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Friday, April 9, 2021

"Drink Like A Boss" with TRUE BOSS' Very Own Fruit Enzymes!

We are all familiar with milk teas and fruit teas. Actually they are now dominating the fruit juice market. And yeah, they are all my favorite! But, have you also heard of the Fruit Enzymes?  

Well if you haven't know yet about fruit enzymes, feel free to read my blog post about Fruit Enzymes in my blog Runner Rocky.

Fruit enzymes are actually very first in the Philippines. And they were brought to us by True Boss. You may also read about the details of True Boss in my Runner Rocky blog.  

So today, let me flex to you five of the flavors of True Boss they have sent to me. These are the following:


The five drinks above are the following:

Fruit Enzyme Plus (fruit enzyme with two fruit add-ons)

   1. Peach enzyme with Double Mango toppings

   2. Grape enzyme with Strawberry & Mango toppings

Fruit Enzyme drink with basil seeds

   3. Apple enzyme base with basil seeds

Fruit Tea with Cheese Milk Foam*

   4. Green tea with Mango fruit toppings

Secret Menu*

   5. Strawberry Slush

*Does not contain fruit enzyme

Feel free to try these fruit enzymes juices and have a guilt-free drinking because of the various heath benefits they give! Cheers! 04/09/2021 (Bits of Rocks)


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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Picture Story 3: "Cat! Cat! Cat on the Table!"

Is this another attack on our kitchen by a black pussycat?

Oh, it's Miming Negro caught again in our dinning table! But wait, there's no food on the table! What's then her purpose of invading back our kitchen!?

Welcome back to your favorite picture story! Now it's your chance to give me the answer base on the portrays.

Can you tell me what did Miming do here in our dinning table? Is she looking for food or she's bringing us food!? Or did she wants to do a cetain recipe?

Now is your time to open up your wildest imagination...! c",)

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