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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Piolo Pascual Likes Big!

Piolo Pascual really likes big! Yeah, here is the evidence:

Hmmm...what do you think Papa P. is pertaining to in this picture?! Are we thinking of the same thing?! =)

Do you imagine how large is Papa P's shoe size?! Well, we should know maybe he's requesting for a big shoe that will fit him! c",)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The High School Class Picture II

After you saw my freshmen class picture, time now to proceed in my sophomore high school year.

My sophomore or my second year high school school year was on 1998-99. Yup, I was a 14-year old boy during those days. Still like a toddler! Haha... Can you spot me here in the picture?!

On this year, I further became excellence in Social Studies 2, that time it was Asian History! I got a consistent high grades, top-rater scores in every quizzes, and really show great excellence in this subject.

But the worst thing was, I was not became the Best in Social Studies in this year! You know why?! It was because my great rival for this subject, our valedictorian cheated us. When our teacher asked us to bring cleaning materials, all of us didn't able to bring. When I called my surname (I was the first in the list that was called since my surname started with letter B) I honestly told that I wasn't bring any! My teacher got angry! But when our valedictorian surname was called (she was called second to the last since her surname started with letter T), she used her handkerchief as a rug (kunwari) just to say that she had brought a cleaning material. Therefore our teacher was not get angry with her. Then our teacher eventually said, "now I know who will be my Best in Social Studies is...ang pagiging best ay hindi lang nakukuha sa galing kundi sa pagiging responsable!" pertaining to our valedictorian! So dishonest! That event made me cry too hard!!!

Other than this disappointed moment, the best thing that was most memorable in this year was our THE II class. Yup, always every week we always performed a drama or a role play. And our teacher was always proud on us. We always got a ceiling grade for every role play we performed! And I always won a best actor award! Hehe...

What other more memorable things during high school?! Well, we will discuss in my next posts! C",)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The 'Aguas'!

"Agua Bendita" is the current phenomenal hit TV series nowadays! It is the most-watched, most-talked about, and the favorite TV program of many Filipinos! It is a fantaserye originally came from the comic story of Rod Santiago about the two twins Agua and Bendita!

In the TV series Agua (played by Andi Eigenmann) is the only water-human. But did you imagine how the other cast will look like in water form?!

Well, I have here with you a picture of the water-like appearance of Andi together with her leading men Ronnie (Matteo Guideceili) and Paco (Jason Abalos). It's such one great work of art! And of course, it really fits to our summer season...! Too hot! c",)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Resignation Letter!

Here is a resignation letter sent to me by my friend in Facebook! Really, blogging is a very big thing nowadays! Hayz...How can people live without it!!!

Read the whole letter above! You may enlarge it by clicking the image!

Well, what can you say? Did you see...did you see the impact...!

Small thing can cause a very big damage!

With this very small hobby, it affects the person himself...his health...his readers...his boss...their company...the people served by the company...the customers...the on and so forth!

So, what's your idea about this?! How can you stop the chain reaction!? c",)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Graphic Rock

Do you imagine how you look like in a drawing? How do you look in a graphical figure?

Well, if you're going to ask me the same question, view it above! =)

Yup, one of my admirer tried to draw a picture of me. Since that person has a talent of drawing, she used it to have me! And that how she got...!

Aside from my various billboards all around the globe, this time the rock was put into drawing!

What can you say?! Do it really looks the same? Which will you prefer, a picture of rocky or a drawing figure of rocky like what you have seen?! c",)

Friday, March 26, 2010

"Si Kokey@Ako" Versus "Si Negro@Ako"!

Can you tell me what these two pictures below have in common? And what are their difference? How these two relate with each other!?

Si Piolo @ Kokey

Si Rocky @ Negro

Now, did you get it?! Haha! =)

As I told you before, Negro is just like Kokey. Same with Rocky is like Piolo! Kokey and Negro were look alike as well as Rocky and Piolo looks the same! So combining us together, here's what you got...! We now have a two similar pictures! They were like a carbon copy of each other!

Of course if there would a fantaserye called "Si Kokey @ Ako", definitely there would be "Si Negro @ Ako" !

Miming Negro and Rocky have look alikes. Miming Negro is to Kokey while Rocky is to Piolo!

Well, this is my followup to your favorite my star-studded look-alike series. But this time, let's join your favorite pussycat pet Miming Negro! Now, the two of us have a corresponding look-alike in the star-studded world!

If I were to ask you, which of the two pictures you will love most, Negro @ Ako or Kokey @ Ako? Or better say, "Si Piolo @ Kokey" or "Si Rocky @ Negro" ?! Anyweiz...there is no difference whether choose Kokey between Negro or Piolo between Rocky since we were really alike! Convince?! Of course, nothing more, nothing less! =)

Now, anything other similar things you have spotted?! Feel free to give your thoughts being one of the fanatics! Why did Kokey and Negro were the same as well as why did Piolo and Rocky were alike?! In other words, two hunks have their own extra-ordinary creatures besides having similar faces!! Haha...! c",)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Picture Story 7: Chinese New Year Tree

Yesterday afternoon, walking around in SM Valenzuela to make a balance inquiry in my account, I saw this thing and it attracts me:

I don't exactly know what this thing is? I don't know how we can call this? But one thing I'm sure, it's a Chinese thing!

Yup, since we will celebrate Chinese New Year this coming Sunday, the purpose of this thing is for the celebration!

How can we call this thing? Is it a Chinese New Year Tree or a Chinese Christmas Tree? Which of the two better fits the name of this red Chinese thing?

And looking in that tree, for me it symbolizes fortune and prosperity for the coming of the new year! If I'm not mistaken, it is all intended for a good luck and for a lucky charm!

So, before we all say Kung Hei Fat Choi, let us give this thing a better name! See yah! c",)

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