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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Piolo Pascual Likes Big!

Piolo Pascual really likes big! Yeah, here is the evidence:

Hmmm...what do you think Papa P. is pertaining to in this picture?! Are we thinking of the same thing?! =)

Do you imagine how large is Papa P's shoe size?! Well, we should know maybe he's requesting for a big shoe that will fit him! c",)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Have You Already Got the Latest Issue of "Maasim" Magazine?!

Have you already grabbed a copy of the latest edition of Maasim Magazine?!

If not yet, I have this one for you:

This is posted by one of my friends in Facebook! It's another humor post to laugh with...!

What if Aling Dionesia posed in other Men's magazine just like this?! Do you think she will be crowned as the FHM's Sexiest Woman of the World?! "May asim pa talaga si Aling Dionesia...!" c",)

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Christopher Lao Road Sign Warnings!

After the spread of Christopher Lao's 'floating car' in the flood video, Lao becomes the topic in the internet! Many of the netizens condemned and bullied Lao for his act! A Facebook Fan Page, Twitter accounts, and YouTube videos were created for him!

Aside from these, different fan arts were created for Lao. Well, here are some of those! These are road warnings pertaining to Lao. Let's take a look at these:

These road signs were already spread around the world wide web! Maybe one of these days, we can see actual signs really like these posted on major roads of EDSA!

Christopher Lao truly created a big impact to all of us! Even in the worldwide trending topic in Twitter, Lao ranked 6TH! You're really great Christopher Lao! Two thumbs up to you! c",)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

"Mara Clara (Susan Africa)" - The 'Waka-Waka' Parody!

Aside from "Dynamite" which Sir Rex Kantatero and Pakito Jones performed using their own version, another hit song which they sang in their morning program "Kamote Club" is the hit song from Shakira!

In Sir Rex Kantatero and Pakito Jones parody, Shakira's "Waka-Waka (This Time for Africa)" is called "Mara Clara (Susan Africa)"! They really created a very good lyrics of it pertaining to the former "Mara Clara" actress Ms. Susan Africa! They sing it the same thing Shakira sang!

Do you want to watch and hear how they did it?! Well, let's sing and dance with the "Waka-Waka" parody called "Mara Clara"! Another nice song!

Another two thumbs up and a well-round of applause for Sir Rex Kantatero and Pakito Jones! They were truly creative! Galing!

Ms. Susan Africa even appreciated this parody about her! She posted a good comment about this one praising these two!

These two DJs truly make 93.9 iFM a very unique FM radio station! They created a difference and a trade mark! Great, great, great!

More parodies to come! Thanks! c",)

"Dumpsite" - The 'Dynamite' Parody!

My favorite FM radio station today is 93.9 iFM! Aside from giving us a combination of modern songs and classic hits, one thing that makes it my favorite is their morning program called "Kamote Club"!

There is a portion in this program wherein they made their own parody of different hit songs. Sir Rex Kantatero and Pakito Jones sing together different parodies! They were truly creative that they can change the lyrics of different songs and can sing it the same thing with the original!

One of the modern song which they created their own version is the Taio Cruz's hit "Dynamite"! In their parody they named it as "Dumpsite"!

Do you want to hear their version of it?! Well, here is their uploaded music video in YouTube. Let's watch and hear how creative Sir Rex and Pakito Jones are:

Hahaha! Very nice! Truly "ang galing nila"! Thanks that they uploaded this video in YouTube! Before, I'm looking if they will launch an album compilation of their song parodies. I'm so thankful that they uploaded some in YouTube!

As I have discussed in my other blog called Rhythm of the Rock, the song "Dynamite" has a sentimental value to me! It's good that Sir Rex and Pakito Jones made a great parody of it!

Nice one Sir Rex and Pakito Jones! Two thumbs up to the two of you! c",)

Friday, November 19, 2010

A Fried Chicken!

How do you like fried chicken?! Is this one of your favorite foods?!

I like to share with you this humor pic. Since we're already in the season of holidays, expect more and more fried or roasted chickens were served on our table just like this!

Imagine how smart this fried chicken is! Though he's already cooked, he can even sit like a boss! And look what he's doing while reading the latest news...! Yeah, he's relieving all his bad moods! Hehehe!

And look..his stools were already fried just like him! Amazing! Will you also want to eat these small little things coming from him?!

Hmmm...I just wonder, did this fried chicken didn't disciplined to have his toilethics?! C",)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Humor Month of November!

We're already on the second to the last month of the year, the month of November! It's such another exciting month before the month of Christmas!

And what's up for November?! Is it another horror story?!

Well actually whenever we speak for the month of November, we were thinking of Halloween, All Saint's Day, All Souls Day, ghost, monsters, and any other supernatural creatures. But in our case, here in my blog site, I will make a difference! For this month, we will move away from any horror stories!

Yup, it's because I already offered you in advance our special Halloween issue. Since Halloween is celebrated every last day of October, I already given it to you last month.

And if you will notice, I already featured All Saints' Day and All Souls Day in the very beginning of November! Yup, since in the first and second days of November we celebrated these holidays, I already posted these topics before I gave you our November expectations!

So, what do we have now this November?! Well, it's all about Humor! Yeah, it's humor! We will laugh out loud for the whole month of November because of my different humorous posts! Your bored world will totally filled with lots of laughter because of our special humor edition this month of November!

Why is it so?! It's because we we're already in the yuletide season, the month nearer to Christmas, all I want is to make you all laugh! I want you to become happy! Yeah, it's time to be happy, it's time to laugh! Time to celebrate!

But of course, besides humor, expect for surprises! Just like we always do, I will provide you some surprise posts that you didn't expect! I will also share with you some of my whereabouts! It's really too exciting and surprising!

So let's embrace November with fun and laughter! No more space for tears and loneliness, it's all for fun! Enjoy this month of humor with me here and only here in the one and only, Rock Land! LOL! C",)

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