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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

My Top 10 Shopee Item Wishlist

I love shopping! Yes, whenever I shop in our nearest malls or groceries, it seems that I am destress. They say that it is a shopping or a retail therapy.

Thanks God that even shopping goes digital! We have now the online shopping site called Shopee which provides most of our shopping needs!

What do you think are the items I usually shop? Well, I've list down my Top 10 Items or my Wishlist from Shopee. And here they are (in no particular order):

1. Portable Hard Drive

2. Smartphone Pouch

3. Cellphone Armour Casing

4. Watch  

5. Polo Shirts

6. Necklace

7. Sling Bag

8. Shades

9. Running Shorts

10. Artistic Running Socks

That is my list. Now what's yours? Can you share with us your Top Shopee favorite items as well?  You may also visit the official Shopee website at for more interesting stuffs! 04/25/2018 (Bits of Rocks) 

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Finding the Best Promotional Items on the Net!

Everyone one of us really loves to have a souvenir. In every events, gatherings, or companies we have joined, we are looking for a souvenir item. Souvenir or the so called promo item of the company is a form of treasuring them or making you remember that you become part of them for a moment!

Just like you who are treasuring those little items, I am also a sentimental person who truly cherishes every little thing I have!

Because giving souvenirs or promotional items is really a must nowadays to promote a certain brand or advertise a product, many companies were looking for the best online service that could give them the best offer every time they avail of different promotional products. Well, Branders is the answer! is the world's largest online seller of different promotional items. Over one million customers around the world are enjoying the good service, freebies, and guarantees of this site.

And why it gains the worldwide trust?! First, it's because it offers the lowest price guarantee. Second, it has 100% satisfaction guarantee. Third, it has an on-time shipment guarantee. It even gives free samples. And lastly, it provides free artwork enhancement.

The Website

Three Easy Steps to Avail

The Logo

What more, they sell promotional items with your own company logo! Actually, the site is committed to: "We've put more logos on more products than any other online promotional company!" Great!

These are some of the benefits Branders offers! That's why I am highly recommending it to all my friends. A simple product can be converted into a prized souvenir! For instance a business keychain can be a very special memorable item!

Actually, I remember my souvenir items I received here in my company. That was late 2009 when our company gave different souvenir items or promotional products from every Bravo cards or 'Good Job' you received. I grabbed a mug, a notebook, a ballpen, an emotional magnet, and highlighters. And the logo of our company were all in those products. I really cherished those things! I kept them all in the cleanest and safest locker I have in my room!

How about you?! I hope you enjoy all the promotional items you got from your company. On the other hand, if you want to give your own promotional products, hope you will also try Branders. Their service is really superb! c",)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Choco Mucho for U Rock Awards!

One of my trademark in every awards that I give is a chocolate. During my trainings, I always gave chocolates as one of my many prizes. And during my two "U Rock" awards, I gave chocolate to my awardees.

It started in "U Rock 5", I gave my recipients chocolate. And this chocolate is the ChocoMucho.

In my recently concluded "U Rock 7", I retain the ChocoMucho. Yup, I still gave my awardees this delicious chocolate-caramel crunch together with my souvenir items.

Unlike "U Rock 5" wherein I gave different flavors of ChocoMucho, in "U Rock 7", I bought one flavor. I bought this box of ChocoMucho and gave it to my seven outstanding people!

On my next post, I will share with you those simple cute souvenir items which I gave to them! Keep on rocking on! U Rock! c",)

Friday, November 27, 2009

The Fruits of All My 'Good Jobs'!

Recently, I had told you about my Bravo Cards and Star Points! Yup, here in our company, every good things you have done, every good jobs you have made, and every projects you have successfully accomplished, you will be given a 'Bravo Card' or Star Points as a sign of 'kudos' or great appreciation!

Humbly speaking, I already received so many Bravo Cards and Star points here in our company knowing that I am only one and a half year old here. Each cards has an equivalent number of points which corresponds to a star points!

Hmmm...what are the significant of these star points?! How then did I came up with these items!?

All The Items I Got...!

Cool Stuffs for my Cool Place...!

Souvenir Photos of the Souvenir Items!

As a default, each Bravo card has an equivalent of 100 star points. It's up to the giver if he wants to increase the points in the Bravo card. Like in my case, one of my bravo card corresponds to 200 points since I lead or I hold a specific project successfully in our company.

You will collect all these points until they increase. You're just like saving a number of points in a bank! These number of accumulated points will allow you to avail or redeem different souvenir items from the company. In other words, your points will eventually turn into a money!

All in all with these bravo cards including my other star points earned, I accumulated a total number of 1,890 points or in terms of money, Php1,890 or $1,890!

The Chrome... I Really Love!

Red Notebooks...Thanks I Got Two!

The Highlighter Cup with Highlighters...So Colorful!

You may ask, how much each item cost?! Well, these were the breakdowns:

Mug = 500 points (half prized promo = 250)
Notebook = 400 points
Highlighter Cup = 500 points
Chrome = 600 points
Emoticon Magnet = 500 points
Ballpen = 100 points

Now have you already computed?

Oops...Don't Forget the Mug

Two Brilliant Ballpens...Still Great!

And the 'Ematicon Magnet'...Choose Your Emo of the Day!

So, with my total accumulated points, imagine how many items I got! Well, count them all in the image above!

My other officemates get jealous or insecure with the items I got. I was the one who got the most number of items! In fact, I got all the variety of items they sold! Wow! How great this day to me. I was really, really thankful and inspire!

Of course I love all the items I got. Hmmm...if you'll ask me what's my favorite...? Ummm...I think the highlighter cup and the chrome! Yeah just like what you see in the pictures, they were atractive and perfect for display!

Second to my like is the red notebook. Yeah because they were really hard, glossy, and 'matibay'! Next is the mug! FYI...this is now my second mug. I got the first one from their February contest wherein I was a runner-up!

Then the Emoticon magnet like you can see is really nice. It contains different smiley or face emotions where you can set by the square white magnet. I like it second to the list though still perfect for my wall display because its magnetic attraction to the wall was very weak!

Oh, I don't even like the ballpens! But then since I still have remaining points, I avail it! And glad that I even got two!

Now, it's your time to speak! What can you say?! Will you still love these items?! Were they attractive to you! Again, you are really free to speak and post comments! Hope you enjoy my share...!!! c",)

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