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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

'Shake Rattle and Roll 14' and 'Sosy Problems:' A Back-To-Back Red Carpet Premiere Night!

I was able to watch and attend two of the 2012 Metro Manila Film Festival entries at the same time! Yup, the two movie entries had their red carpet premiere night at the same time last Saturday, December 21, 2012. The two movies were the Regal Films' horror entry "Shake Rattle and Roll 14: The Invasion"and the GMA Films' comedy flick "Sosy Problem."   

The red carpet both took place in SM Megamall at the same time (started at 7pm) but in two different Cinemas - "SSR 14" in Cinema 10 while "Sosy Problems" in Cinema 5

I attended first the red carpet of "SSR" and got my interviews with the lead stars. Afterwards, I went to "Sosy Problems" to watch the start of the movie proper. I took my interviews and picture-taking of the stars at the end of "Sosy Problems." Since "Sosy Problems" ended first, I still got the chance to watch the remaining episodes of "SRR" - the end of Episode 2 (The Lost Command) and whole of Episode 3 (Unwanted).

Yes, "talagang lagare" that night but it was truly a lot of fun! So fulfilling...!

On my next succeeding posts, watch out for my separate reviews for these two 2012 MMFF movies as well as my individual interviews and photos with the lead stars!

The two movies are now starting to hit the theaters nationwide! (RCB)

Friday, November 2, 2012

How It Feels Like 'Aswang!'

We are currently on the so-called "Season of Horror and Terror" as we are celebrating the Halloween, All Saints Day, and All Souls Day. Different horror stories were currently airing on the different TV stations, topics and themes of the different parties, and features on the different movies.     
Now inline with the season, I will also share with you one of my horror-theme portraits! 

Do you believe in the Filipino folklore "Aswang"?! Or do you already encountered in real-life these human-eating creatures of the dark?! How does it feel being an "Aswang" imagining yourself being one of them?!  

Well, let me share with you my "Aswang" moments together with the "Aswang" guy who turned me wild just like him: 

He made me thirst for a human flesh! He turned me salivating to eat the inner organs of a human being!

I got my best shots with an Aswang guy during the Premiere Night of "Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles."  The setup of the SM Megamall Cinema 9 depicted a 'pugad ng mga aswang' place! Dried leaves, bloody human organs, and Aswangs surrounded the venue! And I got one of the best Aswang guy to shot!     

"Ang Sarap Magpa-Aswang," my recent status I had posted in my Facebook account identifying one of these photos! :) How do you love our photos?! Happy Halloween Everyone!(RCB)     

Thursday, November 1, 2012

'Dead Mine' Palpitates My Senses with It's Deadly Twist!

For the second time now, I was invited by my blogger friend Kuya Ferdz of TaDi ("Tatak Digitista") to watch and scream for the premiere nights of two Hollywood movies brought to us by the SM Cinema Exclusives or CinExlusive. Well, the movies we watched together with my officemate friend were truly inline with the Halloween season - they were both terrifying which awaken our senses! Let me share with you my frightening experience watching this second horror movie (I'll share the first one in my next post).    

"Dead Mine" is actually the first original feature produced by HBO Asia and making its cinema debut this coming November 9, 2012. There are many good things to note about this movie aside from the breath-taking thriller it offers. Let me count it to you one by one.

First, I like how the casts were put together. Yeah, the actors portraying different roles in the movie actually came from different part of the world. Hunks Sam Hazeldine and Les Loveday of Great Britain, cult action star Miki Mizuno of Japan, cutie heartthrob Jimmy T of Singapore, tough hunky dudes Ario Bayu, Bang Tigor, Joe Taslim and Mike Lewis of Indonesia, and our very own sweetheart Carmen Soo of Malaysia comprise the main cast members! It's nice to see Ms. Carmen Soo who once became part of the Philippine showbiz (particularly in the teleserye "Kahit Isang Saglit" with Jericho Rosales) back in the movie scene via an anticipating Hollywood movie like this.

Jimmy T, Sam Hazeldine and Miki Mizuno Fight Until the End

Mike Lewis, Carmen Soo and Les Loveday All Face Death in a Tragic Way!
The second good thing about this movie is that it makes you proud about our country. Count how many times the words "Philippines" and "Yamashita" mentioned in the movie! Yamashita or Yamashita treasure is actually part of the Philippine History as it depicts the Japanese invasion in the country forming one of the most important blocks of Filipino history! Conflicts in the movie started as the group of Les Loveday hunts the Yamashita treasure in Bali, Indonesia!      

Third, the story is unpredictable! We all know that the lead stars of the different movies stay alive until the end. But after you witnessed the ending of this movie, you will get shock on how it was concluded!

Fourth, this movie is actually the second film (next to "The Healing") which truly puts me on the state of shock! In the middle of the movie, my heart was beating faster and faster! My 'kaba' was raised to its highest point when the lead stars were hunted by the dead soldiers or when the evil monsters kill the cast!      

The Good Soldiers were Yet to Defeat!

The Dead Soldiers of the Dark!
Fifth, the movie didn't only combined action and horror. It also merged the past and the future! Yes, the movie has a touch of historical facts but at the same time presented in futuristic approach. Imagine how the metal immortal soldiers and the oldies who retain youthful and active via experimental formula formed through a hi-tech futuristic approach!   

To visualize how the story goes, here is the full trailer of "Dead Mine" for you to watch:

Actually while watching this movie, I visualize it as a "Walking Dead" three times higher! The monsters and the evil metal soldiers in this movie were the hi-tech versions of the TV series zombies! Cool.

Even though I already watched this movie during its premiere night, I also want to watch it over and over again! There is really no 'sawa' factor in this horror flick. I am highly recommending this movie. Two thumbs up! It will truly be a sure hit. Happy Halloween!(RCB)          

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Unexpected Twists in 'Segunda Mano!'

I could say that "Segunda Mano" is one of the best movies I have watched this year! Though it was not a pure horror everyone is thinking of, the story brings us more unexpected twists!

Last night, I watched the said movie with my GF in SM Mall of Asia! Originally, we were planning to watch "Shake, Rattle, and Roll 13." We came in the mall at around 7pm. But the next movie hour for SSR13 was at 11:30pm. So we decided to watch our second choice - "Segunda Mano!" The next movie hour of this horror flick from Star Cinema was at 9pm.

While waiting for the hour of showing, we roamed around the mall and spent sweet night together!

At around 8pm, we decided to go up the movie house. It was shocking to see that many people were falling inline for the said movie. As we have seen, "Segunda Mano" has the most number of viewers next to "Enteng Ng Ina Mo!"

People were very excited to watch this fourth horror movie of Ms. Kris Aquino. As the light was turned off in the theater, people were shouting!

In the beginning of the movie, you may say that it's an ordinary horror film with a very predictable plot! The owner of the red bag was revealed upon the start of the story! You will eventually know who is the ghost in the story who keeps on haunting the character of Kris Aquino as Mabel!

But as the story progresses, in the middle and in the last part of the movie, you will appreciate its essence! You will witness more twists and revelations you wouldn't expect! The purpose of the ghost haunting Mabel, the real killer in the story, the reason behind the lost of Mabel's little sister Marie, and the relationship of the characters of Kris Aquino as Mabel and Angelica Panganiban as Mariella were some of the twists in the film that surprised the audience!

In the movie, I can say that Ms. Kris Aquino is not only the Philippine's Horror Queen. She revives her previous title being the "Massacre Queen!" Yup, you will witness a masscre scene in this movie which once brightened the career of Ms. Kris way back in 90's (Remember "The Elsa Castillo Story?")!

There is also a touch of comedy in this movie! I love the cats which serve as 'pandayang pang-gulat', the character of Mosang which gives humor to the story, and of course the character of Ms. Bangs Garcia who is a 'kikay' bestfriend-sidekick of Kris! I bet Bangs for the Best Supporting Actress Award for this movie!

I would recommend you guys to watch this movie. In the end, you will find out that it's worthy! "Sulit na sulit ang pera mo at ang pag-uwi ko ng gabi kagabi!" Hehehe...I came home last night at around 12:45am! c",)

Monday, October 31, 2011

Some Ghost Videos!

Inline with Halloween, let me share with you some of the ghost videos in YouTube. Yup, videos pertaining to ghosts or paranormal activities today got so many hits.

Here are the said videos. Tell me if these are reals or just products of modern technology. Here they go:

Now what can you say about these videos?! Happy Halloween to all of you! c",)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Horror Marathon!

It was a "Horror on Holy" last week! Truly, thriller and terror dominate my holy week vacation last week!

Oops...don't get me wrong! We're not too advance for the Halloween celebration or too late for last year's event. This is not my Halloween special edition, rather it's for my holy week post! Haha!

Yeah, it's for the holy week! For this moment, let us give the holy week a brand new image. Instead of talking religion, rituals, or trips, let me share with you my last holy week's main activity. It was truly a terrifying days!

Yup, since there was no TV programs last Holy Thursday, Friday, and Saturday besides watching the Holy Week Marathon of the hit TV Series "Agua Bendita", I had my own marathon. It was called the "Horror Marathon"! I've watched all the latest hit Filipino horror movies in the DVD using my Sony Bravia!

Here are they:

I was Surprised with the Supporting Stars in this Movie!

I Like the Mystery Behind the Story!

Too Short to Watch...

I Love the Way How the Two Stories were Connected!

These were some of the horror movies I've watched last Holy Thursday, Friday, and Saturday! Actually, I have other foreign movie lineups after watching these. These were "The Echo", "Jennifer's Body", "Wrong Turn", and "Days With The Dead"! But, three days were not enough to watch those other movies. I will then schedule another time to watch those!

Aside from these horror movies, I also watched the film of John Lloyd Cruz, Luis Manzano, and Vilma Santos which is "In My Life"! The story was really great! Like it! =)

Beside these movies, more new movies were inside our locker which wasn't yet watched. These were Angel Locsin-Piolo Pascual's "Love Me Again", Mega and Ai-Ai's "BFF", Indie Film's "Mangkukulam", and KC-Richard's "For the First Time"!

And also, I will set my time to buy other more new DVDs like "New Moon", "Tanging Pamilya", "Shake Rattle and Roll", "Paano Na Kaya", "Mano Po 6", "Miss You Like Crazy", "Ang Darling Kong Aswang", and "Patient X"! Of course, include in my list the bold Indie Films! Haha! Keep it as our top secret!

So, that's how I concluded my three days Holy Week vacation! Of course, I didn't forget to pray and visit the church! c",)

Friday, November 20, 2009


Are you excited to see my new upcoming movie?!

Well, grab your chance 'coz I am giving you now the opportunity to be the first to view my next attraction box-office movie. Here is our movie poster:

Hayz, so nice to be a lead cast in this new Hollywood offering. It's an action-packed suspense thriller flick. Lots of fights and hi-tech effects were there in our movie!

Now, what more can you say? Did you like our movie poster? How do I look in the picture!? Or should I say, can you point me here in our movie poster?

I will tell you later the premiere night of our movie. And we will give free movie tickets for the first 100 viewers during our premiere night. So don't be late!

For the meantime, you may enjoy viewing our movie poster. What can you say about it!? Did it strongly catches your atention?! c",)

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