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Friday, January 20, 2012

The New Philippine One Peso Coin!

Last year, we commemorated the 100 years death anniversary of our national hero Dr. Jose Rizal. And inline with this, the Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas released the new one peso coin.

Here is the new Philippine one peso coin as proposed by BSP. Let's take a look on its front and back design below:

This new coin will be 24 mm in diameter and 5.35 grams in weight same as the current one peso coin we have in circulation. The newly minted coin featuring Dr. Jose Rizal portrait and marking of "150 years" 1861 - 2011 on its head, while the new BSP logo on its tail.

BSB dubbed this coin series as the "New Generation" coins. So expect for more new coins like the five peso and ten peso coins to come in the public sooner!

What can you say about this new Philippine one peso design?! Do you like it?! What other suggestions you can make?! c",)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mayo Denero!

"Mayo Denero!" It's a month of money! It's money, money, money this month of May!

This month of May speaks money for me! This is the month when I received and will be receiving money, income, earnings, and bonus! Well, let's discuss them one by one!

Just like many of us, May is the month where we receive our mid-year bonuses. In our case here in our office, May is when we receive the half of our 13TH month pay. Or better say the 5/12 percent of our 13TH month pay!

Actually right now, I already received that said mid-year bonus. It is part of our 15TH day compensation. But, will I be happy for this?! Since I only got a very little increase this year which truly disappointed me, the amount I received right now is almost similar to my last year's!

But if I'm not satisfied with my 5/12 bonus, I am very much satisfy and thankful to my blog incomes! Yes, atlast, I am now earning from my blog sites! "Namumunga na din ang mga itinanim!" Thank you Lord! =)

Last week, I already received my second Google Adsense payments. Yup, I will share it to you on my next post. I even received through Paypal the other payments from my paid blogs! And right now, I just sent it to my bank card. In 5 to 7 days, the said amount will be converted in Peso and will be deposited in my bank account! Great!

What more, I will even receive my other income from my other paid articles. My advertiser will send me my check and this will be deposited in my other savings bank two to three weeks from now!

So even though I'm not satisfied with my increase, here are my blogs which save me! They are now giving me money and earnings which my company cannot give to me! Now, I have other more reasons to be happy and thankful!

My blogs are like my children..."para ko silang mga anak! I am taking care of them just like a tree. In return, they will give you their fruits for me to enjoy! Go, go, go Mayo Denero! c",)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The New Philippine Peso Bill Designs!

The Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas (BSP) already launched the new designs of our Philippine Peso bills. And it was already signed and approved by President Noynoy Aquino.

Do you already see these brand new looks of our Philippine peso bills?! Or do you already owned one of them?! Well if not yet, I will share with you all of them! Are you ready?

Ladies and gentlemen, here are our brand new looks of our Philippine Peso bills:

The New Php20.00

The New Php50.00

The New Php100.00

The New Php200.00

The New Php500.00

The New Php1,000.00

What can you say about our new money?! Do you like their new designs?!

Actually the six Philippine bill denominations namely the Php20, Php50, Php100, Php200, Php500, and the Php1,000 were all have new designs. The different heroes who represented each money were still in their corresponding bills. The main different that we can notice in these new moneys is the appearance of the heroes. Yup, they all looks younger!

In Php500 bill, the 'Mother of Democracy' Mrs. Corazon Aquino finally joins her better-half Sen. Benigno 'Ninoy' Aquino. They two truly gave one of the biggest contributions in the history of the Philippines! So in this particular peso bill, their good deeds were being appreciated!

Aside from the new appearance, another distinguishing characteristic of these new moneys is the tiny replica of the heroes in their upper left corner. According to the reports, these new designs were more secured and more protected. They cannot also be easily destroyed! And at the back side of these new bills, new designs showing different Philippine scenes and cultures were featured!

What more can you say about our new Philippine peso bills?! Do you like them better than our previous designs?!

It said that these new bills will be launched this 2011. Our previous bills were gradually phasing out!

Like many of us, I didn't yet owned any of these. So like you, I'm also excited to grab one! One of my officemates already got the new Php20 bill. And he didn't use it. Rather he displays it in his workstation! c",)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Money, Money, Money This Holidays!

We're already on the season of holidays! And this season is usually termed as the 'season of expenses'! Though we are receiving Christmas bonuses or 13th and 14th month pays, still it seems these moneys were not that enough to sustain our expenses!

During this season, almost all of us were buying for a new clothes, spending money in buying gifts for our friends, relatives, godchildren, and other members of the family, attending parties, and a lot more of different expenditures! Sometimes, it feels that the money we received from our bonuses were now that enough to feed those expenses!

Well, this is now the time that we need to knock, knock our banks to get some money for these expenditures! But the question goes, are your savings enough to buy those gifts or spend many for your personal needs?!

Some of us seek cash advance loans in many banking institutions to sustain our needs! Credit cards, money cooperation, or any other institutions that provide easy money are always there to provide amounts that we need!

Hmmm...some of my friends told me that there were many types of making cash advances. Of course, one type of it is the cash advance provided by our credits cards. Instantly, we can get the amounts we need through ATM or through over the counters! But are you familiar with the so-called payday loans no faxing? It definitely gives us a loan corresponding to our daily wage! How about a no fax payday loans? Whatever it is, the good thing is that it gives us instant cash to spend!

But other persons didn't anymore need to borrow money from banks or get some loans or cash advances. Yup, they were people who already born with a golden spoon on their mouth! Persons that didn't know how to lessen their billions and billions of money! How I wish I'm one of them!

But then, what ever our status in life, let's still be thankful for what we have! Spend wisely! Happy Holidays to everyone! C",)

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