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Friday, January 6, 2012

A Cute Cat Doesn't Want To Eat Carrot!

My teammate sent to me this very cute picture of a cat who doesn't love to eat carrot.

Check this out:

Meow...meow...meow!!! She is so lovely! I love her cute face! The cat is having a carrot and a milk drink for a meal! What a healthy diet!

Maybe the caretaker of this cute cat got confuse about his pet! Maybe he's thinking that it was a rabbit! Hahaha!

Oh, I like to own her! Hey pussy, can you be mine?! I'll bring you home so my Miming Negro will have a playmate! c",)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother and Kids!

Today is Mother's Day! It is a special day for all our mothers. Have you already greeted or treated your mother?!

For this special day, another mother with her children would like to greet you. It's Miming Negro together with her three little cute kittens were back here in the Rock Land to give us all a special mother's day treat!

Today, Miming Negro's family were all here to greet us:


According to them, let us all love and take good care to our mothers. Give them the love she had given to us. Respect and follow all her good advice! Be a good child! C",)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Picture Story 3: "Cat! Cat! Cat on the Table!"

Is this another attack on our kitchen by a black pussycat?

Oh, it's Miming Negro caught again in our dinning table! But wait, there's no food on the table! What's then her purpose of invading back our kitchen!?

Welcome back to your favorite picture story! Now it's your chance to give me the answer base on the portrays.

Can you tell me what did Miming do here in our dinning table? Is she looking for food or she's bringing us food!? Or did she wants to do a cetain recipe?

Now is your time to open up your wildest imagination...! c",)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Animaserye Presents: "Sa Piling Ng Mga Pusa" (In The Hands of the Cats)

TV series nowadays is dominating our day to day life. It was eventually became a smash hit now in the modern days. It comes in the different variations started as a soap opera then became a teleserye, then a powerful fantaserye or telefantasya, even scares us in horror-serye , until foreigners invade us with the different mexiconevela, chinovela, koreanovela, up to Asianovela!

And now are you ready to the coming out of a new trend of teleserye!? And be glad because it is first launch here in my site! Ready...?

Let me introduce to you the new trend now called...'Animaserye'!

The Cast of "Sa Piling Ng Mga Pusa"

The Characters That You Will Love and Hate...!

Animaserye...are you still wondering why it is called as such?

Well, well, is a self explanatory! The cast itself tells you the answer! And of course just like the different TV series you always love, they have a novel-like story that will truly captures your hearts! Haha...!

And for our first animaserye offering, here is the story called "Sa Piling Ng Mga Pusa" (In The Hands of the Cats)!

Pictorial...Pictorial...Behave Animals!

Nice One...Perfect View!

"Sa Piling Ng Mga Pusa" is a love story between a cat and a dog Mimi and Pipi. It is all about the puppy who fall in love with the kitten. Though we all know that cat and dog can never be together since they were a mortal enemy since birth, in this mini-series, the dog Pipi will do everything to fight for his love kitten Mimi!

Mimi belongs to the family of different cats. She lives with her stepmother cat Miming Negro having three little black kittens. Also part of her family were the two wild tiger cats Redy and Spotty!

Even though Mimi is a part of a wicked cat family, Pipi didn't get afraid. Besides he can even live with them just for the love of Mimi! He would do everything just to fight for their love! far could Pipi fight for their love!? What other struggles could their love story face? Could Pipi be accepted in the family of Mimi knowing that he was the only dog in the family!?

Well, it's another you and me against the world love story now between a cat and a dog! It's a new exciting animaserye to watch every night on Primetime!

Topview Shot! Great!

1, 2, 3...Then Pose...Where are the Three Kittens!?

Do you love the story? What can you say about my first offering on the very first animaserye!? Do you feel excited!? I'm very much sure!

Now let's talk about the cast. This is also the very first starring role for the newcomers Mimi and Pipi. Their loveteam will be flourished here in this series.

And of course, this is also a much-awaiting role for your favorite pussycat pet Miming Negro. In this very first offering, she belongs to the cast as a stepmother pussycat joined together with her three little black kittens! You would also see for the very first time the two tigers Redy and Spotty! Oh, it's a marry-go round story! Hahaha....!

How about the title? Do you love it!? Seems that you are having an indie film! Hehehe...!

So, it is another first in my blog post history as well as in the other blogs worldwide! I'm the very first one to introduce to you a new trend like this! You are free to give your thoughts and feedback! Okidoki...see you new time for more new thoughts and ideas! Enjoy! c",)

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Pictorial of Negro!

I know all of you really missed "Miming Negro", my black pussycat! So, as you all comes your favorite pet! Ladies and gentlemen, come and see the latest of Miming Negro!

For this post, I will let you see her pictorials...!


Sideview...Still So Cute!

Just recently, Miming had her photoshoots. It's amazing to know that this black cat really loves photographs. She loves to be in the picture. With different poses, we could note that someday she would be one of the greatest model cat!

Oh my Miming, it seems that you're like me huh! You love what I like! Someday, the two of us will be the next top model! Let's keep this up!

Hey Miming...Calm Down, More Photos Coming!

Wow...What A Denim!

Look at her...! What cant you say? Do you like her attire? Or what more will you suggest?

Well, for this session, she is wearing a gray cloth. It just blend with her dark complexion.

How about her accessories? Do you like them? Or do they fit Miming?

"Rackista Cat..."!

Rock 'n Roll...Go...go...go Negro...!

Go, take your time looking to Miming! See how cool, funny, and wacky she is!

Well, this is only one of her many shots that I will show you for now. In my later post, I will let you see how fashionista she was...! More pictorials of Miming will be coming to the net soon! So watch out for that guys!

And of course if you want to see Miming together with her three little cute kittens, I have updates for you. Just keep on visiting this site and you will be amazed next posts! See yah...! c",)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Civet Cat!

I know all of you really missed my pussycat Miming Negro! But don't worry, they will be back soon together with her three cute little kittens to give your details about their latest gigs, activities, and updates. c",)

But for now, I will introduce to you another pet. Ready?! It is another type of cat! Are you familiar with "Alamid"? Or maybe you already heard 'Civet'!

My Civet Cat Pet

My Civet Loves to Rest on Top of Sofa

She Even Loves to Stay on Phones

Yup, as you can see I have it! That's my new pet. Actually that not new since I already have her last month. Just so happen that I only intoduce her to all of you today.

Like my other pets, she's so lovely and cute. I like her brownish color and her really smooth pur! She's so light that you can even hug her tightly.

Well, take a look! She's a foreign breed! A really foreigner cat coming from Europe!

Thinking that she's wild, well you're definitely wrong! Since I raised her, she's so domesticated and too tammed to her boss.

To give you a bit trivia about the civet cats or 'Alamid', they were another kind of wild cats commonly found in Asian Palm countries. If you can recall as featured on TV, their stool was used in making a brewed coffee.

A Wild Civet Cat from Southern Countries

An Asian Palm Civet

Stool and Feces of Civet

From Stool to Coffee

Well, have you amazed?! That's some other kinds of Civet cats found on Southern and Asian Countries. My Civet pet on the other hand originally came from Europe so her appearance is totally different from the other type. My pet really looks lovely and tame!

What can you say?! Do you love my new pet, my little 'Alamid' ? Who would you prefer, Miming Negro or my new Civet? You're free to give your thoughts! c",)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Three Black Kittens

After Miming Negro gave birth to three black little kittens, many requested to view more and see these kittens. They get curious about these little creatures. They all wanted to see how they behave in our home as well as discover their daily activities.

Well, their wishes were granted! Since you all love the three little kittens of Miming, I will allow you to see them. Have fun as I allot this page to these amazing kittens!

Pictures can tell how active they are. Well, just like their mother you know! They love to play and roam around our white smooth vinyl floor. They keep on moving and moving around!

Too little to hold or to touch, they were not afraid to play with the other animals. Friendly is definitely the word to describe them. They wanted to join with my puppy Pupuh without any hesitation. Cats and dog, kittens and puppy...they were happily playing!

Oops...wait a minute! There's something around! "Oh mommy, mommy", the kittens shouted! "A mice...a little mice"! Hmmm... they see a tiny mice! Guess what they will do to it??? I will leave to you the answer.

What can you say about them? Did you like them the way you like their mother? If you were to choose between the kittens and their mom Miming, who will that be? Or should I say, love both of them? You have the right to give comments and suggestions! You views and points are very much appreciated!

See you once again next time for more exciting features! But before we leave, have again a quick look and snapshots to these cute tiny kittens! c",)

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