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Thursday, March 24, 2011

One Hot Birthday!

My recent birthday celebration last March 19, 2011 was indeed a sizzling one! It was another memorable but this time, the hottest!

First of all, I received so many greetings in the history of my birthday. Since social networking sites such as Facebook are now trending, people, friends, and strangers use this as a tool to communicate and greet one another. This year, I received 300+ wall posts and comments greeted me happy birthday! Nice! My hands really got tired replying to all of them to show that I really appreciate them! Each greeting worth a precious gift to me! =)

In our office, I also celebrated my birthday. I treated my teammates with two big roll of cakes. A Chocolate and an Ube Macapuno cakes made them very happy! And I'm happy too seeing them appreciated my small treat. The chocolate cake is the one they loved most!

In our home, the afternoon 'till the evening of March 19, I celebrated my birthday with my close relative and cousin. My mother cooked spaghetti, shanghai rolls, and fried chicken which we served to our relative and neighbors. Of course another batch of cake rolls and buko salad served as our desserts.

But the most important and the hottest part of my birthday celebration is during my birthday eve. The night of March 18, I celebrated my hot birthday with my GF and with my new found friends. We watch shows and danced in the dance floor all night long! At that night, I truly looked very hot and sexy! I wore an open polo with a black sexy fit sando inside! There are times that I removed my polo and only that black sando retained. My muscles were really exposed that time! Hehe...

At 5am of March 19, we got very tired of dancing. Oops...if you think I'm drunk, I was not! Yup, I didn't drink alcoholic beverages, I only drink juices! We spent the rest of the hours before the sunrise checking-in in one of a prestige hotel. Though our checkout time is 8am, we packed-up at around 7:15am since she needs to report in their office in Makati at 9am!

One hot birthday celebration! That's how my recent birthday goes...! I truly appreciate the people who greeted me and the people whom with me during that special day! c",)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Our 'Seafood' Team Christmas Party!

Before the much awaited annual Company-Wide Christmas Party this coming December 10 at the Hard Rock Cafe with a Glam Rock theme, our team will have first our own Christmas Party.

And this will be...TODAY at 3pm onwards!

We will have our Kris-Kringle revelation and dinner at Dampa! And here's what we're going to eat:

Lovin' Sweet and Spicy Crab

The Butter Garlic Shrimp

I Like the Calamares with Mayo

A Lapu-Lapu

Liempo So Deliciouso

Yes, it's a Seafood Christmas Party in Dampa! All of the foods (except the Liempo) were all the yummiest foods we love!

To prepare ourselves for this small seafood party, some of us ate less during our afternoon lunch. We're all excited for this another team Christmas bonding for the year.

This is the location of the place:

The Location Where We Will Enjoy the Fun

Before 3pm today, we will all go to the place called Dampa and we will enjoy those foods! Exciting!

Besides eating, the place also has a videoke where we can enjoy singing. Yup, we reserved the place solely for our team. We rented a private place so that we can enjoy each others' bond! We also prepare games! Oh yeah!

And before we enjoy eating and playing, we will first have our team pictorial! Yes, just like what we have last year! Of course I will also share with our whole team pictures just like I did last year!

So, see you in my next exciting post. I'll now prepare myself for our pictorial and for our seafood party in Dampa! See yah! C",)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Venue Of Our 2009 Company Christmas Party!

Have you enjoyed our tour back in time with our company wide Christmas party last year?!

Well, now we will again have another tour. But this time, we will have a tour to the time that is yet to come! I will give you the privilege to be the first to see the venue of our upcoming 2009 company Christmas party! Wow...I'm sure you're very much excited! That's nice!

Yeah, this coming Friday, we will have our company Christmas party. And the venue will be on the Hard Rock! So, take a glance with our venue...

Lots of Drinks and Wine...But I Don't Drink!

Just Like The Usual Bar!

Again, A Variety of Wines...Have Your Choice!

Too Shinny Floor...

The Lights Are So Fine!

Oops...We Have A Second Floor!

I Feel Like Eating...

Another Look Back In The Past!

In What Table Will You...

Another Memories To Cherish...

Hey...Just Like A Premiere Night!

Well, what can you say with our venue? Do you like it?! Or you can even suggest a better one!

By the way, our theme / motif for this year is Las Vegas! Yeah, expect all of us (hopefully!) will be wearing a Las Vegas attire or a Vegas inspired movie/event costume! Do you have in mind what to wear?!

Oh, I know you are imaging what I will wear or how I will look like! If in our previous Company Christmas party I was very much looked like a Menudo band of 80's, this coming Friday guess what I will wear...?!

Do you have an idea? Well, I won't tell you by's a surprise! Hope you will like it!

Just like last year, there will also a costume awards. The best in costume will again be given a prize. Still, there is also a group contest portraying Las Vegas! If last year the contest was in an MTV video, this time, it will be a live performance! Oops...very sorry guys, I wasn't participate! Haha...!

Do you feel excited?! Me, slight! So see you this coming Friday in a Las Vegas themed Company Christmas party that will take place at the Hard Rock!!! c",)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Our Company Christmas Party One Year Ago!

It's another Christmas season! And talking of this season, we are speaking of parties, gifts, hang-outs, and different celebrations. Again, another parties are about to take place.

But before we face the new day, I just want to look back on the year that was! Yeah, I just want to let you see how we looked like one year ago!

Last December 2008, just like all the companies did, we had celebrated December as a season of fun, giving, and camaraderie. Yup, we had a grand company wide Christmas party. The venue was in the Blue Leaf, McKinley Hills, Fort Bonifacio!

For the meantime, I want to share with you our last year's Christmas party. The theme/motif of our party before was all about the 80's! It's a retro party that time!

Again, let's also look back in time. I prepare with you a short PhotoBlog of our Christmas Party One year ago! Feel free to take a glance of them!

The Rockstar!

Posing Before Eating...

Who Got the Most 'Astig' Look?!

One More...!!!

Smile...Before the Food is Serve!

Who's The Fairer of the Two?!

Picture...Picture...Picture...Bawal Singit!!


Oops...Someone Wanted To Have A Picture With Me!!!

...Another One!!!

Class Picture On The Dinner!

Not As Clear As Crystal...!

This is the Ambiance!

A Cool Candle-Light Dinner...!

Let's Go Party!

Take A Pic Before We Go...

Can I Lean On Your Shoulder?

Well, what can you say? Do you enjoy our quick trip?!

How do you feel about our party? Do you like the motif!? How about our costumes or attires? and how about me...what can you say about my outfit!? They say, I really looked 'rockista' during that night! Really ROCKS!!!

We had lots of fun during that night. The foods were really right! I love the choco-fountain and the fruit salad. A variety of fruits were there! Of course, there was also a vegetable salad...I love the Japanese cauliflower on it! Similarly, a variety of meat, pork, and chicken were also served to us! Fried crackers and pork chicharon were served as appetizer! Oh, I love the chicharon...I got plenty of it! Yummy!

There were also special numbers presented on the party. But the highlights of the night were the MTV video contest of each team and the Best in Attire/Costume of the night! Oops...I was one of the actors in the MTV video. Our video was entitled as "Eye of the Tiger"! I dance on this video! So cool!! Hehe...!

Well, this was just a short rewind of our 80's Inspired Christmas Party! Next time I'll tour you on the present! Hope you enjoy...!!! c",)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

One Formal Day For The Boys!

Perfectly Suits

A brighter and formal day....!

Yup, we all agreed with that. All the boys in our team decided that we will come up a day wherein all of us will wear a formal attire! We will be having a JS Prom costume!

It just recently happened Monday two weeks ago before the start of our new project. Since that whole day will be all allotted for meetings, project walthrough, and wrap-ups, all the boys agreed that we will going to wear a formal business attire! But take note, it's for the boys only! Girls didn't know about it that's why they got surprised when we seen us wearing very formal while they were wearing casual dress!

Who's The Cutest Among The Boys?

Who's Your Bet For A Perfect Date?

Look at the result! See the come-up! How do we look? Do we look fairer, cuter, and more handsome? But of course, among the boys in our group, I'm still the cutest! I still come up the most handsome in the team!

The girls in our team get jealous and insecure. They say why only the boys? They also wanted to wear a formal dress in that day so all of us were compatible! According to them, they just look like our maids! Hehehe...!

The Manager and His Secretary

Feels Like A New Boss!

And we didn't missed the chance for pictorials and pictures! Thanks that one of our teammates brought his digital camera. We had a fun of picture taking all-round the office!

I didn't missed the chance to have a picture in my boss' area! It smoothly blends with my attire. According to them, I looked like our new manager in our team...hehehe!

Well, how do we look specially the cutest boy in the team?! Do you agree? That day seems like a special one. It looks like we were attending a formal dinner party. Some says, we're like a sales agent. Others thought we're having a final interview with the other companies! Hahaha...! But whatever they say, feel, or though, I'm so proud that the most handsome and the cutest boy in our team emerged in my own personality! Ahahaha...I know you very much agreed!!! c",)

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