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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Unboxing Soon: A Clearer Selfie with my Vivo V7

Selfie is life! Yes, that is true to me since I'm dubbed as the "Selfie King."  In most of my events specially the one with the celebrities, I can even handle taking a selfie interview video which is a Runner Rocky's trademark.

Therefore in any smartphone, I'm concern with its front camera so that I can take a perfect selfie with my subject!

I was already introduced to the different smartphones from mid to hi-end. But still, most of them were lacking the basic needs of the blogger and vlogger like me. But thanks God, I found my new companion! 

This time, I was introduce to the newest rising star - the Vivo Smart Phone. And I got its brand new model, the Vivo V7.

I'm so excited to know this new phone very well. Yes, I'll unbox it very soon! What do you think are the major features of this new Vivo V7? What makes it ahead against its competitors? How about its camera that I'm looking for? Will this be the one meant to me?!

Well, will share all these things on my next post. Let me tease you for the meantime to keep your excitement burning!

Excited to Unbox the Vivo V7 Smartphone

Promise, you'll be the one to witness the unboxing of my new phone companion. I'll capture every detail of this phone from inside the box until its complete setup. And later on, it will capture my precious moments from all of my passions which keep me busy.

I'm pretty sure, Vivo Smartphone is truly the one for Rocky! 11/14/2017 (Bits of Rocks)

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Invasion of our Home I: 'The Sala'

We're already one month in our new home. We had just transfered last April 18. And now we're enjoying our new place, more relaxing, more cool one!

And to give you the benefits, I will allow you to invade our home. Yup, you have the right to view some of the portions of our home! c",) Be the first to see it! C'mon. Let's go.

First of all, I will tour you in our Sala. How does it look? Will you like it?

Here is our brand new sala set. Do you like the color? Well, we prefer to choose green because green is a relaxing color. The color green relieves stress and fatiques. I love to sleep there. It gives me a cooling breeze.

Beside the sofa is our side table. Our telephone was in it. So whenever I talk to the other line from a long time, it doesn't anymore makes me tire. Beside the phone is the flower base together with my Graduation photo frame and the small mini-statue of Saint Joseph!

How do you like your first invasion? Do you love it? You are free to give comments and suggestions! Well, more portion of our house will be reveal soon. So stay tune! c",)

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