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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July 2015: "Enjoying Happiness on the Second Part of the Year"

We're now on the second half of 2015, the second semester as they termed in college. The first part of the year (the months from January to June) had been concluded with ups and down trials but, these were successfully surpassed. Now as we take the second half (the months from July to December), let's take the challenges of the past as the lessons for the present.

Events, runs, happenings, and different moments kept Bits of Rocks always busy. Many of them were not yet shared in this blog. Hopefully this month, I can share all my pending topics here.

Invites, events, and interesting stories keep on coming. Hope that all of them can be shared here fresh and kicking. :)

Meanwhile, if you missed some important happenings in this blog, you can still check out my other websites namely TV Series Craze ( for entertainment; The Lifestyle Portal ( for lifestyle; and Runner Rocky ( for running and fitness.

So let's start the second half of the year with happiness and good vibes and embrace new blessings! God speed to all! (RCB)

Sunday, July 6, 2014

July 2014: "More Runs on the Finish Line"

Time is fast approaching. We are now on the 7TH month of the year, at the same time entering the third quarter of 2014. 

What do you expect for the month of July?! Well, this month will definitely mark my new fitness hobby - running.

I've started running on the last week of May. Then last month, I had another two major runs. And for this month, two more major runs are scheduled. And yes, me with my running mates agreed to have atleast one run each month. Therefore, expect more featured posts regarding my running victories!

Aside from that, I will also share with you more exciting events and video interviews with the stars. Selfies, quick reviews, and regular segments were also be expected! Other things in mind will come as surprise. :)

So start embracing July. Start counting down the remaining months of 2014. And of course, prepare yourselves for more exciting adventures! (RCB)

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

July 2013: "Spending Nights with the Stars"

We are already on the month of July opening the second quarter of 2013. And for this month, brace yourself as I tour you in my nights with the stars! 

In the previous months, I have lots of awards night which were not yet shared in this blog because of my different commitments. Therefore, I allot this month of July to post all those shinning awards nights moments with your favorite celebrities! So expect more red carpet moments from yours truly!

The month of July is also the month of the Yahoo! OMG Awards night. Remember, it was last year when I first attended the Yahoo! OMG Awards night, my very first memorable awards night! I attended it together with the love of my life (that's why we're one year together na celebrating our first year anniversary!) This year, again, we both attended the same event (the presscon) and the upcoming awards night this July! So expect more posts and photos to be published here pertaining to these prestige events.   

Aside from our Awards Nights Special for this month of July, expect also for more exciting events that I will share with you this month. As you know me, I lot surprises!

Definitely, the stars shine brightest this month together with yours truly! The Rockstar rules! (RCB) 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 2012 - "It's Raining Stars!"

A new month has already comes our way. We are now on the seventh month of the year, the month of July!

July is usually marked with rains, typhoons, or storms. This is the month where classes were suspended because of floods or typhoons rocking the country.

But for this month, I will not anymore focus on rains or typhoons. Rather, I will focus on rains...raining stars!

Yeah, here in your favorite site, I will share with you raining stars! Let me flood you with your favorite stars and celebrities!

Since I have lots of events wherein I met different stars, I will share with you all (hopefully) of them this month. I will let you see how close the brightest celebrities to me! :)

So are you ready?! It's so exciting! Me too is also excited to share with you my moments with the different stars and personalities! Rain, rain, rain...more raining stars coming your way! c",)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

July 2011 - "Anything Under the Sun!"

Another new month has come! We're already on the 7th month of the year - the month of July!

We are already on the mid part part of the second quarter of 2011. And just like we always do every start of the month, I'm giving you bird's eye view on topics that you can expect here in The Rock Land.

What do you think is our topic for this month?!'s anything you want! It's anything and everything under the sun!

Since there's nothing so special for this month of July, I will share with you posts and stories anything under the sun! Different topics that are really interesting!

Expect for humors, fun posts, photographs, inspirational stories, and of course my personal updates!

So are you now more excited?! Definitely! There's more surprise to come this month of July! Get ready...! c",)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

July: A Rainy Day Special!

It's's raining...! We're now on the 7TH month of the year, the month of the rainy July!

So, what will you expect for this month?! Storm, typhoon, floods, raindrops...?! Hmmm...!

Well, after we all enjoy bringing back the good old school days specially my high school moments in The Rock Land's special back to school flavor of June, I will share with you another special theme now for the month of July!

Since rainy days start and become stronger during the month of July, I prefer to use the rainy day as our theme for this month! Yup, Rainy Day is The Rock's Land flavor of month this July!

And what about the rainy days?! Well, I will share with you my different memorable experience during the rainy days! But that's not all! Not all about my rainy days experiences will be discuss here for this month. Of course, I will share with you work of arts, humor, blog story series, and many more exciting things related to the month of rain! Cool! Are we all expecting to get wet?! =)

And also expect for more other surprises like we always did every month! Excited?! I know you really is! So keep on visiting The Rock Land and get different surprises! Enjoy! Rain, rain, come and let's play...!!! C",)

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