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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sozy Little Piggy!

If you're already seen a sozy pussycat in the persona of Miming Negro, how about her counterpart in terms of a piggy babe?!

Well, look at this picture! Yeah, this is an SC (social climber) little piggy! Hahaha...!

It seems that this pig didn't want her feet to get wet in this muddy place! Oh, she even had her choice to wear red boots rather than wearing any type of foot wear! And look, her four feet were all wrapped with red boots! Too cozy...! Maybe these boots were as expensive as her! Do you think so?!

But then I just wonder, why did she only covers her feet and not all her body? Why not wear some clothes and not only wear boots?! Hmmm...

But with or without any upper clothes, this piggy is really cute! She seems so kind and tame! What do you think?! Will you want her to be your loving pet?! C",)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Cutie Cutie Cool Pets

Hi! Do I Look More Beautiful Than You!?

Pets are pets...! Animals were still animals...! But, what if the animals or pets you have eventually turned into a crazy one!? How will you handle now your miming or pooh-pooh!?

Well guys, I like to share with you these crazy cool but still cute pets! Oh God! They just keep me reminding of the same pets I have! Let us see if they can beat Miming Negro, Pupuh the Puppy, Mimi, Pipi, Redy, Spotty, my three black little kittens, and my lovable civet! Oops...if you think there were all my pets I have, think again 'coz I have other more pets that I will reveal soon! So stay tune! c',)

I Will surrender...Yeah I will...! Put Your Gun Down!

Good Morning...! Hello Philippines and Hello World!

Ohhh...Do This To Me Very Quick...Ohhh!

I Love You...I Love You... I Do...!

Hahaha...! They really keep my stomach upside down! I can help laughing and laughing with their cool personalities. They were such a 'special' animal needing a full attention! I even wish to touch them or hug them too tight since they were very cute!

Oh, they were so lovely just like my pets that I mentioned above! What if my pets combine or join with them!? Rest then assures that it will such a crazy marry-go-round carambola encounter! A royal rumble of the animals!

Well, if I were to ask you, did they already surpassed my pets!? Do they have the same traits with the animals I have in our home!? You may freely posts your comments about them! pets really love feedbacks from their fans! Hahaha...! See yah! c",0

Upcoming 'Animaserye' Teaser

I know you really love my first animaserye offering, "Sa Piling Ng Mga Pusa" with an english working subtitle "In The Hands of the Cats"!

But don't worry 'coz this is not only the first and the last. Yeah, you're definitely right 'coz many more animaserye episodes will come on this blog! Are you excited to the other more animaserye stories!?

So, get ready with the next animaserye stories. These were the following with their corresponding subtitles that you shouldn't miss:

* "Pusa, Pusa...Paano Ka Ginawa?" (How You Were Made?)

* "Munting Osong Nakapula" (Little Red Ridding Bear)

* "Pusang Puti" (White Cat)

* "Magkatipan Sa Kagubatan" (Lovers In Forest)

* "Nasaan Ka Daga?" (Where Are You?)

* "Silang Mga Tuta" (They were Dogs)

Hahaha...seems that you are watching an Indie film ha! But then, since the Metro Manila Film Festival is fast approaching, my pet animals will also compete with their very own animaserye!

See how great they are! They will compete or they have both entries for MMFF and for the Primetime TV series with their animaserye because they have an animaserye as counterpart of our todays teleserye with an indie film-like title! All in one! Hahaha...!

I also like to congratulate Mimi and Pipi for their first starring role in "Sa Piling Ng Mga Pusa" together with Miming Negro and to the rest of the cast! c",)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pussycat Gave Birth to Three Kittens!

Yeah! It smells baby shower...rather kitten shower! Yup, Miming Negro just recently gave birth to three little cute kittens! They were so cute!!

As we always say, "like mother, like children" or "like mother cat, like kittens"! These three little kittens were like their mother. Look at their color, complexion, and of course, their attitude..."Miming na miming"!

They were like just one great happy family! Pussy's kittens were as active as her. "Grabe...ang kukulit at ang lilikot nila!"

Oh my...Oh my...not just one, but three more! If recently only one cat always attacks our kitchen and my bag...look at now...3 more cats! Four cats will attack our kitchen! mom will be problematic then! Hmmm...what will she do now?!

They love to play in our house. They love roaming around! So sorry cat and kittens, if you're looking for rats and mice, we don't have that! Our home doesn't have any rats or mice, even insects! They were strictly prohibited in our house. That's why our home always maintans cleanliness!Hmmm...if it's that the case, our kitchen, dinning table, my bag, or even our refrigerator will all be in danger!

Well..."makulit or magulo man", I still love this cat family. Congratulation Miming, you now have three little kids! Just always take good care of them. I know that you're such a good mother pussy. But, beware of my mom. If she saw you together with your kittens invading our out! Now the family of Negro invades our house!! What can you say on them? Will you love them?! I will always keep you posted with their activities! c",)

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