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Sunday, January 27, 2013

A 7-Month Old Baby Dances the 'Gangnam Style!'

I've just watched this new viral video from YouTube as it was featured in the late night news of Net 25. In the video, it shows a 7-month old baby dancing the Psy's hit dance craze, "Gangnam Style."

The baby is so cute! And he was able to dance to the beat of the hit song. After watching the news program, I immediately search this on YouTube to share it with you.

See it yourself! Here is the cool viral video featuring the 7-month old baby doing the Gangnam:

"Gangnam Style" is truly a huge phenomenal hit all over the world! Even a cute little baby like this was influenced by it! Thanks Psy for bringing us this dance craze!

This 2013, what do you think will be the next phenomenal trending hit song after "Gangnam?" Well, we'll wait and see! (RCB) 

Monday, October 31, 2011

The Music Video of Michael Jackson's "Thriller!"

This is the biggest selling album of all time from the King of Pop, Michael Jackson! Almost all of us were familiar with this all-time dance craze song. And many really know the trade mark dance step of it popularized by MJ.

Since we are now on the season of Halloween, let me share with you this great music video featuring the creatures from darkness, zombies, monsters, and other supernatural things. "Thriller" truly marks the Halloween!

Here is the said movie-like music video! Let's all watch this:

Yup, while watching this MTV, it feels like I'm also watching a horror movie! The cinematography is great! The intro is the best! "Simula pa lang mapapasigaw ka na...!!!"

Now I know why it became an all-time favorite hit! It truly created a trademark in the world of music! And it is a favorite Halloween treat!

Great one Michael Jackson! We really appreciate your talent your highness...!!! c",)

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