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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Teaching the Doctors!

This 2011, I have been hospitalized twice. First was last June for my surgery and the second one was last September when I was diagnosed with Dengue. Thanks God, all things back to normal now!

Because of these experiences, the hospital near in our place becomes closer to my heart. We already knew by the attending doctors and nurses. What more, I got a secret crush with one of the doctors and nurses who took care of me! Hehe...

I love the training these doctors had! Aside from being experienced doctors, I like how they discuss things with me. Do you imagine if they attended in medical training company?!

Well, taking about a medical training company, Oxford Medical is in!

Oxford Medical is one of the UK's largest and best providers of medical interview skills training, medical teaching course, medical management course and other career development courses. Formed in 2004 they are an established company with a history of success and have a formidable reputation. Based in Oxford and London they provide expert help and tuition in management training, interview skills training and Medical Education training to current doctors. Their various interview courses and consultant interview course are aimed at those with a consultant interview, GPST or CT/ST Interview. With the current competitive climate within the NHS medical job market they are fully aware of what you require. Their tutors are experts in this field, fully trained and have vast experience in the medical selection process. What more, they even have the so-called teach the teacher course wherein the teacher were given further more useful trainings!

All their courses have been externally assessed and validated and come with recognized CDP certification.

This is why Oxford Medical is considered to be the best medical training company in the UK.

Great! Thanks that there is a training company like this which truly equip the skills of the doctors! Keep it up! c",)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

In the Field of Medicine!

When I was a child do you know what profession I'm dreaming of? Actually during our childhood school days, whenever our teacher asked me what profession I would like to pursue, I told them..."I want to be a doctor"!

Yup a doctor! When I was a kid, I was inspired with the different doctors and nurses I've watched on TV. I like their intelligence, the way they can cure an ill person. I like how they explain the reasons behind diseases and the explanation about the anatomy of the human body.

Another thing, I like the way they dress!

It seems that they were very clean and neat. I love their white lab coat. A female nurse looks very pretty while a male nurse looks very handsome while wearing this! I wonder someday, I will also look very neat and handsome wearing uniform and scrubs the nurses or doctors wear!

I even love the medical tools they were using! I love to see them having scrub sets while holding a stethoscope or another medical tool in their hands. They look too professional!

That's why in elementary and in high school my favorite subject is science! I was a topnotcher student specially in Biology! I love to study cells, tissues, organs, and systems! I like to research about the human anatomy! I love to dissect a fish, a frog, or an insect! And I memorized all the kingdoms of the different species!

But things had changed. Now I was more inclined in IT, in the field of computer and technology and in the field of engineering! Yup, I am a more techie man now! My dream to be in the field of medicine is now only a dream! I am happier now in the profession I have! C",)

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