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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Puppy Comes Out From the Blue Bag!

And finally he comes out from the blue bag! Do you got the right guess?

Check it out! Here's what's inside in this Blue Magic bag:

A puppy...a puppy...a puppy...! A soft little puppy! Take a quick glance on him!

What can you say about this puppy? Do you expect that a kind of this is inside this box?! He got a brown eyes and a brown face. His skin is pale white! What more can you say about him?!

Yup, that's what I've got in our recently concluded Kris-Kringle, our team 'Seafood' Christmas party held at the Dampa!

Looking at the face of this puppy, it seems that he's not that tame! It seems that he can immediately bite you! He got big eyes!

My officemate who gave me this gift said that she finds it hard to look for this kind of puppy. In my wish list, I said a dog or a big puppy. Or even a wild tiger or a cat! But I prefer an ipod! But I got surprised seeing this one!

To whom do you think I will give this one?! Do you think that person whom I'll give this puppy would like it?! Well, we'll wait and see! Merry Christmas! C",)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What's In the Blue Bag?!

What do you think is inside this blue bag?! Can you make your wildest guess?!

Yup, this is what I got from our recently held team Christmas party! Just what I told you, during our so-called 'Seafood' Christmas party at the Dampa, we also conducted our grand Kris-Kringle or Exchange Gift revelation!

Is there a magic in this Blue Magic bag?! What do you expect inside it?!

During our Kris-Kringle, I used "Midnight DJ" as my codename. "Ex-GF ni Jhun Pyo" was the codename of my girl officemate who gave me this gift!

Well on my next post, I will reveal what's really inside in this blue bag! So catch it up! Merry Christmas everyone! c",)

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