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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Pictorial in Bora

In the heat of the recent Star Magic Ball 2016, let me also share with you our ala-Star Magic Catalogue pictorial in Bora last August featuring the Happy Kids:

Well if time permits, I will share with you more cool photos during our vacation. (RCB)

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Sunday, December 28, 2014

#Throwback2014: Habitat for Humanity Behind-The-Scene

2014 is also the year when I took part in an advocacy. Yes, I became the so-called Online Champion or ambassador of the NGO, Habitat for Humanity.

Habitat for Humanity is actually an organization which help builds home for the needy.

We had our pictorial / photoshoot for Habitat which they will use for the posters, billboards, and online campaigns. And here are some of our behind-the-scene (BTS) photos for the organization's different campaigns :

One of the campaigns was the Habitat's Christmas program dubbed as the "Pamaskong Handog" wherein they solicit donations to give as a Christmas gift for the homes of the needy. 

This is one of the significant events I participated with this 2014. Find out more on my 2014 Yearend Report to be share soon. (RCB)

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Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Merman Experience!

"Dyesebel," "Marina," "Mutya," "Aryana,"  or even "Kambal Sirena!" Yes, mermaids were really a huge hit fantasy creatures nowadays in the different TV series. But not only today in our modern world, throwback from the past, movies about mermaids or the so-called half-human, half-fish creatures dominate the human imagination here in the Philippines and around the world. Do you still remember our very own Lorelai, the 60's mermaid played by our veteran actresses?! Or do you still can recall the different actresses who played the most coveted role of "Dyesebel" in the different Filipino movies? I'm sure, all of us were familiar with Disney's Ariel, their very own "Little Mermaid" creation!     

Since all of us were captivated by the charm of mermaids, many of us dream to have fins, tails, and swim like them. Even the actress like Anne Curtis who is now playing "Dyesebel" in ABS-CBN's hit Primetime fantaserye revealed that her greatest dream and role to play is a mermaid (sirena). Her dream was granted twice by her Kapamilya network first when she portrayed "Dyosa" in 2008 wherein one of her three characters was the mermaid Agua Dyosa and second this 2014 as she bagged the role of Mars Ravelo's one of his famous comic creations.  

But of course in reality, not all of us can be given a chance to play or swim like a mermaid! Therefore, Manila Ocean Park granted the dream of many to be like a well-love mermaid as they introduce their new attraction called "The Mermaid Swim Experience."

In the said event, guests will be given a chance to transform and swim like a mermaid. They will wear the mermaid's tail at the same time, they will be taught how to swim like a mermaid by the swimming instructors. Photo opts and pictorials were also part of the program. A hard copy of their best 4R photo will be given as souvenir after the event.    

Today, male mermaids or the so-called mermen were also a hit! Even the rockcoustic heartthrob Sam Milby as well as the other hunk actors like Jay Gonzaga and Markki Stroem joined the bandwagon playing the hot sirenos in "Dyesebel." Ops, sila lang ba ang pwede? Well, I joined them transforming myself into a merman and had my pictorial in the said establishment. Here are some of my photos: 

Being a merman is really a fun and hard experience at the same time specially to me who didn't know how to swim! But there's nothing to worry since the instructors in Manila Ocean Park were all kind and patient. They will teach you how to swim and act as a real mermaid. In my case, I'm so lucky that I had the instructor GK or Gibran Karl Alonzo as my swimming instructor. I will discuss more about him in my next posts. :) I will also share with you more of my merman photos! 

For more details about the Manila Ocean Park's Mermaid Swimming Experience, reservations, promos, schedules, and prices, you may visit their official website at See you there! (RCB)

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Friday, December 27, 2013

My Project Headshot 2013 Pictorial, My Very First!

One of the things to be thankful this 2013 is that, I became part of the world's famous Project Headshot Clinic! Yes, this is an advocacy pictorial that aims for a union of leaders, advocates , and people around the world for AIDS and HIV awareness! The pictorial / billboard of the personalities were all up online on December 1 inline with the celebration of World AIDS Day.

Ladies and gentlemen, here is my very first Project Headshot:

The said project is spearheaded by the famous photographer Niccolo Cosme. My pictorial was taken in Opus Bar in Resorts World Manila.

On my succeeding posts, I'll share with you more moments during this very first experience of yours truly! Right now, I'm excited for next year's project headshot!  (RCB)

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

JAG Pictorial 2 - 'A Wacky Shot with a Friend'

JAG is one of the leading clothing brand in the international market making known for their signature jeans and polo wears. Glad that I'm one of their ambassadors during the awards night of the 2013 Yahoo OMG Awards.

During the event, I had my pictorial for their apparel. Wearing a blue formal wear, check out my cool wacky shot with a friend for JAG: 

This is two of my three pictorials for JAG. On my next post, get ready to get hot as my third pictorial is done together with their other sizzling hot endorsers!

Note that the photos were resized to their smaller versions to accommodate fast browsing and loading of the page! (RCB) 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pictorial in Casino Royale!

After one year, I visited again the beautiful and socialite place of Resorts World. I first came on this grandeur mall and event center last November 2011 during my second to the last day in my previous company having my last lunch with officemates. Now, I came again for the Premiere Night of "Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2" movie event.

Right after the movie, we took different shots around the place. It seems that you're in Vegas as you feel the ambiance of the place. And one of the highlights is the Casino making you feel the James Bond movie, "Casino Royale."    

It seems that I'm a foreigner in one of the cities of US! The place makes me feel that I'm a tourist. I'm like an Asian exchange student! Hehehe...

I'll come again to this beautiful socialite place soon in another exciting event! (RCB)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Pictorial in Green!

Hi There! Hows your day?! Hope you're always fine! =) Let me share with you my pictorials which was just recently taken! Excited?!

Well, here are some of my pictorials taken during our whole team meeting. This shots were from our office. Actually I also have those shots from the Venice Mall. Yup, Venice Mall, a newly opened mall in McKinley Hills following the design, style, and architecture of Venice, Italy (that's why it is called, The Venice Mall)!

But for now, just take a glance with my cute shots! =)

Hunk, Fit, and Fab!

Just Like an Endorser of Penshoppe or Bench Shirt!

Which Clothing Brand Will You Like Me To Endorse? really enjoy! Which of these photoshots you really loved the most?!

Actually these photos were now uploaded in my profile in Facebook. You may browse them all in Facebook and feel free to give your comments!

By the way, if you missed my Venice shots, don't worry 'coz they were already in my Facebook Profile together with these photos!

Now, let me hear your thoughts. What other more suggestions you may give with my photos? Am I now ready to take my modeling career? Do you like my body now? Or I need to be more sexy and seductive? Haha! =)

And in my pictures above specially the topmost wherein I'm leaning on the red wall, which did I look like more, John Lloyd Cruz or Sam Milby?! Hehe...! c",)

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