!

But then, I will let you see some of the artistic scary photos sent by the other teams! The three photos below were the 3 respective winners. They were as follows:
"The Serial Killer"

"The Nunning"

(Wait...Let Me Wash First My Face)

"The Modern Day Vampires"

(Bakekang Ikaw Ba Yan...Haha!)

Well, what can you say? Do you agree with the winners? Do they really deserve? Are you scared? Are they artistic enough to grab the prize!? Feel free to give your thoughts!

To give you a bit details on the above photos, actually the third picture (the vampires), wearing green was my former manager! How did she looks!? According to her, she didn't even wonder that they will got the prize. It was just a trip to get photos of themselves. They were surprised that their photo booth-like picture got one of the prize. They sent a dramatic emotional photos of their group but none of these were selected! The picture of their two (together with her Senior Manager) won! Really, it was surprisingly unexpected!

All The Way With The Ghost...!!!

I Can See You...!

I Will Hunt You...!

I also viewed the other entries. Some were not that scary, it was funny...hahaha! I just let you see some!

The remaining photos here excluded from the three winners were those that were not selected. So start browsing them above and below!

What can you say? Do they have the chance to win? Do you feel frighten or you feel like laughing!? I am giving you the right to judge even though you are not a book! Haha...!

What If There's Something on the CR!?

Kill Me With Your Face!

Leave Us Alone...!

Actually there were lots of photo entries stored in our hard drive. I just picked some that may interest you. Other entries were boring and not that interesting!

So, overall what can you say about these pictures?! Do they really scary? Do the groups showed their artistic sides to come up pictures like these for the Halloween!?

Well, it's up on your own taste! Which is which, it's stil up to your own choice! Hope that you enjoy seeing them! Or laugh with them giving life to your bored life! You may send or post me comments! c",)

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