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Thursday, October 3, 2019

Villa Del Conte is the Most Ideal Corporate Christmas Gift

This Christmas, express your gratitude and appreciation to your business associates and friends. Show them how much you value your partnership in the season of celebration and giving with a sweet token from Villa Del Conte.

Ideal for corporate Christmas gifts, Villa Del Conte gift boxes come with their  signature artisanal chocolates from Padova, Italy and a bottle of Italian wine, or a can of Italian coffee elegantly wrapped in a wooden box.

With the Yuletide season just around the corner, now is the best time to start your planning for the best corporate Christmas present. Beat the holiday rush and let Villa Del Conte help you with its premium gift boxes which can be customized according to budget, including ribbons and gift tags making it a perfect holiday present.

To order or know more about how you can make your corporate gifts this season more special, visit Villa del Conte stores in Greenbelt 5 and SM Megamall. For bulk orders and to know more about Villa Del Conte’s indulgent creations, contact 893-2575, visit, or follow them on Facebook and Instagram: @VillaDelContePh and on Twitter: @villadelconte. 10/03/2019 (Bits of Rocks)

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I Received My Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolates Gift Package!

Just this morning, I received my Cadbury Dairy Milk package delivered via LBC! The package contains three variants (with 2 pieces each) of the my favorite Cadbury chocolate brand!

The three top-selling variants of the chocolates were the Fruit & Nut, the Cashew & Cookies,  and the  Dairy Milk. Of these three flavors, I opened and tasted first the Dairy Milk  since this is my favorite variant! It's smooth and creamy! I love to taste the milk mixed in a chocolate! The two more flavors were shared to my mother, brother, uncle, and hopefully to the love of my life!  

I love to eat chocolate since my childhood days. And yes, Cadbury is the brand I love the most! And take note, the brand is the oldest and the original chocolate brand in the world!

Well, to give you a quick trivia  about Cadbury, Cadbury Dairy Milk's delicious history started in 1824 when a young Quaker named John Cadbury opened a tea, coffee and cocoa shop in Birmingham in the United Kingdom. The shop prospered within 18 years and by the year 1842, John Cadbury was selling 11 kinds of cocoa and 16 kinds of drinking chocolate. His brother, Benjamin eventually joined him to form the Cadbury Brothers of Birmingham Company. 

The company eventually emerged as a family empire dominating the different parts of the world! Until in 2003, a local Philippine brand partnered with Cadbury. Nice!

The Three Variants of Cadbury Dairy Milk

The Chocolate Gift Package was Delivered Via LBC

Unboxing Six Pieces of Three Variants of Chocolates!

Until now, Cadbury is the leading chocolate brand in the world! Then why do you think it stands above the rest?! Well for me, it's definitely because of its "smooth and creamy" package. “Smooth and creamy” refers to the texture of Cadbury Dairy Milk and the pleasure that comes with eating it. 

This Friday, I'll attend the Cadbury event and will experience more exciting "smooth and creamy" surprises! Thanks much Cadbury for this lovable gift chocolate package! You rock! (RCB)

An Invite for the Cadbury Dairy Milk 'Creamy Chocolate Fountain' Launch!

I received an exclusive invite to the upcoming Cadbury Dairy Milk  event dubbed as the "Creamy Chocolate Fountain"  launch happening this Friday, July 5, 2013 in one of the prestige mall.

Honestly, this is my first time to attend a Cadbury event that's why excitement fulfills my senses! Yes, Cadbury Dairy Milk  chocolate is the brand that I love the most! Why, it's because it tastes amazing! The brand is dubbed as "smooth and creamy!" This is the texture of Cadbury Dairy Milk and the pleasure that comes with eating it making it the No. 1 favorite chocolate brand in the whole world!

Here are the details of the events that I will join with:

Since this is my first time to attend the Cadbury Dairy Milk event, I expect a lot of things from it! First since I'm a celebrity blogger, I am expecting to see and mingle with the stars present in the event. Who do you think are the celebrities present in the event?! Well, we'll wait and see! Second, I'm expecting for fun and new games and contests that I can join in. I want also to taste the chocolate in the creamy fountain! And of course, I want to take home more new chocolate variants to given in the event! Hahaha! 

I am very much familiar with Cadbury Dairy Milk  product. I remember my childhood days eating with it together with my friends! And yes, I love to share it with the love of my life! It's so sweet eating Cadbury Dairy Milk together with your sweetheart! 

Of all the Cadbury chocolate variants, what I love and like the most is the Dairy Milk flavor. Yes, because I love the creaminess of milk embed on the chocolate! Hahaha sounds techie isn't it?! :) 

On my next post, I will share with you the three different variants of Cadbury Dairy Milk products which I received a while ago delivered in our home! Thanks so much! :) 

And of course, after the event, I will share with you my "sweet and creamy" moment attending it! So watch out for that! (RCB)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The 'U Rock 7' Gifts of Appreciation!

Like I've told you on my previous post, I will share with you my simple but cute gifts of appreciation which I gave to my awardees in my recently concluded "U Rock 7". And here they go!

These are seven cute souvenir items I bought and gave to my top performing people during my release project. Let's take a quick glance on them.

These cute items are special memo notes and casing with a 'Good Work' or 'Good Job' or 'Excellent' marks. Of course at the back of them, I wrote my simple message and dedication of their job well done! I expressed in the said message how I appreciate their good works!

"U Rock 7" is a spin off of my first "U Rock 5". "U Rock" is my very own initiative which recognized the top performing people during my project. I chose the best among them and I rewarded them with gifts and chocolate at the end of our project.

These cute gifts of appreciations come together with the Choco Mucho. They were very happy and thankful for these simple gifts of appreciation!

"U Rock" is my way of saying thank you. It's my style of appreciating my top-performing people! It's my very own initiative of motivating people! 'Till next time of my next round of "U Rock"! c",)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Choco Mucho for U Rock Awards!

One of my trademark in every awards that I give is a chocolate. During my trainings, I always gave chocolates as one of my many prizes. And during my two "U Rock" awards, I gave chocolate to my awardees.

It started in "U Rock 5", I gave my recipients chocolate. And this chocolate is the ChocoMucho.

In my recently concluded "U Rock 7", I retain the ChocoMucho. Yup, I still gave my awardees this delicious chocolate-caramel crunch together with my souvenir items.

Unlike "U Rock 5" wherein I gave different flavors of ChocoMucho, in "U Rock 7", I bought one flavor. I bought this box of ChocoMucho and gave it to my seven outstanding people!

On my next post, I will share with you those simple cute souvenir items which I gave to them! Keep on rocking on! U Rock! c",)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Gift and the Cupcake

Last night when I arrived in my office, these two items were found in my workstation!

Yup, I received another batch of gifts from my fellow teammates! These two items were the first items which will comprise the second batch of Christmas gifts I got for this year!

A cupcake and a gift! Yeah, I received another chocolate cupcake made by one of my teammates who loves to bake! And just like our new manager who gave us her own-made cupcake yesterday, she wants us to taste her own masterpiece!

Besides that chocolate cupcake, I also received something wrapped in Christmas wrapper! Can you guess what is it?! Well, I will tell you later after I opened it on Christmas day!

More gifts to reveal on my next post! See yah! Happy Holidays to all! C",)

Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Rock's Choco-Gelatin Dessert

Last Sunday, I've tried another recipe! Just like I did before, I made my own but this time it was a dessert!

I know all of you were really familiar with gelatin! Yup, this is the soft-bar gelatin which is boiled in hot water to melt then afterward will be cooled until it solidifies and eventually form as a gelatin. This is usually serve during holidays. And take note, this is my favorite!

So, to make a difference, I experimented a new flavor of it!

Setting Aside the Boiled Mixture to Cool

Serving the Mixture...

Usually this gelatin comes in buko pandan, white, or in a variety of colored flavors. But this time, I tried experimenting a new flavor...a chocolate one!

How this differs from the usual one? How did I make it?!

First, the great difference with this was that it was my own made! A rocky inspired recipe! Yeah, I just made an experiment to cook and serve a gelatin in a chocolate flavor! But take note, the gelatin that I have used was the ordinary white one. I just added other ingredients to make it a chocolate flavor!

What are the ingredients? Of course the ordinary white bar gelatin to be boiled in hot water, an evaporated milk (my first plan was to use a fresh UHT milk, but since my brother drank the fresh milk, I have left nothing but to use the evaporated one!), white sugar, and the powder chocolate (similar to the Hershey's Brand Choco/Cocoa usually served in the different food chains). Now that my ingredients were complete, I started creating the recipe!

This is the Chocolate Powder I have Used!

So dark, yummy, and chocolaty!

Here how I made it:

First, boiled the bar gelatin in hot water. When it was totally dissolved, mix the powder chocolate with it and wait 'till the powder choco dissolved in it. Make sure it was totally blended with the hot boiling gelatin. You will see like a hot boiling chocolate drink! Afterward, pour the evaporate milk with the mixture. The former dark boiling chocolate will now turning into a lighter chocolate! Then add table spoons of sugar! Wait for a couple of minutes then when the mixture was totally boiling, turn-off now your stove to start the cooling process!

Now, remove your mixture from the stove and set it aside to cool. Then pour now the mixture into different gelatin plates. When the mixture was distributed into their appropriate plates, allow them to be totally cooled! When they were cooled, store them now in your refrigerator! That's it! There were now ready to serve and eat!

So easy right! But how does it taste?!

The look and appearance was like a hot chocolate drinks serve in the different food chains solidified into a gelatin. But in my recipe, the taste of milk and chocolate will be tasted since lots of milk were poured to a mixture of dark chocolate! Imagine the taste of Hershey's Kisses chocolate, it taste like that!!! Terrific! I made another recipe of my own!

My mother and brother truly enjoyed my new recipe! They loved it and asked for more! Since my recipe became successful, I promised to them to made another one! But next time, I will now use my original plan of mixing it with the Fresh UHT milk instead of the evaporated!

How about you want to taste my dessert?! Well, next time when you visit here in our home, I will serve it to you! c",)

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