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Monday, June 24, 2013

Happy Birthday John Lloyd Cruz!

Today  is June 24. And what is important in this day?! Well, today is the birthday of my mother! Celebration is in the house today!

But aside from my mother, today also is the birthday of the versatile actor John Lloyd Cruz! Well if me and Julia Montes have the same birthday which is March 19, my mother on the other hand has the same birthday with Lloydie!

I've already met, talked, and mingled with Lloydie many times now. We were together in many of his events courtesy of Star Cinema and ABS-CBN. So for his special day, let me share with you some of our photos together:

They were also said that me and Lloydie are exactly lookalike! I have also featured here in this blog the Rocky-Lloydie lookalike posts! Remember?! Glad that I already met him! :) 

By the way, Lloydie turns 30 years old now! Sorry Lloydie in revealing your age. :)

Aside from my mom and Lloydie's birthday, today, June 24 also is my friend's birthday and of course the birthday of San Juan Bautista and Manila day! So today is the 'basaan' moment in the City of San Juan and Manila. I remember in my childhood days, when we go to church with my mother and father, we got wet while riding on the jeep when the street people poured water on us! That's a tradition! 

So let me greet my mother, John Lloyd Cruz, my friend, and San Juan Bautista a Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday! Enjoy your special day today guys! (RCB)

Friday, October 19, 2012

John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo's Tandem is a Blockbuster Hit!

The tandem of John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo or better known as "Labers" which is currently celebrating its 10TH year anniversary once more proves its dominance in the blockbuster record. Their recent romance-movie "The Mistress" from Star Cinema now took the second spot of the All-Time Top Grossing Films in the Philippines!   

I got chance to talk, interview, and mingle (aside from having picture-taking together) with the country's hottest love team during the Blog Con of their movie. We asked interesting questions about them and about their movie. I even got curious how their love team stays stronger for 10 years now. Lloydie revealed that, friendship is the secret! "Hindi kami tatagal ng 10 years kung naging kami in real-life," Lloydie revealed.   

Actually, this was the second time that I met Lloydie. The first one was during the grand presscon of "Unofficially Yours," his first movie team-up with my female counterpart Ms. Angel Locsin. The said movie which was Star Cinema's 2012 Valentine's movie offering was another top-grosser film!

The event also served as my chance to meet the beautiful Ms. Bea Alonzo. Yes, that was my first time to meet Bea in person and to have a "rubbing elbow" with her! She is truly kind in person! Another lady who is beautiful inside and out!

In the movie, Bea and Lloydie portrayed a much mature roles far from their previous movie characters. For the first time, Bea plays a mistress! Well, if you didn't yet able to watch the movie, you may check out its full trailer below.

In "The Mistress," Lloydie is playing the character of JD, the lover while Bea is Sari, the mistress of the benefactor portrayed by Mr. Ronaldo Valdez. Ms. Hilda Koronel completed the four-sided love affair playing Ronaldo's wife!

After this blockbuster movie, Bea and John Lloyd return on TV via their newest teleserye "A Beautiful Affair." And I'm also excited to meet them again next week! Exciting!

Two thumbs up and more power Bea and Lloydie! c",)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Music Video of "Walang Hanggan," The OST of 'Imortal!'

"Imortal" is really one of the best TV series I became hooked with. I really didn't missed each episode of this hit vampire-werewolf fantasy series. Even the theme songs of it were superb!

Well, if you're also a big fan of this teleserye as well as of Ms. Angel Locsin and John Lloyd Cruz, I'm pretty sure you will also love their soundtrack!

Let's reminisce those memorable scenes from "Imortal" via its great theme song called "Walang Hanggan!" Here is its music video:

Now, everybody is waiting for its sequel! Do you think there will be a Book 2 of "Imortal" or a "Lobo 3?!" We'll see! I'm so excited for this! c",)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Animation of 'A Very Special Love!'

This is so cool! This is a video animation of one of the most memorable scene of the John Lloyd Cruz-Sarah Geronimo movie "A Very Special Love."

Let's all watch this:

Do you remember that particular scene?! Hehehe... Thanks to isaacjamesm for uploading such video in YouTube! Cool! c",)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Horror Marathon!

It was a "Horror on Holy" last week! Truly, thriller and terror dominate my holy week vacation last week!

Oops...don't get me wrong! We're not too advance for the Halloween celebration or too late for last year's event. This is not my Halloween special edition, rather it's for my holy week post! Haha!

Yeah, it's for the holy week! For this moment, let us give the holy week a brand new image. Instead of talking religion, rituals, or trips, let me share with you my last holy week's main activity. It was truly a terrifying days!

Yup, since there was no TV programs last Holy Thursday, Friday, and Saturday besides watching the Holy Week Marathon of the hit TV Series "Agua Bendita", I had my own marathon. It was called the "Horror Marathon"! I've watched all the latest hit Filipino horror movies in the DVD using my Sony Bravia!

Here are they:

I was Surprised with the Supporting Stars in this Movie!

I Like the Mystery Behind the Story!

Too Short to Watch...

I Love the Way How the Two Stories were Connected!

These were some of the horror movies I've watched last Holy Thursday, Friday, and Saturday! Actually, I have other foreign movie lineups after watching these. These were "The Echo", "Jennifer's Body", "Wrong Turn", and "Days With The Dead"! But, three days were not enough to watch those other movies. I will then schedule another time to watch those!

Aside from these horror movies, I also watched the film of John Lloyd Cruz, Luis Manzano, and Vilma Santos which is "In My Life"! The story was really great! Like it! =)

Beside these movies, more new movies were inside our locker which wasn't yet watched. These were Angel Locsin-Piolo Pascual's "Love Me Again", Mega and Ai-Ai's "BFF", Indie Film's "Mangkukulam", and KC-Richard's "For the First Time"!

And also, I will set my time to buy other more new DVDs like "New Moon", "Tanging Pamilya", "Shake Rattle and Roll", "Paano Na Kaya", "Mano Po 6", "Miss You Like Crazy", "Ang Darling Kong Aswang", and "Patient X"! Of course, include in my list the bold Indie Films! Haha! Keep it as our top secret!

So, that's how I concluded my three days Holy Week vacation! Of course, I didn't forget to pray and visit the church! c",)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Star-Studded Look Alike Face-Off!

The long wait is over! Yeah, I know you really missed this part! It's such another big star-studded post we have right now!

How many of you have a look-alike? And how many look-alike do you have?

Well, if you're not able to read the first part of my post "Star-Studded Look Alike" last year, try first to read it back! Satisfied?

Now, let's go to its sequel!

As follow-up to that post, here is now the second part of your favorite look-alike edition. Try to compare and contrast them. Which of these stars do I really look much similar with?!

Dingdong Dantes

Kim Bum

Gerald Anderson

Dennis Trillo

Jake Cuenca

John Lloyd Cruz

Hahaha! I'm so glad that I have many look-alike actors! But which of them do I have the most resemble?!

Will you prefer me to have a hot look of the World's 3rd Sexiest Man Dingdong Dantes? Or maybe you want me to look similar with the "Boys Over Flowers" cutie Kim Bum since we have both an Asian look?! Or since you missed "Tiyagong Akyat" and you want to have a second remake of that hit Agimat series, you want me to look more of Gerald Anderson?! But since we have a so-called passion for modeling and strong appeal, we really look more of Dennis Trillo and you want me to be his double in most of his TV series?! Maybe I have a hot hunk face like Jake Cuenca and you want me to be like him?! Or you really see John Lloyd Cruz in me and you want me to be teamup with Angel Locsin in his next TV series?! Cast your votes!

Do we really have resembles? Or do I forget to mention some other stars that I really look the same beside them? Who are them? Can you share it with me?! You have your freedom to post! Or will you better wait to the third batch!? Haha! Have a star-studded starstruck day fans!!! c",)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Pictorial in Green!

Hi There! Hows your day?! Hope you're always fine! =) Let me share with you my pictorials which was just recently taken! Excited?!

Well, here are some of my pictorials taken during our whole team meeting. This shots were from our office. Actually I also have those shots from the Venice Mall. Yup, Venice Mall, a newly opened mall in McKinley Hills following the design, style, and architecture of Venice, Italy (that's why it is called, The Venice Mall)!

But for now, just take a glance with my cute shots! =)

Hunk, Fit, and Fab!

Just Like an Endorser of Penshoppe or Bench Shirt!

Which Clothing Brand Will You Like Me To Endorse? really enjoy! Which of these photoshots you really loved the most?!

Actually these photos were now uploaded in my profile in Facebook. You may browse them all in Facebook and feel free to give your comments!

By the way, if you missed my Venice shots, don't worry 'coz they were already in my Facebook Profile together with these photos!

Now, let me hear your thoughts. What other more suggestions you may give with my photos? Am I now ready to take my modeling career? Do you like my body now? Or I need to be more sexy and seductive? Haha! =)

And in my pictures above specially the topmost wherein I'm leaning on the red wall, which did I look like more, John Lloyd Cruz or Sam Milby?! Hehe...! c",)

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