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Monday, December 31, 2012

Keeping Our Pets Safe This New Year's Eve!

Pets were like human, they can feel the stress specially in the noisy times like this! Yes, pets can be traumatic when they hear noise and loud sounds from fire crackers.

I witnessed myself how my cute pet cat Macmac becomes so traumatic this night. Since many were now blasting firecrackers and making noise, I can feel his stress! He hides inside a small place like under my bed or in-between my cabinets or laptop table. He's so tame and too slow to move. He didn't even eat! He's so quiet and never even make 'meow!; I can feel his heart beating faster!    

In times like this, we should take good care of our pets. Calm them. Let's put them in a place where less noise were heard. Comfort them!  

In our case, we comfort Macmac! My brother sleeps beside him! We put him beside our soft pillow. Macmac is currently sleeping sound right now!

In making noise, let's also consider our pets! Now that we have our own pet Macmac, we are sympathizing them. We're concern about their feelings!

Pets are also friends and companions! Let's keep them! Let's take good care of them!   
 Happy New Year Everyone! (RCB)     

Preparing Desserts for the New Year's Eve!

2013 is fast approaching! Everyone is really busy preparing for foods or collecting fireworks or firecrackers to welcome the new year's eve!

Last night, we start preparing desserts for Media Noche. And I'll let you see our messy kitchen during the dessert preparation. Here are some of the photos:

Mixing Buko Salad Delights!

Feeling Expert sa Dessert with Graham Crackers!
We already bought a roll of Ube-Macapuno Cake and ice cream for the 12 Midnight's Dessert. But of course, the Media Noche dessert seems incomplete without the famous Buko Salad and Graham Home Made Frozen Cakes!  

For the Graham, we made two flavors - the fabulous mango and the creamy buko! I've checked them in our freezer and they were all ready!

I'll update you guys with our other foods for tonight. For now, I'll go with my family to church to thank the Lord for all the blessings He gave for 2012! (RCB)

Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy 2011 New Year!

Tonight, I would like to greet you all a...

The coming of the new year...

Let's celebrate it with fun, joy, laughter, and love...

Let's cheers, let's toast, let's embrace the hope it will bring...

A brighter new year to come...

To all of you my dearest friends, families, viewers, followers, fans, supporters, lovers, and all the people around me...


Let's all welcome 2011 with full hope and love!

Wishing you all a very fruitful and prosper 2011! C",)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Invasion of our Home VIII: 'Preparing For Media Noche!'

Welcome 2010 and Thank You very much 2009!!!

Last night, we finally say goodbye to 2009 and we warmly welcomed 2010. As we welcome 2010, I will also welcome you in our home now in the year of 2010. New year means new invasions!

As the first day of the year approached us, you will also be the first to enter our home! Let me share with you how we prepare for the New Year's eve. So c'mon guys!

The Table was Ready!

Do you like the Ambiance?!

I know you already visited our dining area from your previous invasions. But for the coming of the new year, let me introduce to you the new look of our place of fine dining! Here's how it looks now! My mom was the one who chose for the design of our table cloth! It's colorful that will really blends for the coming of more colorful year!

The pictures were taken at around 10pm. As you can see, there were only few foods in the table. Of course, you already recognized the round fruits on the center. Oh, sad to say that we won't able to complete the 12 fruits! But its alright!

Another foods that you see in our table were the chopped crispy ulo and the loafs of bread. Initially, we were planning to buy a kilo of lechon-baboy, but during that day, all the lechons were out of order from almost all the stores. Talagang nagka-ubusan! But then we were still thankful that we still grabbed crispy ulo! So yummy and crispy!

It was Really a Colorful Set!

Round Fruits were Emphasized!

Oops...These Gifts were For the Children!!!

Not included in the pictures were our other handa like the buko salad, my special choco-gelatin, ube-choco cake, softdrinks, mango ice cream, and spaghetti! During that time of picture taking, spaghetti was about to cook. Meanwhile the desserts that I mentioned were inside our refrigerator!

We were so glad that we had an exchange of foods with our neighbors. We trade our salads and ice cream with the spaghetti and 'malagkit' of our neighbors!

As you can see, there were gifts in our sala's center-table. These gifts were wrapped by my mother to be given to the children in our place!

And when the 12 midnight approached, my mom rolled all the round fruits in our table! 'Pampa-swerte daw yun...' as the tradition tells us!

Well, what can you say as you visit our home before the new year's eve? Are you satisfy with the foods we had for media noche! Or do you want to exchange foods just like we did together with our neighbors?!

Again, hope you had a good time as we took a journey in our home during the first day of the year! Have a prosperous New Year!!! c",)


Happy New Year Everyone!!! Hope you all enjoy the New Year's eve!

These were some of the pictures taken during the night of 'putukan'! Since we were all too busy celebrating the occasion, I wasn't able to took photos of the whole fireworks! I just took photos of them from the top of our house!

Before the 12 Midnight...!

I Like This Red-Fire Fireworks!

Oops...Lights Keep Blinking In Our Windows!

They were like Creating a Constellation in the Sky !

Do you enjoy your New Year Celebration last night?! Are you having lots of fun and party?!

Well, in our house, we were celebrating a happy new year's eve with my mom and my younger brother! It was really a loud sparkling night! And of course, the smoke dominated the air! Better that my mom and I wore a face mask!

Alright...wishing you all a Prosperous 2010!!! c",)

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