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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Different Types of Lucky Bamboo Plant!

I got addicted in raising this so-called Lucky Bamboo plants. Actually, I have four vases of it placed on our living room's glass center table.

Recently, I have shared with you about these lucky charm plants. I even gave you the two ways of raising it. The first one is through water while the other is through magic jelly.

Today I will share with you the different types of it. After window shopping in the nearby malls, I took pictures of these interesting indoor plants. And here are some of its types:

The Big Branched Bamboo Plants

Tiny Bamboo Plants Soaked in Water

Growing Bamboo Plants on Jelly

Individual Lucky Bamboo Plants

Well, which of these do you like most?!

Actually these plants can be classify according to their sizes. It can be very small, medium, and large. It even have a big version of it with twisted branch!

They can also classify through their arrangements. Tiny plants can be grouped together and soaked in a watery vase.

In my case I both used water and jelly. But I don't know why those raised in magic jellies died so I decided to use water. All my lucky bamboo plants now are using water and placed in four different vases!

So, are you now convinced to take some in your home?! c",)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

At Home with Tigers!

It's already year of the tiger! Tiger is everywhere! Just like the Chinese beliefs every new year, you should have the animal who owns the year. And it's much better if that animal is your gift to the other person. That's why every opening of the year, malls, markets, and lucky charm shops were all selling the animal horoscope of the year. It's a sign of good luck and charm as indicated by the Chinese beliefs!

But in our home, look what we got! It's tiger, tiger, tiger...! It's tiger everywhere!

Really Tame and Lovable Pets

Reddy and Spotty Love to Play and Play

My two tiger pets Reddy and Spotty were really happy as they know that they were the bida of the year! They were such a 'bibo' type of pets to have! Again, they love to roam around our home and play everything they like! But don't get afraid as they were truly tame and kind to everyone! You could hug and handle them!

What other more tigers we have? Then let's see!

I Love this Tiger Display!

The World of Tiger!

One of the Beautiful Tiger Calendar!

As you see it yourself, we had lots of tiger displays! Red tigers for the lucky house!

We have lots of tiger calendar! We bought some of them while some where given by friends! Look at them as they dominate our walls and our display areas! What can you say?!

So as we enter the year of the tiger, are you convinced that having a tiger image in your home or in your working area could bring lots of lucks? Hmmm....!!!

But if I were to ask, I really love tigers! I like them! I love the cute little tiger stuffs and the pictures of them! I remember during my childhood in our previous home, we had a beautiful tiger carpet! But we couldn't have it anymore since they were stolen! And talking more of the tiger, during collage, my experiment papers were full of tiger arts and design which enabled me to got the highest grade because of these tigers! Tiger then was became my trademark!

So, hope you had fun as we enter the year of the tiger!!! c",)

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