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Thursday, November 29, 2018

In Red with the Starbucks 2019 Planner

I finally got my two Starbucks collections for the year 2019 - the Starbucks Travel Organizer and the Starbucks Planner.

I made two separate unboxing and review vlogs for those two which I will share with you on my next blog posts so that you can decide which to avail (or better grab them both). But for now, let me share with you first my selfie when I received my Starbucks Planner 2019. Check this out:

Yeah, having my selfie whenever I got my Starbucks Planner is always my hobby since 2013 to show with you the feeling of achievement completing the stickers for the planner. It's just evolve higher since last year when I started doing my video blogs for my planners. 

Right after our Havana-theme Yearend / Christmas Party in my new company, I finally got my Starbucks Planner. Many thanks to my teammates! :)

My #ootn in my selfie perfectly blended my Starbucks 2019 Planner box as you can see! 11/29/2018 (Bits of Rocks)

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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

The 2019 Seattle's Best Planner

This will be my second time to collect the Seattle's Best planner. I've started collecting the planner last year together with Starbucks and Coffee Bean.

But before I share with you my unboxing video in my YouTube Channel (since I'm not yet complete with my stickers), let me first share with you the look of the planner the first time I saw them in the coffee shop. Here they go:

Just like last year, the planner comes in four colors or four designs. Will be revealing more details on my next post.

P.S. watch out also for my Starbucks and Coffee Bean 2019 planners on the next post. Enjoying collecting stickers and stamps! 11/06/2018 (Bits of Rocks)

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

My Starbucks 2017 Planner

Since 2013, it's always my tradition to collect the Starbucks stickers for the Starbucks Planner. It's already a hobby of many of us. And I've joined the bandwagon.

I'm a coffee lover nor a coffee drinker. But during the season of collecting the Starbucks stickers, I'm  one of those staying in the coffee shops and buying my favorite frappucino. The hobby of collecting the SB Planners from 2013 to 2016 gives me now a total of 4 Starbucks Planner.

And below is my recent 2017 Starbucks Planner: 

Having a Selfie with my Starbucks Planner 

Just like last year, the 2017 SB planner comes in two designs.  This year, they are the green mermaid and the white coffee stain. I've chose the white coffee stain for a change!  

Yeah, this year's planner is better and more beautiful than last year's. The cover is wrapped with silk. And it comes with a cool pouch and a white pen eraser.

The 2017 Starbucks Planner Inclusion

I've got my planner on the first week of December 2016, a result of drinking frappucino everyday. You need to collect 18 stickers  - 9 Christmas flavors and 9 ordinary. And everytine I got a sticker, a posted a selfie moment in the shop. 

As 2017 started, I've started to write my schedules and my important moments on the first few pages.

Proud to Present the Fruit of my Patience in SB's Coolest Branch in Makati

This is now my 4TH Starbucks Planner! This is not only a planner or scheduler for me, it's also my personal diary, my scrapbook of my souvenirs, and my secret keeper! 

Are you excited like me addict in collecting a Starbucks Planner?! 01/26/2017 (RCB)

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

March 2015: "Embracing My Busy Month"

March is my month! This is the month of my birthday at the same time, the birth month of this blog  "Bits of Rocks."

But aside from these two most important dates in this month of March, did you know that majority of the dates were fully booked?

Well, let's take this post as a schedule of all the things which makes my month so busy! Here are some of the dates to take note for the month of March 2015 in a personal perspective:

March 1 - The 4TH AmCham ScholaRUN
March 1 - Ateneo Run for Your Life 2
March 2 - My Father's Birthday
March 3 - Monthsary
March 4  - My Grandfather's Death Anniversary
March 5 - "Your Face Sounds Familiar" Grand Presscon
March 8 - Run United 1 (Morning)
March 8 - The 31st PMPC Star Awaeds for Movies
March 12 - AXN's "Asia's Got Talent" Premiere Launch (Morning)
March 12 - Jeff James Blogcon (Afternoon)
March 13-15 - Tree Top Adventures in Baguio
March 15 - Bits of Rocks' 7TH Year Blog Anniversary
March 15 - 7Eleven Run 1500
March 17 - Birthday Treat for EU Tean
March 18 - Birthday Treat for Friends
March 19 - My Birthday
March 20-22 - TRD Team Summer Outing
March 22 - Binyag of my new Goddaughter
March 28 - Metro Blogger Fashion Evolution

Other dates may be added or may change.

See how busy my month is! (RCB)

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Let's Do This 2015: My 15 Things for 2015

Since 2014 has been concluded and I've already completed my yearender, it's time now to face another year! And that is, the year 2015.

As what I always do every start of the year (aside from giving your my Top list year end review), I already list down 15 of my plans to pursue this 2015. And I'll definitely share them with you!

Well, in no particular order or hierarchy, here are the 15 things to do in my bucket list for 2015:

1. I'll participate in more running events. Will be more active in my running team.

2. I'll take more care of my blogs. More active in posting and engaging in different blogging activities and social media.

3. I'll be more 'mapagbigay' this year giving chances to the people who love me! Yes, we will reverse the story this time.

4. Ignore those people who hurt me!

5. I'll be fiercer. More 'palaban.'  You better watch out!

6. I'll be having my hair dreadlocks. I'll already tried having a long hair and it was bagay for me as many say!

7. I'm planning to have a baby this year. Yes, by hook or by crook, I should start having a kid this year!

8. I will be more focus on gym and fitness. Since I'm already a lifetime member of Slimmers World, I should concentrate more on toning my body, building abs, improving my chiseled chest, and gain more muscles.

9. I'll socialize more! Will meet new people and faces!       

10. I'll be hosting more new events.

11. Flirt unlimited.

12. To reach 2,000 Followers in Instagram.

13. Will plan for investment.

14. Will do better in work and in professional aspects. 

15. Exciting Celebrations of the Year like 10 Years of rockyron and blog anniversaries like 7TH Year for Bits of Rocks, 6TH Year  for TV Series Craze, 3RD Year for The Lifestyle Portal, and 1ST Year for Runner Rocky.

So are you excited for 2015? In my case, yes I am! Let's leave the bad past behind, pursue the good things, and face the new challenges of the new year. Happy New Year everyone! (RCB) 
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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The First Gift I Got This Christmas!

It's too early for Christmas though we're already on the yuletide season! One of my officemates was an early bird in giving Christmas gifts!

Last Friday, before our team Christmas party and Kris-Kringle, she was the very first one to give Christmas gifts to all her teammates. And here's what she had given to me!

Yup, it's a stick-on notepad of different sizes and of different colors inside a planner case with a mini-calendar! All the boys in our team received that kind of gift. I don't know what the girls received!

Actually my officemate who gave me this kind of gift was also the one who gave me the puppy inside the Blue Magic bag! On the same day last week, I received two gifts from her!

What can you say about this gift? Do you like it?! Well, I love the arrow-shaped notepad included in this! All I can say is a word of thanks for her effort in giving Christmas gifts to all of us! Thank you and Merry Christmas! C",)

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