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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mags for Brewed Coffee!

Last month, I had brought two special coffee mags in SM Department store in our place! Two cute and catchy mags that will let you drink and smell the aroma of brewed coffee!!

Actually, there are different designs of the said coffee mag. But I need to buy only two - for me and for my brother since my mom already have one!

And here are what I've chose:

The coffee mags have different designs corresponding to your coffee choice. In my case, I prefer to buy the two mags with design and label of Cappuccino and Espresso coffees!

I'm not contended with these two mags. I have plans of buying the other mags in the department store to include them in my new collection - the mag collection! I promise to myself to comeback in the department store to buy the rest.

But, it was so sad! When I returned to pick the other mags, they were already out of stocks! "Sayang!"

They have new mag collection but I don't like them! I don't want the designs and the styles of the new batch were not my time! Maybe next time, they will have these kind of mags! Hopefully! c",)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Our State of the Art Employee Lounge!

As promised, I will share with you how our new office pantry or now called as the "Employee Lounge" looks like! It is now more elegant and luxurious. As they say, it is with the state of the touch!

Our new employee lounge is inspired by a modern bar and a coffee shop. From floor to ceiling, it's very artistic!

I took photos of our beautiful employee lounge. I have pictures of each area to share with you. So let's all take a glance with our reinvented pantry. Here is it:

A Bar-Like and A Coffee Shop Inspired Lounge

A Relaxation Area

A Glass Door on the Side

The Tables and Chairs

Food Serving Station

The Employee Lounge Sinks and Plate Keepers

Heating and Cooling Area

What can you say about our new pantry or employee lounge?! Do you love it? Do you like its design?!

On the side, the coffee shop area with the yellow sofa, the two massage chairs were also located!

The lights were also great. It seems that you are eating in a hi-class restaurant whenever you're inside in this lounge! Nice!

The sinks and plate keeping cabinets were also renovated. The wooden cabinets were fully painted with varnish.

And the most important part of this employee lounge which is my favorite is the videoke room! Yup, we have a separated enclosed area here which is like a KTV bar or a music room! Don't worry, on my next post I will share it with you! This is the place where we sing. The place wherein my talent in singing was discovered!

So feel free to come with me here in our office. And we will eat together here in our lounge. Aftewards, we will singing sweet songs! c",)

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