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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Best Nightlife of Your Life Through Party Registry!

Party! Party! Party! Party all night long! Who among us didn't love to party?! Who don't go on gimmicks every Friday nights or every weekends?!

Since December last year, I love to hang-out with friends and go for party! We dance on the dance floor and party 'till we drop! And we love to meet someone!

Here in our country, there are local prestige bars and discos that you may want to dance with. But in New York, did you know that there is a particular prestige bar that offers everything?! This is the Party Registry! And it gives everything you want in Nightclubs.

Party Registry is a site that offers everything you want to know on New York Nightclubs. It gives the best New York Nightlife we all want!

On PartyRegistry.Com you can find local DJ parties, parties at nightclubs or other events that may interest you. You can sort to view only your local events in clubs, restaurants, lounges and bars.

If you are planning a trip, we recommend that you search for events or parties in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chiago and Boston nightclubs, parties in night clubs in Las Vegas or hottest parties at clubs in Las Vegas. DJ’s, Promoters and Owners of night clubs have been posting their best events and parties on Party Registry.

One of the best DJ that you can meet in Party Registry is DJ Givi S. Here he is:

DJ Givi S

Aside from the list of events and upcoming shows, PR or Party Registry also shows different videos. Yup, videos of the related events that happening on the nightlife!

Party Registry even offers other applications. With Party Registry applications you can find local spots and events that may interest you. You can now join guest lists of the events that you plan to attend.

So let's go! Hands up on the air! c",)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Enjoying The Night View!

Now that you already saw how our 2010 Team Building swimming pool looks like, I will now share with you our night or the so called midnight fun! It's fun in the pool!

This is how the resort looks like during night time. Colorful, dim, and ready for fun! Still the water was so very clear. It's crystal clear as they say!

Give yourself a chance to take a glance on our midnight fun below:

A Colorful Dim Blend of Light

A Crystal Clear Blue Water!

Still A Hot Spring in the Midst of A Cold Night!

I Missed Experiencing This Tiny Water Fountains!

Actually we didn't really feel the cold water. Since it's a hot spring pool, we still feel comfortable and relax swimming in the dolphin pool!

We enjoyed swimming in the crystal clear water. But most of all, we enjoyed taking pictures of now a memorable beautiful place.

If you're to ask me what are the things I like in this swimming pool, well my answers will be....first the beautiful night view, a view blended with a night light! The second one is the warm clear water! I got curious on how the water become a hot spring. Then my officemate told me that the hot spring in this pool came from volcano. It actually came from Mt. Makiling!

The other things I like most about this swimming pool are the tiny water fountains or ductile on the side of the pool. So cool, so lovely to see and feel! But did you know that I wasn't able to experience that water fountains?! Yup, it's because when they were turned on, I was already out from the pool and already took a bath and dressed with a new cloth! Hayz...'sayang'! But during that time, I already enjoying singing my favorite songs! Naks...!

Now by just looking at the pictures above, imagine yourself in this dolphin swimming pool. If I were to ask you, what are the things you like about this swimming pool? Do we have the same things in mind...?! C",)

Friday, January 1, 2010


Happy New Year Everyone!!! Hope you all enjoy the New Year's eve!

These were some of the pictures taken during the night of 'putukan'! Since we were all too busy celebrating the occasion, I wasn't able to took photos of the whole fireworks! I just took photos of them from the top of our house!

Before the 12 Midnight...!

I Like This Red-Fire Fireworks!

Oops...Lights Keep Blinking In Our Windows!

They were like Creating a Constellation in the Sky !

Do you enjoy your New Year Celebration last night?! Are you having lots of fun and party?!

Well, in our house, we were celebrating a happy new year's eve with my mom and my younger brother! It was really a loud sparkling night! And of course, the smoke dominated the air! Better that my mom and I wore a face mask!

Alright...wishing you all a Prosperous 2010!!! c",)

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