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Monday, April 12, 2010

The Latest Soap Dispenser Design!

Have you been in the store nowadays? Have you checked out the latest soap dispenser design which is widely circulating?

Or maybe I should say, have you been in the toilet of the different known malls or public places and seen this latest innovation?

Well, if your answer is No, check the image below:

The Latest Soap Dispenser Design

What can you say seeing this latest hit design of soap dispenser? Or rather, what can you "feel" using this one?!

Well, maybe this is the reason why toilets of different public places nowadays were so full! Yeah, so many people inside them! I wonder why?! Now, I know the reason...! =)

And also, if you want to attract more customers in your store or in your restaurant, you know now what to put! Haha! I am then thinking...what if I put this latest design in the comfort rooms of my Rockz Cafe? What do you think?! Haha!

Thanks to for providing this one! You really helped a lot of people! And of course, you really provide a great solution to our current economic problems! Businessmen now got an idea! Haha!!! c",)

Resignation Letter!

Here is a resignation letter sent to me by my friend in Facebook! Really, blogging is a very big thing nowadays! Hayz...How can people live without it!!!

Read the whole letter above! You may enlarge it by clicking the image!

Well, what can you say? Did you see...did you see the impact...!

Small thing can cause a very big damage!

With this very small hobby, it affects the person himself...his health...his readers...his boss...their company...the people served by the company...the customers...the on and so forth!

So, what's your idea about this?! How can you stop the chain reaction!? c",)

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