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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May 2011 - "Tasting The Fruit of My Labors!"

We are already on the fifth month of the year, the month of May! And talking about the month of May, the first thing that comes on our mind is the word 'labor' since we always celebrate "Labor Day" every first day of May!

We didn't actually felt Labor Day this year since it fall on Sunday. No holiday! It's one regular day!

But this month of May for me is another time to taste the so-called "fruits of my labor"! The products I worked hard for!

If last month, last April, I celebrated the anniversaries of my blogs, this month of May, it's time to taste the fruits of these blogs!

Yeah, yeah, yeah...this is the month where I can received my next Adsense payment! The second payment of my ads in my blogs. Nice! What more, I can finally withdraw now the other payments of my paid posts!

Aside from these, May also speaks of our 13th month pay. Yup, the first half or the 5/12 months of our 13th month pay will be given this month!

But then talking about my office work, I'm not that happy! Just like the recently concluded Labor Day which was not actually felt, my merit increase didn't made me satisfy! It seems negligible to me! The excellent work and job-well done I have performed last 2010 is not proportion to my merit! Grrrr....

Well, still there are other more reasons to be happy! If I'm sad with my merit, I'm very much happy with my blog earnings and with the performance of my blogs! These things truly motivated me!

So let's embrace this month of May and expect for other more exciting surprises to be published here in the one and only The Rock Land! c",)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Passed or Failed?!

Is it a Passed or a Failed?! What do you think?!

Every year specially every month of April, we are like students here in our company waiting for class cards. Some are excited, some are afraid! Mixed emotions for our annual performance appraisal!

Performance appraisal or PA in short is the annual evaluation of each employee's performance for the whole year. We are being evaluated by our manager. If you got a higher evaluation, therefore you got a higher merit increase or increase in our respective salary.

The increase takes effect on the last day of April pay period. But until now (as of this writing), we on the night shift didn't yet know our evaluation. We didn't yet had a one-on-one with our manager talking about our last year's performance. My other teammates (from the day and mid shifts) already discussed their PAs. We on the night remained hanging!

What do you will be my PA for this year (the fruit of my performance last 2010)?! Will it be a passed or a failed?! Make your wildest guess the way we are doing now! c",)

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