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Tuesday, February 22, 2022

2/22/22: Trivia About this Palindrome Date!

Today is Tuesday, February 22, 2022 which is simply written as 2/22/22 or 2.22.22 or 22222. The date is called as palindrome. A Palindrome is a number, word or sentence that can be read the same way forwards and backwards just like this date 2/22/222 can be read and written the same way forward or backward!

What more exciting about this day is that since it falls on Tuesday, they called it as Twos Day or 2s Day!

According to the National Weather Service, a “Twosday” like this won't happen again until 2422400 years from now. It's true the number pattern stands out, impossible to miss. But does it mean anything? “Twosday” carries absolutely no historical significance or any cosmic message.

 More over, the next five palindromic dates are the following:

  •     13/02/2031
  •     23/02/2032
  •     04/02/2040
  •     14/02/2041
  •     24/02/2042

According to the Farmer's Almanac, some cultures believe palindrome dates are lucky. That's why many couples choose them for their wedding celebrations. In Las Vegas, a particularly popular spot for nuptials, wedding ceremonies have always proven popular on palindrome dates.

Seeing palindrome numbers is said to remind one to go back to the beginning, in order to move forward. Hence, you are called to reset your life by revisiting your core motivations ~~from “before” or from your beginning. In the beginning was Source or One Unity Consciousness Divine Love.

Aside from this 2.22.22 date format / number, other examples of palindrome words are the following:

  • Bib. B-I-B.
  • Nun. N-U-N.
  • Madam. M-A-D-A-M.
  • Racecar. R-A-C-E-C-A-R.
  • Civic. C-I-V-I-C.
  • Deified. D-E-I-F-I-E-D.
  • Hannah. H-A-N-N-A-H
  • Level. L-E-V-E-L.

Meanwhile, the longest palindrome defined in the OED is 'tattarrattat', meaning 'a knock at the door'. It was used by James Joyce in 'Ulysses'

What other things about palindrome and 2/22/22 can you add? Feel free to share it with us! 2/22/22 (Bits of Rocks)


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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Today is December 12, 2012 or 12/12/12 or 12.12.12 or 12-12-12 or simply "Triple 12!" This day will gonna be the last date in the calendar to have a triple number date! From 01.01.01 (January 01, 2001) to 12.12.12 (December 12, 2012), we already navigated the 12 dates in the calendar having triple numbers!

For many of us, they believe that 12.12.12 is another lucky date! Therefore many scheduled their wedding or any important events to fall on  this date. Others even schedule the birth of their child to fall in this date. In other countries, concerts or thanks-giving activities were taking place!

But for some people, they still keep believing that 12.12.12 is the end of the world! They related to this date the Mayan belief that December 21, 2012 is the end of the world. you still joining them on this belief?! 

Talking about my personal experience for 12.12.12, this date is another ordinary day for me - office work, malling, shopping, blogging, and performing my everyday routines. But prior to this day, yesterday night, December 11, 2012, someone inspired me! I bought my laptop cooler because that person inspired me! And today, I'm excited to see that person again! :)

Aside from daily tasks, I have no other things or unusual events happening on this day. Well who knows, maybe a surprise awaits me, we didn't know since 12.12.12 is not yet over!

How about you, can you share with me your thoughts for 12.12.12?! How important this date for you?! Do you think this is a lucky day or another way around?! (RCB)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Red Spells a Lucky Charm!

We are Team Red! It's such a coincidence that the four of us were all wearing red yesterday, during the day that we took the ISTQB Certification exam.

Me and my three teammates took together the said examination on the same batch. We were surprised seeing each other wearing the same color - red!

Even the wall in the examination room is also painted in red! That's why right after the exam and right after we passed, we had our souvenir photos.

Here is our picture-taking lucky moment right after we passed the International Software Testing Board:

They say that red is a lucky color. And that proves to be true based our own experience!

Actually red is my favorite color since birth! I love the color of red. It symbolizes different things such as love, courage, life, and of course lucky charm! The last term is true in our case! Thanks God!

It also seems that we attended a red carpet premiere night because of our common red attire. Remember, most of the premiere nights I have already attended have actors wearing red?! Nice!

Now the four of us wearing red in the picture were all Certified Software Engineers! Thank you Lord for your blessings! c",)

Friday, November 11, 2011


November 11, 2011 or 11/11/11 or 11-11-11 or 11.11.11. Rearranging it in any other order, it will still be 11.11.11.

It's another triple 11 today. As they say, it only happens once in a blue moon. Where are you today as it happened?! Are you ready to make a wish?!

11.11.11 is not anymore new to us. This is the date everyone is waiting for. A special date to celebrate for many, a day to make a wish.

The Clock Turns 11.11.11

Because of the popularity of the triple 11 or 11.11.11 and due to the different beliefs of many pertaining to this, 11.11.11 was already brought into a movie. It was shown late last year.

The Suspense-Thriller Movie 11.11.11

Just like 07.07.07 or 08.08.08 or 09.09.09 or 10.10.10, 11.11.11 is also believed to bring us good luck and fortune. Therefore many people set their special occasions like wedding or anniversary in this date.

Where Are You Today 11.11.11?

Many organizations even have something to offer in this date. Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites were already flooded by many 11.11.11 messages!

A Special Presentation on 11.11.11

How about you, what is 11.11.11 for you?! Will it be another special date to you?!

For me, nothing so special with 11.11.11. It's another simple and plain date. What made it special is its uniqueness! It's really very rare to have a date called 11.11.11! And it's very easy to memorize and note it!

And for some, "swerte mo pag pinanganak ka ngayon...!" =)

What more can you add about 11.11.11?! Do you already closed your eyes and made a wish?! Happy 11.11.11 to everyone! c",)

Sunday, October 10, 2010


"Triple 10"... Three 10's... 101010 or 10/10/10 or 10.10.10!

Another 'triple' number! Another date having three similar numbers. Today is Sunday, October 10, 2010!

Time is really fast. Just recently, I am writing an article about 09.09.09. It was September 09, 2009 before which was also a triple number date! And today, I am again here in front of my PC writing for a special post now about 10.10.10!

Like what I have said before, what is 10.10.10? Is there something important about this date? What is the significance of this date in our lives? Will it be a lucky date?

Have Your Marked The Date?!

Will I Wait for the Coming of Another Day...?!

Last year when I was writing an article about 09.09.09, I was in our office busy for work. It was Wednesday that year and I was in a night shift.

Today, I am now writing an article for another triple-numbered date. This time it's for 10.10.10. Unlike last year, I am now here in our home (since today is Sunday and my work rest day) writing an article using our own PC!'s an impressive accomplishment! It's because, I already owned now our own PC unlike before that I am only using our office computers to publish post. And it is one of the great developments to date! Probably next year when I write an article about 11.11.11, I will using my own laptop! Naks! Yes because I will buy my own laptop before the end of this year and I will give this PC to my brother!

Back in 10.10.10, when I searched the internet about this date, I found many events that are going to happen today. Many people, many associations, and many event organizers set their activities to be happened on the tenth day of October 2010! And one of these event is the fun run called "Takbo Para Sa Pasig", a fun run spearheaded by ABS-CBN to save the Pasig River. And proud to say that my brother is one of the runner since their school delegated them to be part of the event!

On TV, many of the new TV shows are set to start today! "Your Song Presents Andi" and "Star Power" are some of the instance!

But, why did they really set all things for 10.10.10?

Yeah, It's A Perfect Number!

Others Set Their Wedding in 10.10.10!

Churches and Other Organizations Set Activities Today!

10.10.10 looks perfect! It's a well-balanced number. It seems so lucky so people really go for it! It's another remarkable date in the history. And it's very easy to memorize!

Talking about World History (since World, Asian, and Philippine Histories were my favorite subjects in High School), do you know about the so-called "Double Ten"! Yup, it was an event in World History that happened on October 10 that's why it was called as Double Ten! I can't exactly recall that historical event. If I'm not mistaken, I think that was the domination of Genghis Khan or a particular revolution in China?! I will appreciate it you will help me verify that event! Hehe...!

Talking about my personal life, 10.10.10 is still another simple and plain date to me! No such special happenings or events. Still living the same life I have! I didn't expect any. It will come for good...!

Well, that's 10.10.10! How bout you?! Would you like to share your experience about this special date?! Let me hear from you! C",)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Romantic Ambiance in the 'Rockz Cafe'

Looking for a romantic place for your date with your love ones this coming Valentines? Well, the recent innovation of your favorite cafe, the Rockz Cafe will surely fits your need!

Yeah, my favorite Facebook application, my cafe world's own resto which is known as the Rockz Cafe is keeping its way up to success! I am now on level 22! Just like I've told you before, I will let you know on every development of my cafe!

It's Nice, Clean, Beautiful, and Romantic!

Customers were Happily Eating...!

Still my theme is Valentines and Chinese New Year! As you can see, red surrounded the place! Red is for love and prosperity!

Now, what can you say with my latest design? Actually it is similar to my previous design but with the addition of other furnitures and removal of the other unnecessary things! And of course, look at now the arrangement of the dinning table...they were now like an expensive restaurant! I made changes with the arrangement of my tables and chairs because my friend Edlee suggested me to re-arrange my furnitures since according to him, my previous arrangement was like a mess hall! Now Edlee, are you satisfied with my latest design?! Did it now looks like an expensive restaurant cafe?! Or you wanted to add more?! =)

How about you guys, any other things you wanted to add? Do you like now my current design?! What more you want to suggest?! Did it satisfy your taste?!

So for now, I hope you enjoy vising the current design of my Rockz Cafe! See you next time on your next visit and feel at home with it! You are always welcome here! Always open...the Rockz Cafe! c",)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


"Triple 9"... Three 9's. 999 or 090909 or 09.09.09!

Is there something special? Is there something unique? Or should I say, is this a lucky day?

Have You Notice The Date Today?


Well, what's new? what's the difference? Or it's just fun to see? Have you also observed the date today?

Actually I'm the first one to recognize from our office last night or should I say very early in the midnight at exactly 12 o'clock A.M. since I'm working in graveyard or in night shift since last Monday. At first I just ignored! What's something different? We're just doing the same task, performing the regular routines, home then office and office then home! Ah, one thing different in this day was the continuous rain though no typhoon was forecast! It only made our area and our roads flooded!

The Time Is Running

Is this a Good or Bad Day?

Have You Marked The Date?

We all know that 666 is a bad number. On the other hand, 777 is the lucky one! But what about 999 ? Is it bad or good?

Viewing the news within this day, many couples were get married. They marked this day for their long term engagement! For them, this is the lucky day!

On political side, Noynoy Aquino today proclaimed that he is running for President in 2010 Presidential Election. Noting that today is also the 40 days death of former President Cory Aquino. Is it just a coincidence or an intended plan? These are some of the remarkable talk of the town for this 090909 date!

How about you? Do you find this date significant or lucky for you? Or it's just another ordinary day?!

Hmmmm...if you were to ask me the same question, I will just say Nothing! Nothing different! But talking of the month September, it is a significant month for me! A remarkable month in my lovelife! Yeah, I have fallen inlove twice in the month of September. One last September 1999, September 19, 1999 if I'm not mistaken when I met my first considered love way back in third year high school. And of course the most remarkable September 14, 2005, the longest ran lovelife! Just like the "Mulawin" TV series or an Angel Locsin-Richard Gutierrez love team inspired! Proud to say, I already moved on from those love stories! I hope I can find now my future partner! How I wish!! I will then be the happinest and luckiest man ever if that's given!

How about you? What is September 09, 2009 for you? Hope I can find now in 09.09.09 my love! But too short, 09.09.09 is running out of time. It will end in a minute!

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