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Thursday, July 25, 2013

JAG Pictorial 3 - 'Sizzling with the Hunks'

JAG is a well-known clothing brand in the international market with their stylish signature jeans, cool semi-formal attires, classy casual wears, and sexy underwears. 

During the awards night of the 2013 Yahoo OMG Awards, I had my pictorial for their brand being one of their endorsers introducing their formal wear. 

JAG is also known for having their sexy hot foreign models. And I'm glad that I have them together with me in a pictorial. Check out our sizzling hot photo:

Yes, together with me were the yummy hunk foreign models of JAG you always see on JAG posters, billboards, or paper bags. On that night, I was able to mingle and pose shot with them!

While topless exposing their sexy abs and chest, yours truly is on blue semi-formal attire. The models were endorsing the underwear and jeans while yours truly on the other hand is endorsing their formal apparel. Thus, the rock and the hunks compliment the shot!

We're done with my three cool pictorials with JAG! Three photos, three themes! Which of the three photos do you like and love the most?! With the JAG models, yours truly once more leveled up in the international scene! (RCB)

Friday, July 22, 2011

An HP Printer and BSP Money Endorser!

It's nice to be an endorser and advocate promoting original products! In the recently concluded event which fights fake products, I'm so glad being one of a commercial models!

Hewlett-Packard or HP company and Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas or BSP joined hands in promoting original products and fighting counterfeited items. The event was called 'No to Fakes' and was held in Landmark Trinoma Mall. It was delegated by other celebrities like Tessa Nieto-Valdez, Bam Aquino, Pia Magallona, and Elmo Magallona.

Below are some of my photoshots in the said event. Let's take a quick glance on these:

Aside from being a perfect endorser of their genuine products, I also enjoyed the different booths provided by these two big companies.

One of the booths is the BSP booth wherein they allow you to exchange your old peso bill to the new one. I was able to exchange my Php500, Php100, Php50, and Php20 bills into the new ones!

I also enjoyed the pictorial for a magazine cover. Yes, they'll launch their magazine called 'Original' mag and I'm the cover boy! Hehe...! I'll share with you the said cover in my next post.

And most of all, I enjoyed picture taking with the stars like Tessa Nieto-Valdez, Pia Magallona, and Elmo Magallona! Yup, I'll share with you those pictures in my next posts! Exciting!

We also watched a simple concert performed by Elmo and Imago during the event! Great!

This said event is a two-part event. I attended the first one. It was really fun and fulfilling even though I went home at 3pm from a night shift work! Hehe...!!! c",)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Certified Cover Boy!

Billboards, internet, drawing pads, paintings...all were dominated by Rocky! What more do you want to invade?!

As a model besides having billboards and photographs, the other thing that distinguish the model like me is the magazine! Yup, a commercial or a ramp model is also a certified magazine cover boy! And this is the proof!

It so pleasant and fluttering to be in a cover of a prestige magazine. What more exciting and fulfilling is to be handle by a beautiful girl like her! Oh, she will keep me. She will handle me with care. She will hold me tight! She will always take good care of me. She always touches me! And she will always look at me! How nice...! =)

Insecure?! I hope that this beautiful girl is my girlfriend. I wish she will be mine! But the good thing is that, I'm her! I am always with her everywhere she will go...! c",)

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