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Monday, June 17, 2013

GLEE Actor Dean Geyer Meets Rocky!

Yes, he is my favorite GLEE Star! He is no other than the hunk Hollywood actor Dean Geyer! Oh yeah, I finally met, talked, and mingled with him in person! :)

In the said hit US musical TV series, Dean is playing the character of Brody Weston, the gigolo and the new love interest of Rachel.  

Prior to being the new cast member of the fourth season of Glee, Dean is actually the third finalist in the 2006 edition of Australian X-Factor! Yes, Dean is a South African Australian singer-songwriter. In his country, Dean made a notable role as Ty Harper in the Australian soap opera, "Neighbors." He even played Gabe in the TV series "Single Ladies" and as Mark Reynolds in the series "Terra Nova."       

Dean joined his co-GLEE stars Becca Tobin, Melissa Benoist, and Jacob Artist as the newest endorsers of Coca-Cola's Coke. They visited the country for the said brand and for their loving Filipino fans.

I love the outfit of Dean as he arrived in the prestige grand presscon one Friday (June 7, 2013) afternoon held in The Manila Peninsula, Makati City. I like his pink polo, maong pants, brown mountaineer shoes. From top to bottom, he is truly gorgeous! If I'm a woman, I may easily fall in love with him! :)

Aside from his hunky physical appearance, Dean is also kind, friendly, and approachable! You can easily deal with him! He will treat you as one close barkada   

With his talent, attitude, and physical appearance, I may say that Dean is really a complete package! He is truly a dream guy of many of us! And I'm so lucky to have him even for one day! c",)

Great and nice meeting you Dean! Hope to see you soon! God bless and more power! (RCB)

Rocky and the GLEE Star Jacob Artist!

 Aside from Becca Tobin and Melissa Benoist, I also met the GLEE actor  Jacob Artist. 

Jacob is also one of the new members of the fourth season of this hit US musical TV series. In the TV series, Jacob portrays Jake Puckerman, the younger half-brother of Noah Puckerman,

Aside from being an actor, this 20-year old American guy is also a singer and a dancer. Because of having a multiple talent, many fans truly admire him aside from the fact that he is really friendly and approachable in person.

Jacob is also one of the new endorsers of Coca-Cola's Coke softdrink brand. And he visited the country together with the other cast members.

Again, I was so lucky to meet, talk, and mingle with this cool guy one Friday (June 7, 2013) afternoon in The Manila Peninsula Hotel, Makati. :)

Yes, Jacob is truly kind and friendly. I like his sense of humor.  Glad that I encounter him in person.

On my next post, I'll share with you my favorite GLEE cast member. c",) Exciting! (RCB)   

Meeting the Girls of GLEE Becca Tobin and Melissa Benoist!

Becca Tobin and Melissa Benoist are two of the newest cast members of the hit US musical TV series GLEE. And these two gorgeous girls together with their male counterparts just recently visited the Philippines! And I'm very glad that I met and talked with them in person! :)

Becca plays the character of Kitty Wilde while Melissa takes the role of Marley Rose in the said TV series.   

Because of their popularity, the two together with the other two male casts Dean Geyer and Jacob Artist became the newest endorsers of the Coca-Cola brand Coke. They visited the country for the said endorsement as well as to greet the Pinoy fans. 

Glad that I got invited in the grand presscon of these new GLEE cast members one Friday afternoon, June 7, 2014 held at The Manila Peninsula Hotel in Makati City.

After the presscon, I got a chance to personally talk and mingle with them. And they were truly friendly and approachable. They love to share their experience both in the US and here in the Philippines.

On my succeeding posts, I will share with you my photos with the male Glee members Dean Geyer and Jacob Artist so stay tune! c",)

This is another celebrity moment leveling up now in the International scene! (RCB)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Las Vegas Inspired Christmas Party!

Welcome to Las Vegas...!!! Yehey!

Your long wait is over! As I promised, here are some of our photos taken during our 2009 company wide Christmas Party last December 11, 2009 at the Hard Rock Cafe. Like I said, it was a Las Vegas themed party! Starting from the entrance, walls, floors, tables, and costumes of the guests and servers...all were pro-Vegas!

So, I'm giving you the chance to explore the party that was happened on that night. Enjoy your tour to Vegas...

Who Got The Best Pose?!

Our Team in Vegas!

Let's Have A Wacky One...!

The Stage Where All Will Happen...

Another Team Shot!

This is the Vegas World...!

Come In...It is Exclusive To Us!

Oops...A Left-Over Desert and Appetizer!

Enjoy Your Food...

Having A Photo With the Executive!


Having My Solo Shot!

Eden Wants To Have A Picture Of Me!

Here's Erl...Also Wants To Have A Pic With Me!

A Performance from our Glee Contest!

Just Like a Gay Glee Showgirls...!

Here was a Great Number Who Got the Loudest Applause!

A Breath-Taking Performance!!!

Oops...Can You Guess His/Her Gender...?!

Enjoying The Party...!!!

Do you enjoy our party? Do you love Las Vegas?! Do you like our venue? How about the motif?

Actually the party or the program ran from 6pm to 9pm. But you can have your party all night long! Some of my officemates stayed and had fun there 'till 2am! But in my group, we leaved the party at 9:30 after the program and too many picture takings!

I love this year's Christmas party! I really enjoyed! The venue was so right and it exactly replicate Vegas. The dining tables were like a gambling table full of money and cards! The foods were so delicious. You got a complete meal starting from salad appetizers (name your favorite salad, all were there!), different types of Japanese Suzi, bacon, ham, and of course the main meal dishes like meat, chicken, fish fillets, pancit canton guisado, etc. And for was your choice of beers, wine, light drinks, or just a simple ice tea!

I also like the was totally entertaining! Great performers, great performance! Each of them really deserve a around of applause!

I love the costumes of each participants and guests! Even the servers dressed well like Vegas! Oops...talking about the servers, yeah, I love one of them! She was my crush...Haha!

And most of all, the most thing that I do in the party was to have a photo! Each side of the walls, in every areas, name it...I have a photo! I really like our pictorials! Many, many photos to count! Haha...! We also had our photos in the glamor wall! But I'm sorry, I will not share it with you, it's exclusive!

Now it's your turn! What can you say about our party? How about our costumes, do it suits for Vegas? How about my attire? How did I looked on that night?! Hope you enjoy our trip to Las Vegas...!!! c",)

Merry Christmas!!!

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