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Monday, October 21, 2013

October 2013: "Treating the Month of Halloween"

It's already October 2013! Yes, the month of October is a month characterized by Halloween, Trick or Treat, ghost stories, and other supernatural happenings. This is the month when most of the Halloween parties take place as well as the month where we can always watch horror movies or documentaries on TV. Aside from that, October is also a month of October Feast which most beer drinkers love! 

Since I'm still flooded with events and other social media happenings in addition to my regular work, let me make this month as my treat to all of you my avid readers.

For this month, I'll treat you with good vibes, cool happenings from my different events, more inspiring stories, and extra-ordinary encounters. And of course, more unexpected offerings for the coming days will be served!

I will also share with you cool photos from my official Instagram account (@rockenroll_04) driving out the stress and negativities in our loves!

What more can you ask, let's make October our month of "Treat and Treat!" Cool! (RCB)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October 2012 - "The Feast and Horror Collide!"

October, it's the third to the last month of the year! Few days to go and it's Christmas! Do you smell gift, parties, and bonuses?!

Well, before we jump to the merriest month of every year which is December, let us first go through with October?! What do you think will be the exciting things I have for you this month?!

October is actually the month of Halloween. On the last day of the month, many of us will be having their "trick or treat!" So inline with that scary funny celebration, I will open this blog for your very own ghost stories! Yes, you will share your most frightening experience here in your favorite site, "Bits of Rocks." I'll discuss with you the details later on.

And of course, my different prestige events were truly unstoppable! Therefore, I'll continue sharing with you all these exciting happenings.  

Are you now more excited for this month of October?! Definitely 'coz I'll share with you things you didn't expect! Let's enjoy October everyone! c",)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

October 2011 - "Preparation for the BER Months!"

We are already in the fourth quarter of 2011. Two months to go and we will once more say "Merry Christmas!"

The BER months already arrived! Have you already prepared for it?!

October seems to be the one of the busiest BER months as it approaches the Christmas season. In my case, I'll be very busy this month!

All the preparations were taking place on the month of October. Preparing for different things were done by many people starting this month.

Some is starting to prepare for gifts to be given to the love ones during Christmas. Others are preparing on what to buy whenever they received their bonuses!

In my case, I am also preparing myself! I'm preparing for something new...!!!

What preparations are you doing right now?! Can you share it with us the way I'll do for this month?! c",)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

An Early Halloween Treat This October!

We are now on the tenth month of the year! Wooh...time is really fast! Just a while ago, we were starting the first month of the year, the month of the heart, my birthday, then summer, then now we are currently on the second Ber month!

What's in October?! Another interesting month to focus with!

For this year, October bears a significant number combination. We have in this month the so called 'triple 10' or the 10.10.10! Yeah, we will be having October 10, 2010, a perfect date to mark!

Since Halloween falls on the last day of October, we will be having an early Halloween treat! It's too early! We will discuss some of the ghost stories and we will look back to some of the mysterious or supernatural things! You can even share your own horror stories!

What more?! Of course expect other surprises! I will share with you surprise posts. But expect more posts about Halloween, ghosts, supernaturals, or magical tales! And since October also connotes a 'beer' month such as Oktoberfest or Rockfest, I will share with you humor post about beers and liquors! I assure, you will really laugh on that!

So let us embrace October. One month to go, we will be commemorating our departed love ones. Then two months later, it's the merriest event of the year, the Christmas time! Let's start then dealing with October...! Rock on! C",)

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