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Saturday, December 12, 2015

December 2015: "Ending the Year Right"

2016 is fast approaching. And yes, we are now down to the last calendar page of 2015, the month of December.

December is really, really a very busy month for yours truly. Well, aside from attending side by side christmas parties and beating the christmas rush shopping, my social media is also 100 times more busy! I need to complete my annual yearender posts for my four blogsites including the much awaited Bits of Rocks' Top 15 highlights of 2015. Of course, another top list to do for 2016 is also up to write. I also need to finish the winners of my yearly TV Series Craze Awards. And I need to wrap up my running achievements for Runner Rocky. All of these are set to complete and post before the end of December before we welcome the new year!

2015 is such a very lucky year for me even though I struggle for my lovelife. They were still so many things to thank for! The highlights and the lowlights of my   2015 were all be revealed here so you should get ready!

Join me as I end 2015 with a huge thank and let's welcome 2016 with a big bang! Cheers! (RCB)

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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

November 2015: "A Birthday Party for Runner Rocky"

My sports and fitness blog Runner Rocky will be celebrating its first year birthday this November 24, 2015. Therefore, it means a huge party and a grand celebration!

Yes, there are so many good things to thank for. At a span of 1 year, Runner Rocky receives so many blessings including its recent recognition as the No. 1 Emerging Influential Blog of 2015. We will have a month long celebration for that in

Aside from that, November is also a month of collection. Yes, I am now starting to collect stickers  for my Starbucks 2016 Planner and I will share with you my day-to-day coffee time  to gather the stickers! 

Last month, I have started my new segment called #ThrowbackThursday wherein every Thursday, I feature great photo moments from the past! We will continue that this month onwards. :)

And of course, expect for new exciting and interesting posts from yours truly. 

November is indeed another fun-filled month of celebration. Let's spread happiness and love on this second to the last month of 2015! (RCB)

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Friday, May 1, 2015

May 2015: "Travel and Trends"

Superman is yours truly's trademark for the year. Yes, after creating a legacy last year playing as a merman in Manila Ocean Park, this year, I transformed into superman via a fun run dubbed as "World of DC Superheroes All-Star Fun Run."

Being superman is one of the trending topics I will share with you this month of May 2015. What more?! Well, since dubsmash is today's worldwide hit, I will share with you here in this blog my very own dubsmash creation featuring famous  lines from Piolo Pascual, Sam Milby, Coco Martin,  and Angel Locsin! And of course, lipsynch of songs from the different artists!

The month of May is also a month of tour and vacation. Therefore in this month, I will feature different places where I travel before.

So are you excited for brand new topics to be featured this month here in Bits of Rocks?! Let superman or should I say SuperAki or SuperRocky takes you to conquer travel and trends! (RCB)

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