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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Go 13 for 2013!

After I concluded and wrapped-up the year 2012, time now to face the challenges of the new year, the year 2013.

Many of us write down their so-called new year's resolutions every start of the year. Their resolutions include the things they will do to become more better in the coming year. Some even consulted fortune-tellers to have a glimpse on what the new year has something to give.   

Every start of the year here in my blog site Bits of Rocks, I'm writing down the things I will do for the rest of the year. I even list my expectations, goals, or the things yet to happen in the year.

And for 2013, here are my 13 things you can expect on me as well as the important events that are yet to happen on this said year:

 1.  Going Back to Gym

This year, I'll be more health conscious. My main priority this year is health and wellness. Last 2012, I rarely go to gym because of the different events I have attended on weekends. This year, I will allot more time specially on weekends to workout. I'll maintain my body to become sexier and hunkier this year.   

2. Career Wiser

In 2012 my professional career seemed stagnant. Many challenges and conflicts blocked my way. This year, expect a career wiser strategy and expect changes that will happen.    

3. Events, Events, and More Events 

Last year, I truly became busy in terms of events. 2012 marked the year of events. This year, expect more new events to come. I'll still attend exciting events which I haven't yet attended before.

4. Advertisers, Endorsements, and Sponsorship 

My blogging career keep on blooming every year. Since the time I started blogging, I wouldn't deny that I earn income from them. I have my Adsense, Innity, Ambient, or Pay per Posting which bring some amount of money to me. This year, I'm targeting now direct advertisers and sponsors in my blogs.          

5. Celebrating 5 Years of Blogging

Speaking again of blogging, 2013 marks the 5TH Year Anniversary of my blogging career. Yes, this blog site Bits of Rocks which is my personal and lifestyle blog will be turning 5 years old this coming March along with my other first blogs namely Rhythm of the Rock  which is my music blog and my literary blog called The Rock's Literary Collection. I started blogging in 2007 using the social networking site Friendster. But it was on March 2008 when I officially use Blogger or the blogspot platform in blogging. This gonna be a huge celebration indeed!       

6. Meeting More Stars and Personalities

2012 was truly my celebrity year since I already met the different personalities and celebrities both local and international. This year, I'm looking forward to see more stars whom I didn't yet personally met before. More photos and videos to come!  

7. More Bank Savings

I'm looking forward to earn more this year. Therefore, I can save more. Hopefully, I can reach my target savings at the end of the year! 

8. Meeting New Friends and Expanding More My Network

In my 2012 yearender, I've told you that my network of friends truly expanded and I met new people. Of course I wouldn't deny that I also met antagonists. This year, I'm expecting to met more people, friends, and lovers! 

9. A Brewing Romance

In 2012, my lovelife truly bloomed. I got three official relationships plus countless short affairs. This year, we'll see if our relationship still prosper or becomes stronger. I'm currently attracted to a person whom cannot be mine (but there are chances that we can be). Let's see how our love story prolong!  

10. Buying Gadgets and Other Things     
In terms of material things, I'm looking forward to buy gadgets I'm dreaming of. We will also buy other things (e.g. furniture, appliances, etc.) if needed in our home.     

11. Starting to Become a YouTube Sensation

In 2012 I started to upload my personal videos which include my interviews and moments with the celebrities. My YouTube account started to become active. This year aside from uploading my videos together with the stars, I will also start exposing my talent in the YouTube. Yes sooner, you will see me singing in the videos having my own cover versions of the hit songs! Hehehe...!!!

12. My Brother's Graduation

This year, I'm looking forward to see my brother marching wearing his graduation attire. Hoping that he can passed all his subjects without any failing marks so that he can graduate and be ready to the corporate challenges.

13. Traveling Outside the Country

In 2012 I was supposed to be sent outside the country as I mentioned in my yearender. But, it was not prosper. This year, I'm looking forward to travel outside the country. 

And of course as I mentioned a while ago, expect for a great change! I wouldn't elaborate it more here in my post. But later on, I will share it with you.            

These are my 13 for 2013! My goals, expectations, and target things to accomplish in this year of the Water Snake! Hoping that all these things will come to life this year!

Have a Blessed New Year Everyone! (RCB)

Friday, January 21, 2011

"11 For 11" - My 11 Top Plans This 2011!

At the end of 2010, I shared with you my so-called "10 of 10" which summarized my top 10 major accomplishments for 2010. Now, I will share with you my "11 for 11"!

What are the things I'm looking for this year?! What are my plans?! What are my goals that I will need to accomplish before the end of the year?!

So, join me today as I count my 11 plans for this year of the rabbit! What are they? Here we go!

1. Increase Savings and Investments

Last year, my savings account in one of the major banks undeniably increased! What more that I can do? Maintain it! Maintain its continuous growth! I'll save more. Yup, I set a maximum target savings amount for this account. And when I reach that said maximum target, I wouldn't stop! I'll ensure that it will grow larger and larger!

More Savings and Investments

2. A Sexier Body

Wealth is nothing if your health is poor! Yeah, I'm not only maintaining my career or investment, I am also ensuring that I have a fit and sexy body! And for this year, I will ensure that I can reach my target body shape! A sexier, a hotter, and a yummier body! I'll continue my workouts more rigid! And when I reach that hot and sexy body, it only ensures that I will become more marketable! Haha!

A Sexier and Hotter Body

3. More Blog Earnings

Last year, I got my first payment from my blogs! And before the end of 2010 up to this early part of 2011, my earnings from these blogs keep on rising! Everyday it grows and grows! This year, I promise that I will earn more from these!

4. More Intense Love Life

This year I couldn't promise that I will have a steady love life...that I will stick to only one person. But for sure, my love life for this year will intensify! It will be hotter and more sizzling than the previous years! Though I put my career on the top of my priority, I'll also ensure that I didn't taken for granted my love life. And yes, expect more daring moments and more bed scenes! Hehe!

5. Career Opportunity

My career last 2010 is really a boom! My career really grows and I handle different managerial positions! Hmmm...will I be paid for all that hardships now that we have a new management?! What is waiting ahead for my career path this year?! But one thing for sure, I'm ready to explore new opportunity if I'm not satisfied with my increase!

Increase Blog Incomes

6. Buying of Other More New Things

Yup, last 2010 I really bought so many things for our home and for myself. A laptop, an aircon, a bed, a mini cassette, cabinets, and other furniture marked our previous year. What more will I buy for this year?! Well, let's wait and see!

7. Blogs Empowerment

2009 marked the rise of all my blog sites. Then in 2010, they really grows and become famous which lead to increase of my payments and earnings! And for this year, expect that they will really become more powerful! I'll enhance them and I will let them be more marketable! And you will really enjoy them for sure!

8. Launching of Other More Blogs

If I will enhance and empower my previous blogs, this year expect more other blog sites will rise! I'm planning to launch two or three other more new blogs this 2011. Hope that time permits. If I'm not so very busy this year, I will have a time to create more!

More Intense Love Life

9. Exploring Other More New Things

Yeah, I will try new things! Things that were not part of my daily routines. I started it in the late part of 2010 and I'll continue them this 2011! I'm doing now other new things outside my comfort zone!

10. Increase Collections

Like I told you in my 2010 accomplishment report, I started to collect angels. My collection of these cute little things were growing. Every payday, I buy some. Seeing them really relieves my stress and tension. They were really fun to see and own. They were really seems sent by heaven to make you happy!

11. Meeting and Dating More People

And finally for this year, expect that I will date more people! I'll meet and socialize with different people. I'll even reunite with my former college friends. Expect to see me in different parties dating, dancing, and kissing with someone! Haha!

These were just some of my Top 11 plans for 2011. Of course I have also other things in mind that were not included in this list. Some will happen unexpectedly. But the best thing to start your year is set your targets. And from that targets, you may even insert some more!

Hopefully at the end of 2011, these things were all successfully done. Hope that all these things were mission accomplished! Have a nice day to everyone! Let's all start this year right! C",)

Friday, January 14, 2011

January 2011 - "Another New Beginning"!

Welcome 2011...! This phrase is always heard every start of the year. "Welcome", "beginning", "start", "opening"...some of the popular words that connote the month of January!

We are now starting another new year. And we're already spending some of the days of January!

Of course just like I always do, I will give you some of the things to look for here in The Rock Land this month of January 2011! What do you think will these be?!

Yeah since it's January, we will be talking about lots of new beginnings!

For this month, expect that I will share with you different posts about the so-called beginnings! How will I start this year of the rabbit?! What are my plans for this year?! What are my goals for the year?! What are the things I'm expecting from 2011?!

Well, these were some of things that I will share this month! I will also give you my plans for 2011. Join me as I set my goals for this year of the rabbit! Let's start another new year with a great beginning!

And of course, expect other more surprises! Exciting! New year, new beginning...! Let's all start the year right! Cheers! C",)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Congratulations Graduates!

To all the graduates of 2010, accept my warm greetings! Best wishes to all of you... Continue to aim high and reach for your goals... Never stop dreaming! Keep your ambition alive and kicking...!

My Kinder Graduation

I Remember This Cute Little Child Who Never Stop Dreaming!

Well, it's been three years ago after my College graduation. I already earned my college degree in the field of Electronics and Communications Engineering with flying colors being the top student who graduated with honors and as a scholar! From that day, March 31, 2007 to be exact, my dream continues! I was ready to explore the Corporate World and aim more higher!

For three years now, thanks God that I already achieved some of my goals. Now, I am sitting-pretty in an air-conditioned office inside a beautiful tower located in one of the prestige and famous city of the country! glad to reminisce back the past. The days that I really struggled hard to graduate and finish my course. I was really thankful that I wasn't only graduated as a student...but a student with many distinctions! Who could imagine that the little boy in the above pictures would surpassed the hardships of academe?! Those hardships and trials were now converted into fruits that I am now enjoying!

So, to all the graduates out there, take that little cute boy in the picture as your inspiration! The boy who never stop dreaming...the boy who works hard to achieved his goals...the boy who always had an ambition...

I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate my younger brother who will graduate tomorrow in high school. At last bro, you made it! Keep up the good work! Hope you will finish your studies up to college! We're so proud of you! =)

To all the graduates of this year's batch...CONGRATULATIONS! Never Stop Dreaming 'Coz Your Dreams Will Put You Anywhere You Want...!!! c",)

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