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Saturday, April 6, 2019

A Journey to Our New Home 7: Before and After

Our dream home, our newest home sweet home is finally finished! Yes, the construction of our said 4-storey house is already completed since January 7, 2019.

And while the inspections and occupancy permit process is yet to be concluded, sooner you'll be the first to witness the grand opening of it. Be one of our special guests and visitors!

But before its grand opening, let me share with you its before and after photo right after completion. Here it goes:

Stay tune mga karocksters 'coz more updates are coming about our new home on the coming days. 04/06/2019 (Bits of Rocks)

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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

A Journey to Our New Home 4: The Installation of Our Dual Inverter Aircon

Before the final completion of our new home sweet home, it needs to install first our new dual inverter split type aircon to test that the electrical connections in our house is functioning correctly. Therefore even though the other parts of the house were not yet fully completed, the aircon was installed.

The question goes, why do we choose a dual inverter split type air conditioner rather than the traditional one. Well, it is mainly because, it consumes low energy! Yes, this LG dual inverter aircon has 70% less energy savings. Far lower electric consumption compared to the traditional window type aircon.

This aircon unit is 1.5 hp which can fully cool my whole master's bedroom!
Properly Installed with a Breaker

Ready to Unbox

The Other Part of the Aircon Unit

The Front of the Other Part

When you buy this type of aircon unit, there is also a team who will install it in your home. They were technical people who will properly installed and test the unit in your home.   

There is a corresponding installation service charge you need to pay in addition to the total cost of the unit.

The installation team will also determine if the aircon is capable to cool the whole room. If not, they won't install the unit and they will ask you to upgrade your aircon's specs.  

Installing the Other Part of the Unit Inside the Room

The Installation of the Outer Part

This is Where the Outer Part of the Aircon is Installed

The Outer Part of the Dual Inverter Split Type Aircon Installed

Unboxing the Indoor Part

Ready to Cool the Master's Bedroom

Now I'm ready to occupy my room! I'm excited to work and do my blogs and vlogs on the office area since aside from this aircon, the room is also equipped with a fiber internet with unlimited or no cap data. And of course on the other side of the room, I'm ready to sleep and relax while watching my favorite TV shows. :)

"A Journey to Our New Home" is the 2019 version of my 2009's very first "Invasion of Our Home" blog series. More revelation of our new house on the coming days! So stay tune folks! 01/15/2019 (Bits of Rocks)

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A Journey to Our New Home 3: A Glimpse to My Purple Room

Few days left and we will soon transfer to our new home sweet home! Yes, this will be our opening salvo for 2019 - the grand opening of my very own house.

But before we make our transfer, let me tour you first to the process of its construction sharing you some of its interesting phase. Now on the third part of our "A Journey to Our New Home" blog series, let me introduce to you my bedroom, my very own master's bedroom!

Ladies and gentlemen, here is the purple room:

The Area of The Master's Bedroom

That purple area facing the huge front window will be the sleeping area. A master's bed, a dual bed will be place there. Part of it are the drawers and the important spots to put my different collections - toys, action figures, magazines, and coffee shops' planners.

Meanwhile, here is the other part of the purple room:

Pre-Final of the Office Area

Yellow and Purple are a Perfect Match

Yes, painted in yellow will be my office area. Since we will be in a work from home setup sooner this year here in our office, I allotted my very own office here in my room.

Well you wonder why purple?! It's because, purple is a sleeping color. It let's you relax. And why yellow on the other side, the office area? Simply because, purple and yellow are a perfect match! Yes, this combination depicts NBA's Lakers. But in a Filipino point, it can also be your favorite ice cream flavor - ube queso or our Christmas' favorite - bibingka't puto bungbong.

Since our home's design is more on a millennial theme, I'll ensure that every place, every area will be highly instagramable!

I'll be revealing more on our next home invasion. Stay tune folks! 01/15/2019 (Bits of Rocks)

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Friday, December 21, 2018

A Journey to Our New Home 2: The On-Going Finishing Phase

Our new home... our dream home sweet home will be our 2019's Opening Salvo!

Welcome to another chapter of my very own "A Journey to Our New Home"  blog series featuring our brand new house. This time, let me feature the Finishing Phase of our home.

Yup, the target date to finish our new home and our move in date will be this January 2019! As they say "new year, new home (bagong taon, bagong bahay)" just a perfect date for a new beginning! So let's start the tour:

Currently, the facade looks like this:

Now, let's get inside! Let's start with our ground floor, the area of the living and dinning room:

On the second floor will be the bedroom of my brother and my mother. Let me show you the doors of these two rooms:

The second floor's special feature is the bar. And it is currently under construction:

Will share with you  its final look and feel after the construction. Now, let's go upstairs.

The stairs and rails were also on their finishing phase:

Then on the third floor, the floor of my room - the master's bedroom and the museum! From the stairs, it will prompted you to the back window:

Ok, that's all for now for today! Will tour you more on our next chapter so stay tune! :)

More revelations of our new home will be coming out on my next blog post! Our new home is a four-storey building wherein the fourth floor is the roof deck, an open and refreshing area for events, parties, gathering, and relaxation. This is a multi-function house with a modern millennial touch! 12/21/2018 (Bits of Rocks)  

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Thursday, December 13, 2018

A Journey to Our New Home 1: The Structural Beginning

In 2009, I've started a segment series here in this blog called "Invasion of Our Home"  where I've featured our current home. After 9 years, we're about to leave our previous home and we will transfer to a better, a bigger one... our very own dream house and lot!

The actual construction started on the last week of January this year. And as the year 2018 ends, the construction of our new home will conclude.

To start our journey touring you to our dream home, let me share with you first the structural construction on it. Here are the photos taken last July 2018 showing the structure:

Yes, our home is a four-storey buildimg. The fourth floor is a roof deck where important events and parties will take place.

Stay tune folks for the next chapter of our journey! Dreams do really come true! #DreamHome2019 12/13/2018 (Bits of Rocks)

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Monday, April 9, 2012

April 2012 - "Cheers for Celebrations!"

Time is really so fast! I didn't notice that we are already on the month of April! And we already spent the holidays of the said month!

Well, just like I always do each month, I'm sharing you my feature topics and expectations here in The Rock Land.

I know you are wondering why the month of April for me is a call for celebration. Can you give me first your wild guess before I reveal?!

A cheers for celebration because this month of April, I have different anniversaries to celebrate!

First of all in terms of blogging and of my online world, April marks the rise of my blogs! Remember the year 2009 of the same month, my blogs became so active and created remarkable legacy in the cyber space! The month also serves as the birthday of my phenomenal hit blog site, TV Series Craze. And of course the birth of other site like TECHkyrocky as well as the other.

April also marks our home anniversary! Yup, we were already three years now here in our new home sweet home! Once more, I will let you invade our home! =)

Then this day, April 9 is our monthsary with my new love of my life! We will be having our sweet romantic date later this week!

And of course, I will continue sharing with you with moments with the stars, my showbiz career together with the brightest stars in the industry! "Sobrang dami kaya di ko mai-feature lahat nang sabay-sabay!" But then, look at your right side! I post some of our pictures in the panel!

It's April, let's cheers for celebrations! Cool! c",)

Monday, April 4, 2011

My Laptop Guards!

See how these cute little creatures guarded my laptop. They are my official laptop guards:

I know I already introduced them to you collectively in my previous post. Now, I will let you see how they guarded my favorite and priced belonging!

This is my favorite home's mini-office in my bedroom! This is the place where my favorite Toshiba laptop is located. This is also the place where I enjoy blogging and surfing the internet!

At first, this place is plain and simple. But after the arrival of these cute little things, my home's workplace is now very attractive, relaxing, and stress-free!

Actually, this is the first design of my mini-office. Today, it is more attractive since I already bought an ornament for it! Don't worry, I will also share it with you on my next post.

My laptop guards comprised of two cute little babies and different cute angels. They were figurines that truly give fun and drive boredom in my mini-world! Actually the team of these cute little things already grows. Two cute puppies and a Picachu added to their group! Nice!

Next time, I will introduce them to you one by one! So, feel the fun, happiness, and attraction they give to my favorite home's workplace! c",)

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