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Monday, December 7, 2009

Our Company Christmas Party One Year Ago!

It's another Christmas season! And talking of this season, we are speaking of parties, gifts, hang-outs, and different celebrations. Again, another parties are about to take place.

But before we face the new day, I just want to look back on the year that was! Yeah, I just want to let you see how we looked like one year ago!

Last December 2008, just like all the companies did, we had celebrated December as a season of fun, giving, and camaraderie. Yup, we had a grand company wide Christmas party. The venue was in the Blue Leaf, McKinley Hills, Fort Bonifacio!

For the meantime, I want to share with you our last year's Christmas party. The theme/motif of our party before was all about the 80's! It's a retro party that time!

Again, let's also look back in time. I prepare with you a short PhotoBlog of our Christmas Party One year ago! Feel free to take a glance of them!

The Rockstar!

Posing Before Eating...

Who Got the Most 'Astig' Look?!

One More...!!!

Smile...Before the Food is Serve!

Who's The Fairer of the Two?!

Picture...Picture...Picture...Bawal Singit!!


Oops...Someone Wanted To Have A Picture With Me!!!

...Another One!!!

Class Picture On The Dinner!

Not As Clear As Crystal...!

This is the Ambiance!

A Cool Candle-Light Dinner...!

Let's Go Party!

Take A Pic Before We Go...

Can I Lean On Your Shoulder?

Well, what can you say? Do you enjoy our quick trip?!

How do you feel about our party? Do you like the motif!? How about our costumes or attires? and how about me...what can you say about my outfit!? They say, I really looked 'rockista' during that night! Really ROCKS!!!

We had lots of fun during that night. The foods were really right! I love the choco-fountain and the fruit salad. A variety of fruits were there! Of course, there was also a vegetable salad...I love the Japanese cauliflower on it! Similarly, a variety of meat, pork, and chicken were also served to us! Fried crackers and pork chicharon were served as appetizer! Oh, I love the chicharon...I got plenty of it! Yummy!

There were also special numbers presented on the party. But the highlights of the night were the MTV video contest of each team and the Best in Attire/Costume of the night! Oops...I was one of the actors in the MTV video. Our video was entitled as "Eye of the Tiger"! I dance on this video! So cool!! Hehe...!

Well, this was just a short rewind of our 80's Inspired Christmas Party! Next time I'll tour you on the present! Hope you enjoy...!!! c",)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Star-Studded Look-Alike

It's such a wonderful day today since many stars visited my page! It's such a dazzling, star-studded, and shimmering site this could be!

Hmmmm...who is your favorite actor then? Well, it's up to you to choose. As they always say, all of us has as a counterpart. This only means that there is also another person that looks like us. Yup, everyone of us has a look-alike. It could be your favorite star, famous personality, well-known person, or just even an ordinary person that you always encounter everyday. Have you seen or have you realized who your look-alike are?

It's surprisingly, I discovered who my look-alikes are! Its a variety of stars and actors! Excited to know? Well, I allotted this page to let you know who my look-alikes are. Ready?! Here are the stars in the personality of rocky!

John Lloyd Cruz

Sam Milby

Rico Yan

Hayden Kho

Coco Martin

Rico Blanco / Christian Bautista

Drew Arellano

Baron Geisler

Jake Cuenca

JC De Vera

Manuel Chua of Pinoy Fear Factor

Piolo Pascual

David Cook

Lee Dong Wook (Julian of 'My Girl')

Well...have you amazed! Definitely yes! You couldn't believe that stars, actors, singers, both local and international dominate rocky! Too many star-studded look-alike! Are you convinced? Or you didn't know some of them?

What can you say? In TV, movies, videos, and music...all were dominated by rocky! You could see me on them. Or should I say, you could see them on me?!

If you are to choose, which among them is my look-alike? Or which among them best fits my looks?! c",)

'Rhythm of the Rock' Pays Tribute to Michael Jackson

We couldn't deny that Michael Jackson really becomes part of our life. He trully touched the heart of everyone. Up to now, all the people worlwide is in the state of shocked for his sudden death.

Personally speaking, I was not really a fanatic or a die-heart fans of Michael Jackson. But, admit it or not, Jacko's songs became part of my life. My childhood days could be best remember hearing the songs from Jackson. Specially my childhood christmas, it was best celebrated with the christmas songs from Michael!

Being also a music lover, I dedicate my three posts to Jacko. Well, if you visit my music and lyrics blog, "Rhythm of the Rock" the latest post is for Michael Jackson.

I featured three songs of Michael Jackson there. "Happy", "She's Out of My LIfe", and the latest, "Man in the Mirror". I choose these three because these three hits have a corresponding counterparts. Yup, these songs were revived by three known persons in our generation today. They were Josh Groban, Sam Concepcion, and Kris Allen.

"She's Out Of My Life" is a memorable song for me. It was the theme of my lovelife way back 2004 when my love goes to a far away place outside our country to look for a better job. Well, to know the whole story, just visit the Rhythm Of The Rock!

I want also to feature the song that sounds like this..."show me the way to your heart...!", but then, I wasn't able to search it under Michael Jackson's list of songs. I don't know if he is the one who made that song or just I didn't know exactly the title of that song so that I couldn't able to find it! Yup, that song was also a themesong of my lovelife way back late 2006 and summer of 2007 in my first job!

Well, what good is that, I am able to feature our 'King of POP' as well as the persons who revived his hits. At the same time, it reflects some of my love stories! So, see you there! C",)

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