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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

At Home With Our New Employee Lounge!

On February 11, 2011 the same day of my third year anniversary here in my company, our newly developed and redesigned company pantry was inaugurated and now officially called as "Employee Lounge".

Would you like to see how our employee lounge looks like? Well, here's how:

These were just two of my photos taken in our new pantry/employee lounge. I didn't yet took photos of the whole lounge including the videoke area. Yup, in my next post, I will share with you different photos of our whole employee lounge!

As you can see, the pantry or the employee lounge is now looks like a bar or a coffee shop. The chairs were very luxurious! The area where I'm siting is the side which depicts a coffee shop. It is composed of yellow sofas with glass coffee tables in the middle. The sinks and the drawers for the plates and utensils were even redesigned to make it more elegant!

And our favorite place here in the employee lounge is the videoke room! Yes, there is an enclosed videoke room! This is the place where we hang-out every break time. We enjoy singing different songs in it! I already sang many songs here! On my next post, I will share with you how our luxurious videoke room looks like!

So, consider this only as a teaser of my next exciting posts regarding our elegant employee lounge! Have a good day to everyone! c",)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Industry of Mining!

Mining industry nowadays is one of the fast growing industry! Since we are now in the age of modernization and hi-tech equipments, mining provides one of the reasons to achieve this kind of modernization! Oils, metals, golds, and other engineering materials and elements would not become readily available without mining!

And because of this, more and more people were now inclining in the world of mining! Many people were now seeking to have a job in the field of mining! And one of the best and well-known company in the field of mining is the Mining Australia!

What is Mining Australia? What great services did it provides with the job seekers like us?!

Mining Australia is the leading company in the field of mining which provides assistance for people wanting to work in the mining industry. They set up your career goals by serving like an advisers. This is through providing trainings, finding the types of jobs suited to you, and helping locate companies that may be able to meet your specific preferences.

What more did they offer? Well, they find the types of jobs suited to you. They even provide details on any additional training you may need. They even help you avoid making common mistakes people frequently make along the way. They also give you details on indicative salary figures so you get what you are worth and provides details you need to know about FIFO and DIDO jobs, and where to get them! Exciting!

And of course, they always equip our knowledge about explanations of the day to day operations and processes on the mine site, so you know your stuff!

Besides mining, positions like dump truck driving roles wherein you will handle dump truck driving jobs, traineeships, and apprenticeships were also provided! It will surely maximize your mining employment prospects!

Great! Mining industry is really a must! Why not pursue this kind of career instead of pursuing others where many took! I'm pretty sure, wealth and richness were just a touch away in this field! C",)

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