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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Growing Creatures (Part 1)

Last Sunday when we went shopping with my mom in a nearby supermarket, I found these cute little things which eventually brought back my childhood memories. Yup, this is one of my favorite toys which I loved to play during my kiddie days!

I didn't exactly know what the name of this toy. But since this type of toy eventually grow when you put it into water for a couple of days, I just termed it as "Growing Creatures" toy!

Remembering back my childhood moments playing with this kind of toy, I eventually bought four plastic of it!

Four Plastics of Growing Creatures

Two Types of Creatures in One Plastic

I Can't Wait to see Them Growing

Usually this toy is in the form of dinosaurs, crocodiles, or any wild large forms of animals. At first, they were too small! But when you place them in water then wait at least one, two, or three days, they will eventually grow! A former tiny thing then become a big stuff!

I bought four plastics of this small toy. Each plastic contains two types of creatures. These creatures inside the plastics were fish, dinosaurs, frog, reptile, lizard, and star fish!

I'm not yet putting them into water or taking them out from their plastic. Oh, I'm too excited to see them growing!

What will I do next? How will they look like when they grow? Well, we will answer those questions on my next posts. To be continue... C",)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Welcome to the 'Rockz Cafe'!

Right now, I am owning a restaurant! This is called the Rockz Cafe following my name. And it's getting bigger and bigger!

Of course, just like we always do, I will let you come and visit it!

Hahaha! Yeah, just like many of us, I really get addicted! I am now a certified addict...addict...a certified Cafe World Addict! And here's what I got, my own restaurant or a cafe bar!

Are you ready? Allow me to tour you to my own cafe in the Facebook's Cafe World Game!

My Humble Beginning...

I Started to Renovate My Cafe as My Income Increases!

At first, I have no interest with this Facebook's game. I was then addicted to its other application like the Farmville and the Fishville. I even ignore my friends inviting me to be their neighbors.

But due to curiosity, I tried it! Then afterwards, I doesn't even care to it! I still focus myself in Farmville and Fishville!

My brother was the first one who got addict with this! He even showed me how his cafe grows! Hmmm...I tried playing it again once...then twice...then thrice...then up to the nth time 'till now! Slowly, I realized myself getting addict with this! And now, this is my favorite Facebook game! It now surpassed my Farmville and Fishville addiction!

It Grows... It Grows as Time Passes By!

This is Now My Current Cafe which Attracts More and More Customers!

I named my own cafe as the "Rockz Cafe"! It started as a small plain cafe having few things and no design at all! Then as I cook more and more foods, deserts, burgers, or other menus, I earned more and more money! My game level eventually increases!

As my level increases and as I earn more and more money, I was then able to buy more things and properties which I can use to design my own resto. I can then expand my place! Actually its my third time to expand my cafe!

From the pictures above see how my cafe world evolves from a small plain stall to a red attractive resto now! Sorry, I wasn't able t provide you with my very first cafe resto since at first I didn't like it! The blue one that I have above was I think my second or third level! Initially, I have only two tables, two stoves, two counters, and a brown plain floor!

Well, what can you say? Don't worry, this is not only once! Later, when my cafe transforms to a new one, I will let you see it! Yeah, this is only my first part! Later, I will share you more!

Now, if I were to ask you, are you also addicted to this same game? What did you like most about this game? Can you add me as your neighbor so that we can exchange gifts?! Haha! c",)

Feel free to visit my cafe! And taste all my new dishes! See you there!!! =)

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