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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's Raining Every All Saint's Day

Yup, it always rains every All Saint's Day! Did you also observed that or noticed this trend?!

I didn't remember any 'Todos Los Santos' without rain every afternoon. Since I was a kid, I always experienced and observed that rains follow every All Saint's Day! Do you wonder why this is happening?!

According to my aunt, it rains every All Saint's Day because the dead were crying! "Lumuluha raw ang mga patay dahil walang dumadalaw sa kanila..."!

In one of my favorite radio stations, the DJ also explained this theory. It's the same thing! According to her, the dead were crying! They were crying because for the first time they received flowers! "Nung nabubuhay pa sila, walang nagbibigay sa kanila ng bulaklak at hindi pa sila nakakatanggap na bigyan nito kahit na minsan. 'Nung namatay na, dun na madami nagbibigay sa kanila"! Who do you think will never cry receiving flowers for the very first time?!

Scientifically, they were no proofs about these theories. These were also jokes for others! But if you analyzed deeply, why did it rains every first day of November when people were visiting their love ones in the cemetery?!

Do you have any other more explanations for this?! Why does it rains every All Saint's Day?! Are dead really crying?! Well, don't be shy to post your comments and interpretations! Let me hear from. Let's share our ideas! C",)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Remembering Our Departed Love Ones!

Today is another All Saint's Day, a very popular tradition to all the Filipinos! Many people were scattered in different cemetery to visit their love ones who already passed away.

Just like us who have just arrived from home. Yup, we already visited our love ones in North Cemetery. With my mother, my two cousins, my brother-in-law, my little niece, and my aunt, we prayed and lighted candles to our departed loves ones!

Every November 1, we do this annual tradition to commemorate our dead members of the family.

We were so glad and fulfilled that for this year, we had visited the tombs of our four love ones. My auntie, my daddy, my lola, and my lolo were all visited.

My auntie just passed away two months ago. We never forget to visit her and light candles for her. My grandfather and my grandmother rest in the same place with my auntie. My grandfather died 18 years ago while my grandmother 11 years ago.

After our visit in their place, we then went to my father's tomb. It was almost 6pm when we reached his place. We prayed and light candles for him. He went with the Lord four years ago!

After our visits, we still lighted candles here in our home at the start of the eve. This was another tradition every 'Todos Los Santos'!

Hayz...though sad with their loss, we still happy for them. Happy that they already rest with our Lord. That they were already in peace without experiencing anymore pains, sufferi9ngs, trials, and challenges. And we were happy and fulfilled that for this year, we were able to visit them and light candles for them!

How about you, do you already visited your departed love ones?! Do you already lighted candles for them or prayed for their souls?! Let's never forget them. Let's keep their memories and good deeds in our hearts!C",)

Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Night of Halloween!

Today is another October 31! And this day is another popular day to all of us. As they say, this day is the so-called "bimperas ng araw ng mga patay"!

Since I was I child, I know that this night is the night wherein the souls of our departed love ones visited us. Yeah, it's such a frightening night since their souls return in our home to remind us that tomorrow is their day. A day for us to visit them!

It seems true! I already had experiences pertaining to this beliefs.

The first one was during college. It was a Halloween night in our previous rented home. The grandparents of our neighbor were already dead. They believe that during a night like this, their souls visited them. They have dogs. And we know that if a dog do an 'alulong' sound, it sees a ghost! And that very night, their dog eventually 'umalulong' saying "awooohhh"!!! That made me believed that the souls of their love ones already came and visited them!

Another experience is just this day. Yup, only this morning!

You know that my beloved auntie already passed away last August 23, 2010. And just this morning, I had a dream. I was watching TV particularly a Willie Revillame's "Wowowee". Then my auntie came in my room. I said to her that my eyes were tired. She touched and massage my eyes to heal. I also complained to her that I experienced some health disorder. Then she said, she has no power to heal. But still she keeps on massaging my eyes.

Before she go, I told her that I already bought my laptop. She was very happy to see my new laptop. She even asked me to teach her play a game with my new laptop. I even introduced to her my little black stuff toy kitten. I say she's the child of Miming Negro!

When she leaved my room, I eventually woke up. It seems so very real! I didn't thought that it was just a dream! My auntie just visited me today through my dream!

Hayz...that were some of my real life experience pertaining to Halloween, a night where souls visited their remaining love ones based on our beliefs!

But in other countries like in Canada and US, Halloween is a night for kids, another party celebration! Trick or treats and costume parties were some of the activities they annually celebrated!

So, let's spend this night according to what we believe! Again, let me greeted you with:

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Picture Story 8: 'Till Death Do Us Part!

Oops...I know Halloween was over! But, it's not the Halloween that I want to emphasize. Instead, it's the Valentines that I like to highlights!

Before we depart the month of the heart, allow me to still give you a love-featured post!

Have you see the picture? Well, at first you will get frightened! This picture seems to came from the oldest 'baul' and the persons in the portrait were already withered!

Well if I were to ask you, how do you interpret this picture? What is the real meaning it wants to connote?! What will be the real story behind it? Do you believe in it?!

I know your heart was beating faster. Maybe because you're really afraid of that picture or that you're really inspired! But one thing for sure, you will truly love the true message behind it! Have you got it?!! c",)

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