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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Double R is with Double P: Selfies with Piolo Pascual

As Papa P. reunited with Runner Rocky, we got the most number of selfies together!

In my other blog which is Runner Rocky, I've already shared with you my story with the Ultimate Heartthrob Piolo Pascual together with my one-on-one exclusive vlog video interview with him. You may want to read and watch the post, do check this out: Runner Rocky and Piolo Pascual. 

Now here in my personal blog Bits of Rocks, let me share with you our selfies and photos together with Papa P.  Well since here's Double P (Piolo Pascual or Papa P) while I'm Double R (Runner Rocky), let me call our collaboration as  RRxPP. 

And here our our photos together:

I believe my last photo with him before this was in 2016 during the Cherry Mobile event where he was launch as one of the ambassadors. I even had a good photo with him during the 2015 Star Awards for Movies. And my first selfie video interview with him was in 2012 during the blogcon of his Star Cinema movie, "24/7 in Love." 

Thanks Papa P. Until our next selfie! 07/22/2018 (Bits of Rocks)

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

It's Great to be Back with Ivan Dorschner #MeantToBe

After four years, the "PBB Teen Clash of 2010,"  ex-housemate Ivan Doschner returns to showbiz! And yes, after exactly four years, Rocky and Ivan met again!

Ivan and I first met in November 2012 during the premiere night of the Star Cinema movie "24/7 in Love."  I was wearing a stripe shirt then. He exit showbiz for the meantime to focus on his studies.

December 2016, we met again! This is during the GMA Bloggers' Christmas Party wherein they were the special guests to promote their newest romance-comedy series "Meant To Be."  And yes, Ivan still remembers me as well as my stripe shirt that I was wearing when we first met!

"Yeah I remember you. You are wearing a stripe shirt. And now, you are still wearing a stripe shirt," Ivan recalled during our meetup!

Just like before, here are a set of my selfie photos with Ivan Dorschner:

I also have an exclusive one-on-one video interview with Ivan sharing his showbiz comeback, career plans, and fitness regimens! The said video is now uploaded in my official YouTube Channel and will be posted in my fitness blog Runner Rocky.

And did you know that Ivan is a good friend of James Reid?! Yes, they started together in the "PBB Teen Clash of 2010"  where James was hailed as the big winner!

In the GMA Telebabad TV series "Meant to Be," Ivan is playing the character of Ethan Spencer–Hughes, a half-British, half-Filipino leading man of Barbie Forteza!

Great to meet you again brother Ivan! See you again on the coming days! God bless and more power on your showbiz comeback! 01/25/2017 (RCB)

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Monday, September 22, 2014

#Selfie - Jake Cuenca and Rocky!

Before the hunk actor Jake Cuenca expose his butt and sexy hot body in the recent Bench The Naked Truth Denim Fashion show, yours truly had my selfie with the actor.

Well, check out my selfie with the one and only sizzling hot hunk actor Jake Cuenca:

This was during his solo presscon held in the ELJCC building of ABS-CBN where he revealed his future career plans.

On my next post, I will share with you my exclusive interview with this yummy hunk actor! So, stay tune folks! (RCB)

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Monday, July 21, 2014

#Selfie: Rocky and Sam Tsui!

As promised, here is my cool selfie collage with the YouTube heartthrob singing sensation, Sam Tsui!

Sam and his partner Kurt Hugo Schneider visited Manila for an Asian Tour Concert. I got a chance to meet, mingle, interview, and pose pictures with him!
Check out our selfie and wacky shots below:

Sam is really cool, friendly, and approachable! His kindness and humbleness truly put him in stardom!

Great meeting you Sam! I really miss my moments with you! Hope to see you again soon! (RCB)

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#Selfie: Rocky and Jean Garcia!

Finally, I already met and mingled with my favorite Bida-Kontrabida, Ms. Jean Garcia

Yes, this was my very first time to meet this beautiful versatile actress during the premiere night of their movie, "Kamkam (Greed)"which is Joel Lamangan's masterpiece and one of the entries in this year's Cinemalaya.

I started to love Ms. Jean after she portrayed the remarkable and the legendary character of Madam Claudia Buenavista in the hit teleserye "Pangako Sa'yo." She proved her versatility when she alternately played bida and kontrabida in the different movies and TV series.

Well, check out our selfies with Madam Claudia below: 

Currently Ms. Jean is seen in most of the GMA's TV programs. She is playing the mother of Barbie Forteza and Thea Tolentino in the after series "Half Sister."  She is also the host of Kapuso's "Love Hotline" and the GMA News TV's "Personalan."

Great meeting you Ms. Jean "Madam Claudia" Garcia! See you again soon! (RCB) 

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Spotted: Rocky and Mercedes Cabral!

Oh, just seen this picture with the so-called "Indie Film Princess" Mercedes Cabral! Mercedes is currently one of the cover girls of the Swimsuit Summer Issue of UNO Magazine.

Here is our said picture:

But wait, aside from Mercedes, two more sexy ladies were in our side. They are Aubrey Miles and Emmerie Cunanan.

This is our reunion with Mercedes. We first met and had our video together in 2012 for their film "Biktima."  Nice seeing you again Mercedes! More photos and moments to share with you on my next succeeding posts! (RCB)

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Rodjun Cruz and Rocky: A Cool Moment Together!

Rodjun Cruz is now creating a buzz in Philippine TV as he plays the character of Martin, a bisexual lover of Dennis Trillo in the controversial hit TV series "My Husband's Lover." And because of his lovable role in the series, Rodjun eventually becomes a 'gay magnet!'

In person, Rodjun is truly cool and friendly! I met and mingled with him during the 2012 Star Awards for TV. We posed together for pictures and filmed our videos.    

Here is one of our cool videos wherein we promoted my websites at the same time, we had a light talk. Let's watch this:

Aside from acting, Rodjun is also a good dancer. He dance very well! Unsure if he can sing good as well!

Great meeting you Rodjun! It was another "Double R" or "R2R" moment now with Rodjun Cruz! See you soon dude! Keep up the good work in MHL. (RCB)

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