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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pet Photos: A Mother Cat Breast-Feeding Her Baby!

We just concluded a special day to our mothers - the celebration of Mother's Day.   

Mothers were truly great! She takes good care of her children. She will do everything for them! Not only humans are good mothers, even our lovable pets were great mothers too!

Last week, our female cat Choleng gave birth to three cute little kittens. And we love to see how she took good care of them! Of course, I also love taking photos of them!

Let me share  with you my initial photos of our cute mother cat breast-feeding one of her kittens. Here they go: 

On my upcoming posts, I will share with you more photos of our cute pet mother cat with her three cute little kittens!

Happy Mother's Day everyone! (RCB)   

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Famous Lines ni Nanay!

In line with the celebration of the Mother's Day, let me share with you a humor regarding the famous lines we always heard from our mothers.

Here are the Top 9 of the said famous lines:

Thanks to my friend who share this one in Facebook.

Let us all greet our mothers with a Happy Mother's Day! We love you mom! c",)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Feast of San Juan Bautista

Today, June 24, we are celebrating the feast of San Juan Bautista. If I'm not mistaken, this is the day when Jesus Christ was baptized by San Juan in the river of Jordan. That's why when you get along ridding a jeepney in the City of San Juan or in Manila, you will be poured by water! Or maybe today is his birthday?! Hmmm...

Yup, this is the tradition I most remember way back again in my childhood days. I remember when I was a 5-year old kid, me, my father, and my mother went to church ridding in a jeepney. We were got wet by the people on the road as they poured water in our jeepney. We need then to change our wet clothes!

And did you also know that in this same day my mom is celebrating her birthday?! Yup, today is also the birthday of my mother! And right now she is preparing foods for us. My nephew and my aunties were already in our home today to celebrate our mom's birthday!

And besides my mom, my friend and my co-editor in our college student publication named Edlee is also celebrating his 26TH birthday today. "Pa-burger ka Pre...!" Even my look-alike actor, Mr. John Lloyd Cruz is also celebrating his birthday today!

Well, it seems that there's a lot to celebrate today! Birthdays of my mom, my friend Edlee, my look-alike actor Lloydie, and San Juan Bautista in addition to the regular holiday in the City of San Juan and Manila.

Therefore, allow me to give greetings to all of them! To my mother, Edlee, Lloydie, and San Juan Bautista...

"Happy Birthdays!" C",)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother and Kids!

Today is Mother's Day! It is a special day for all our mothers. Have you already greeted or treated your mother?!

For this special day, another mother with her children would like to greet you. It's Miming Negro together with her three little cute kittens were back here in the Rock Land to give us all a special mother's day treat!

Today, Miming Negro's family were all here to greet us:


According to them, let us all love and take good care to our mothers. Give them the love she had given to us. Respect and follow all her good advice! Be a good child! C",)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

50 Inspirational Mother's Day Quotes

It's almost 1.5 hours to go before the special day for all our mothers. And before that day came, allow me to be the first to greet our mothers! "Happy Mother's Day mom, mommy, mama, momsi, nanay, inay, nana...!"

And as a sign of special gift to all our moms, I have here with you 50 Inspirational Quotes for our mothers!

These are the following:

1. "If you bungle raising your children, I don't think whatever else you do well matters very much." - Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

2. "Never marry a man who hates his mother, because he'll end up hating you." - Jill Bennett

3. "A mother is not a person to lean on, but a person to make leaning unnecessary." - Dorothy Canfield Fishe

4. "At work, you think of the children you have left at home.
At home, you think of the work you've left unfinished. Such a struggle is unleashed within yourself. Your heart is rent."
- Golda Meir

5. "Mothers hold their children's hands for a short while, but their hearts forever." - Unknown

6. "As is the mother, so is her daughter." - Ezekiel 16:4

7. "Men are what their mothers made them." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

8. "Most mothers are instinctive philosophers." - Harriet Beecher Stowe

9. "We never know the love of the parent until we become parents ourselves." -Henry Ward Beecher

10. "The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness." - Honore de Balzac, author

11. "The mother's heart is the child's schoolroom." - Henry Ward Beecher, US Congressional clergyman

12. "Who is getting more pleasure from this rocking, the baby or me?" - Nancy Thayer, author

13. "By and large, mothers and housewives are the only workers who do not have regular time off. They are the great vacationless class." - Anne Morrow Lindbergh, author

14. "Of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a mother." - Lin Yutang, Chinese writer

15. "Mama exhorted her children at every opportunity to 'jump at de sun.' We might not land on the sun, but at least we would get off the ground." - Zora Neale Hurston, folklorist and writer

16. "That best academy, a mother's knee." - James Russell Lowell, poet, critic and diplomat

17. "Making a decision to have a child--it's momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body." - Elizabeth Stone

18. "Anyone who doesn't miss the past never had a mother." - Gregory Nunn

19. "A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie." - Tenneva Jordan

20. "Few misfortunes can befall a boy which brings worse consequences than to have a really affectionate mother." - W. Somerset Maugham

21. "The lullaby is the spell whereby the mother attempts to transform herself back from an ogre to a saint." - James Fenton

22. "No matter how old a mother is, she watches her middle-aged children for signs of improvement." - Florida Scott-Maxwell

23. "Biological possibility and desire are not the same as biological need. Women have childbearing equipment. For them to choose not to use the equipment is no more blocking what is instinctive than it is for a man who, muscles or no, chooses not to be a weightlifter." - Betty Rollin

24. "Women do not have to sacrifice personhood if they are mothers. They do not have to sacrifice motherhood in order to be persons. Liberation was meant to expand women's opportunities, not to limit them. The self-esteem that has been found in new pursuits can also be found in mothering." - Elaine Heffner

25. "Whatever else is unsure in this stinking dunghill of a world a mother's love is not." -James Joyce

26. "All that remains to the mother in modern consumer society is the role of scapegoat; psychoanalysis uses huge amounts of money and time to persuade analysis and to foist their problems on to the absent mother, who has no opportunity to utter a word in her own defense. Hostility to the mother in our societies is an index of mental health." - Germaine Greer

27. "Woman in the home has not yet lost her dignity, in spite of Mother's Day, with its offensive implication that our love needs an annual nudging, like our enthusiasm for the battle of Bunker Hill." - John Erskine
28. "All women become like their mothers. That is their tragedy. No man does. That's his." - Oscar Wilde

29. "The moment a child is born, the mother is also born.
She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new."
- Rajneesh

30. "The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother." - Author Unknown

31. "A suburban mother's role is to deliver children obstetrically once, and by car forever after." - Peter De Vries

32. "All mothers are working mothers." - Author Unknown

33. "The real religion of the world comes from women much more than from men - from mothers most of all, who carry the key of our souls in their bosoms." - Oliver Wendell Holmes

34. "Motherhood is priced; Of God, at price no man may dare/To lessen or misunderstand." - Helen Hunt Jackson

35. "It kills you to see them grow up. But I guess it would kill you quicker if they didn't." - Barbara Kingsolver

36. "God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers." - Jewish proverb

37. "I remember my mother's prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life." - Abraham Lincoln

38. "Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs... since the payment is pure love." - Mildred B. Vermont

39. "Nobody knows of the work it makes
To keep the home together.
Nobody knows of the steps it takes,
Nobody knows-but Mother."

- Anonymous

40. "If the whole world were put into one scale, and my mother in the other, the whole world would kick the beam." - Henry Bickersteth

41. "Mother - that was the bank where we deposited all our hurts and worries." - T. DeWitt Talmage

42. "There is only one pretty child in the world, and every mother has it." - Chinese Proverb

43. "When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child." - Sophia Loren, Women and Beauty

44. "No gift to your mother can ever equal her gift to you - life." - Anonymous quotes
45. "An ounce of mother is worth a ton of priest." - Spanish Proverb

46. "Mothers are fonder than fathers of their children because they are more certain they are their own." - Aristotle

47. "If nature had arranged that husbands and wives should have children alternatively, there would never be more than three in a family." - Lawrence Housman

48. "Insanity is hereditary; you get it from your children." - Sam Levenson

49. "Setting a good example for your children takes all the fun out of middle age." - William Feather, The Business of Life, 1949

50. "And remember that behind every successful a basket of dirty laundry." - Unknown


(Quotes Source:

Monday, June 15, 2009

Pussy, Pussy on the Phone!

See how 'bibo' my pussycat is...? Well, well, well no more words to can speak to you!

Yup, Miming didn't always stay in our kitchen. She invades even our telephone! Look at her! Maybe we can say, "talo pa'ko ni MIming Negro, mahilig sa telebabad itong pusang itim na ito ah...!
Again Miming, watch out! Our telephone bill may rise higher than our normal bill because of your frequent 'telebabad' ah! You're not only a food attacker but a phone addict as well! Hmmm...!

Oh my...I understand you my pussycat! Yeah I're waiting for your three little cute kittens. Because as you can see, Miming's three little kittens were not with her. And she's waiting for these three to come home now. It's really 8pm in the evening. Yep, Miming is continuously waiting for her kittens to call her. Don't worry Miming, just keep on waiting...minutes later you'll see they will coming around!

Well, this only shows how a caring mother my pussycat is. And of course you also see how active she was. Not only foods, nor our kitchen or our dinning table were her favorite 'tambayan' but our telephone as well is her favorite! Hmmm...what can you say about her? You are free to judge her! c",)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pussycat Gave Birth to Three Kittens!

Yeah! It smells baby shower...rather kitten shower! Yup, Miming Negro just recently gave birth to three little cute kittens! They were so cute!!

As we always say, "like mother, like children" or "like mother cat, like kittens"! These three little kittens were like their mother. Look at their color, complexion, and of course, their attitude..."Miming na miming"!

They were like just one great happy family! Pussy's kittens were as active as her. "Grabe...ang kukulit at ang lilikot nila!"

Oh my...Oh my...not just one, but three more! If recently only one cat always attacks our kitchen and my bag...look at now...3 more cats! Four cats will attack our kitchen! mom will be problematic then! Hmmm...what will she do now?!

They love to play in our house. They love roaming around! So sorry cat and kittens, if you're looking for rats and mice, we don't have that! Our home doesn't have any rats or mice, even insects! They were strictly prohibited in our house. That's why our home always maintans cleanliness!Hmmm...if it's that the case, our kitchen, dinning table, my bag, or even our refrigerator will all be in danger!

Well..."makulit or magulo man", I still love this cat family. Congratulation Miming, you now have three little kids! Just always take good care of them. I know that you're such a good mother pussy. But, beware of my mom. If she saw you together with your kittens invading our out! Now the family of Negro invades our house!! What can you say on them? Will you love them?! I will always keep you posted with their activities! c",)

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