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Monday, May 17, 2010

Mr. Moon Meets Ms. Venus!

Last night, Sunday at around 6:30pm while we were riding on a jeep with my mom to go shopping, we saw a crowd of people looking at the sky. Even all the service crews in the food chain Chowking were all outside their store and kept on looking the sky!

We wondered what's in the sky why their looking into. When we then looked up, we saw this beautiful appearance!

At first my mom thought that it was a spaceship! Then I said, nope, it was an eclipse! It was the moon-planet alignment!

While our jeep was moving, the figure was also moving. It seemed that the moon together with the planet were following us! And they were lovely to see!

When we went home, I immediately opened my Facebook account. And glad to see that the same image we've seen was scattering around the internet. My friends kept on tagging the same photos with each other! According to them, it was the alignment of the moon with the beautiful planet Venus! Wow!

Even though my cellphone camera was not in my hand when we saw that image, I'm so glad that I still caught an image of this one from two of my Facebook's friends! And the image was really very similar to the figure we had seen!

And truly, that night was a historic date to note. That night let Mr. Moon to meet the beautiful Ms. Venus! It was a romantic date between that two galactic 'creatures'! Hoping that I will also meet the same some other times! Mr. Moon was so lucky for that night...!!! C",)

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