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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Watch: My Interviews with Catriona Gray's Boyfriend Clint Bondad!

Just like our reigning Miss Universe 2018 winner Ms. Catriona Gray, her boyfriend Clint Bondad is also a hot trending topic. Yup, just like Catriona, Clint is also a model and a pageant winner who was hailed as 1st Runner Up in the 2016's Century Tuna Superbods Nation.

I've already introduced Clint in my previous post. And as promised, I will share with you my series of interview vlogs with him from 2016 the first time I met him until this year during the final competition of the Century Tuna Superbods Ageless wherein he was one of the judges during the final callback.

So are you ready to have a journey with Catriona Gray's bf? Since I'm yet to have a one-on-one interview with Catriona when she return in our country, let me first share with you my interviews with her real life partner. Here they go:

Fitness Interview with Clint: 

Clint's Winning Moment: 

A Birthday Greetings From Clint:

Clint as Judge to the 2018 Superbods Ageless Finalists:

Clint's Plans with Catriona:

Now that you already know Clint Bondad via these series of interview videos, my next on my bucket list is no other than his girlfriend Catriona Gray. And of course, an exclusive interview with them - Clint and Cat on one video interview!

If we're all proud and happy to Catriona's victory, definitely the most proud and happiest of us all is no other than her boyfriend Clint Bondad! Congrats again Catriona Gray for bringing pride to our country! 12/18/2018 (Bits of Rocks)

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Meet Catriona Gray's Boyfriend, Clint Bondad!

Before I finally met our Miss Universe 2018 winner Ms. Catriona Gray last November, it was her boyfriend Clint Bondad  I've met first. Yes, it was in February 2016 when I had my first photo and video interview with Clint during the run of the Century Tuna Superbods Nation 2016.

Just like Catriona, Clint is also a model and a pageant winner. He joined the 2016 edition of the Century Tuna Superbods called the Superbods Nation where he landed as the 1st Runner Up.

Since Clint is also a hot trending topic now because of the Miss Universe victory of his girlfriend Cat, let me also introduce him here in my blog. Here are my very first photos with Clint Bondad way back 2016 during the height of their competition:   

Clint is also a cool guy. He even greeted me on my birthday via VG and posted a wacky shot with me. Sharing two more of our wacky selfies:

On my next post, I will share with you my series of video interviews with Clint. So stay tune to get to know more about him the way we will to his girlfriend Catriona Gray! 12/18/2018 (Bits of Rocks)

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Sunday, April 5, 2015

#Selfie: Post Training with Hideo Muraoka

For the first time, yours truly finally met one of the hottest and famous Brapanese hunk models, Hideo Muraoka. And that was during our Men's Health Training Combine workout.

Hideo is the batchmate of the other Brapanese (Brazilian-Japanese) hunk models like Fabio Ide and Daniel Matsunaga. They were also the current models of the SM Men's Wear.

Check out some of our cool selfies with this hunk model right after our MH workout:

Aside from these selfies, I also interviewed Hideo and he gave us fitness and workout tips. The said video will be posted here in my personal blog, in my fitness blog Runner Rocky (, and in my YouTube channel.

Hideo already appeared as cover guy of Men's Health magazine for their various issues as well as in the different fitness, lifestyle, and fashion magazines.

Great meeting you Hideo! (RCB)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

JAG Pictorial 3 - 'Sizzling with the Hunks'

JAG is a well-known clothing brand in the international market with their stylish signature jeans, cool semi-formal attires, classy casual wears, and sexy underwears. 

During the awards night of the 2013 Yahoo OMG Awards, I had my pictorial for their brand being one of their endorsers introducing their formal wear. 

JAG is also known for having their sexy hot foreign models. And I'm glad that I have them together with me in a pictorial. Check out our sizzling hot photo:

Yes, together with me were the yummy hunk foreign models of JAG you always see on JAG posters, billboards, or paper bags. On that night, I was able to mingle and pose shot with them!

While topless exposing their sexy abs and chest, yours truly is on blue semi-formal attire. The models were endorsing the underwear and jeans while yours truly on the other hand is endorsing their formal apparel. Thus, the rock and the hunks compliment the shot!

We're done with my three cool pictorials with JAG! Three photos, three themes! Which of the three photos do you like and love the most?! With the JAG models, yours truly once more leveled up in the international scene! (RCB)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Ian Batherson for Bits of Rocks' 5TH Year Blog Anniversary!

The hunk heartthrob Ian Batherson joins the celebrity bandwagon of our 5TH Year Blog Anniversary celebration.  

Check out Ian's greetings to our one and only Bits of Rocks  below: 

Ian is a product of the GMA-7 artista reality show "Starstruck V." He even joined the other Kapuso reality show "Survivor Philippines."  He is now famous being the Close Up guy in the said toothpaste TV commercial.

Ian is now the newest Kapamilya. Soon, he will appear in the different TV shows and movies of the said network.

Thanks much for this Ian and see you again soon! (RCB)  

Sunday, February 17, 2013

My "Kulitan" Shots with Marc Nelson!

I personally met the sports hunk Marc Nelson during the Soyami Event. Marc is the endorser of the said health chips at the same time the host of the event.

We got too many photos with him. And of course, I even got quota shots with him in the photo booth.

Marc is really so cool and fun in person! He is very active and lively the way we saw him on TV. Well, below are some proofs!

Here are my cool and wacky photos with Marc Nelson. Check these out:

Marc is still hosting the longest running sports show "Sports Unlimited." He is very athletic and sporty! He's my idol in terms of body building. That time, "hindi nagkakalayo ang katawan namin!" I need to go back to gym then.

Speaking of healthy and fitness, that is no other than Marc Nelson! You're the man! (RCB)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rocky and JC Tiuseco Caught in the Video!

JC Tiuseco, GMA-7's hunk actor and a product of the network's reality show "Survivor Philippines" Season 1 is one of the center of the recently concluded Cosmopolitan Bachelor's Bash. He ramped half-naked in the said sizzling show creating louder scream from the fans!

But actually before the said event, I already met JC month ago in another sizzling event. This was via another magazine's sexy event called the Stud Party courtesy of Inside Showbiz Magazine.

Check out two of my photos together with JC Tiuseco below:

But aside from the photos, I even got the chance to have JC together in one cool promotional video. This is my first video together with a star.

In the said video, JC is thanking to have me in the event at the same time inviting you to visit my top blogsite TV Series Craze.

Are you ready to watch our video?! Well, here it is:

It's a short video clip of yours truly Rocky B. and JC T. But we enjoyed each others' company. We had our talks together before and after taking our video.

More on JC, he is actually a varsity player in Ateneo De Manila University. He rose in stardom after grabbing the title of being the very first Sole Survivor of the first edition of "Survivor Philippines" in 2008. JC is actually my bet to win in the said reality show and I'm glad that he made it!

JC's previous TV series in the Kapuso station was the afternoon soap "Sisid" together with Jackie Rice.

See you next time JC in another exciting event! c",)

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