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Monday, June 18, 2018

10 Ways to Have an Extra Special Father’s Day

When it comes to gift giving and celebrations nothing can be more difficult than preparing for a surprise for Father’s Day.  After all, what else can you give to a person who has the means to thoughtfully provide for all of your family’s needs day in and day out? Of course there’s nothing wrong with giving the ubiquitous tie, money clip or wallet but if you really want your dad to have an extra special day, then it’s time to plan activities or presents that he will truly enjoy. 

1. Let him indulge in a little “me” time 

Dads have some of the busiest schedules. They juggle work and family time, and are left with almost zero time for themselves. This Father’s Day, deliberately give them a day off. Keep the kids preoccupied with tasks or playthings so dad can focus on things that will make him relax and enjoy like watching his favorite game or series, uninterrupted time online, or even a quick jog outdoors. 

2. Spend the day playing his favorite sport

Father’s love to share their interests with their family. Whether it’s a sport like running or football to restoring vintage cars or collecting vintage LPs, dads feel a special bond with their families when they have a shared interest. Spend the day on the field and talking shop and techniques so the entire family can improve their game. A visit to a sport shop afterwards is also a fun way to cap a tiring yet fulfilling game. Athletic dads who love football for instance, will enjoy a trip with the entire family to a specialty store like Nike Bootcamp where they can try on the latest football boots and cleats, or buy an extra pair of pro gloves and shin guards. To him, it will seem like outfitting an entire team.

3. Let him live out a dream

Let’s admit it, guys, father’s included, have a thing for driving. For dads who secretly dream of riding of into the sunset on a two-wheeled muscle machine, they can now live out their fantasy by enrolling in the Ducati Riding Experience (DRE). Drop by the Ducati shop at the Commercenter to book a class where they will be trained by Ducati Certified Instructors. Not only will they brush up on their motorcycle riding skills, dads will get a DRE kit, certificate, practical session, and of course hours of riding time on a Ducati motorcycle! Sweet! If you want to make your pop’s day even sweeter, get him an accessory or two which can serve as a memento.

4. Support his hobbies

If you’re father is more of a cyclist than a biker, a trip to Epic Cyle at the Commercenter might just be the highlight of your dad’s day. From performance footwear, helmets, handle bars and frames, the store has everything a hard core cycling enthusiast needs for a perfect ride. Be ready to while away some time as its easy to get enthralled with all that gear.

5. Give time to play with his “toys”

It wouldn’t be surprising if your dad spent considerable time tuning or jazzing up his car when he still had spare time in his hands. This Father’s Day let him spend time doing what he used to do over the weekends – taking care of his second “baby,” his car. To top it off, literally gift him with a new set of Bridgestone wheels like another set of passenger tires, new wet tires for the rainy season or a 4x4 set for off-road adventures.

6. Send him to boot camp

All father’s wear different hats. Some are even serious athletes or weekend warriors. These sporty dads now have a chance to up their game by joining a high performance sports program that can help them reach their full potential. Enroll your dad into a Sports or Performance Training Program at Focus Athletics to help him achieve his fitness goals faster. Or better yet, tag along and be his workout buddy so you can bond and encourage each other over drills and exercises.  

7. Encourage him to relax, refresh and recharge

For the dad who needs rest and relaxation, a chance to unwind at the Commercenter’s Centro Holistico might just be the thing. The wellness center offers acupuncture, IV Nutrient Therapy, detox, lymphatic dry brushing and other programs that can soothe the senses. 

8. Zone out with a little screen time

Who doesn’t enjoy a little screen time? With the Commercenter’s spacious and luxurious cinema, dads will surely be able to focus and lose themselves in whatever film they’re watching. 

9. Let him feast like a king

After a fun-filled and eventful father’s day weekend, treat dad to steak and more steak at the Black Pig. If he’s into burgers, he can dive into the pork belly sandwich which is just as satisfying. 

10. Cap off the day with a toast

To cap off the day, throw a toast to dad and tell him how much you appreciate him with a premium bottle of wine from Bacchus wines. If he’s more into hard drinks, give him a cognac or a whiskey to let him feel valued. 

Throwing a memorable Father’s Day celebration doesn’t have to be that difficult. As long as each activity is centered on your dad’s enjoyment and demonstrates how much you appreciate him, it will sure be a celebration that he will treasure throughout the years. Drop by the Comercenter in Alabang this Father’s Day weekend to show your dad how much you care. 06/18/2018 (Bits of Rocks) 

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Monday, April 17, 2017

My Five-Part 2017 Birthday Celebration

My 2017 Birthday celebration was indeed the happiest and the most successful one! Though my birthday was on March 19, it seems that I celebrated a month-long birthday for the whole month of March 2017 together with my family, friends, teammates, and love ones. 

To summarize my 2017 Birthday celebration last month, let these photos speak for themselves:

And also, I would like to give thanks for OPPO mobile phone for sending me this so special birthday cake from Contis. "Yun bang nanalo ka na sa kanila ng brand new OPPO F3 Plus Dual Camera Phone, nagpadala pa sila ng special gift sa'yo!" 

Thank you very much OPPO!

And of course, thank you to all my love ones who spent their time celebrating my birthday with me! "Salamat din po sa lahat ng nagbigay ng kanilang mga regalo!"

"Hanggang Sa Muli.."  04/17/2017 (Bits of Rocks)

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A Cake Treat

As part of our celebration for the successful sign-off of our Europe Fanfare Project, I have treated my teammates with a chocolate cake from Goldilocks.

And here is the said cake with an artistic design:

This is such a cool modern design truly fits for a celebration like this. Cheers for success! (RCB)

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Saturday, April 23, 2016

April 2016: "Celebrate Success"

After one month of hiatus, yours truly Bits of Rocks is back to give you exciting happenings and updates in my life and things around me.

The month of March kept me too busy in event, work, sports, travel, and in my personal life and relationship. But this month of April, I will share with you those things which made me too busy.

April is a celebration of success. This is because April marks the rise of my blogs at the same time, the birth month of my hit entertainment site TV Series Craze. This month also marks my 3rd successful year in my current I.T. company. And of course, I will also share with you my last month's series of birthday celebration.

So let's celebrate success this April! And let's give thanks to all the blessings with have received! (RCB)

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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

November 2015: "A Birthday Party for Runner Rocky"

My sports and fitness blog Runner Rocky will be celebrating its first year birthday this November 24, 2015. Therefore, it means a huge party and a grand celebration!

Yes, there are so many good things to thank for. At a span of 1 year, Runner Rocky receives so many blessings including its recent recognition as the No. 1 Emerging Influential Blog of 2015. We will have a month long celebration for that in

Aside from that, November is also a month of collection. Yes, I am now starting to collect stickers  for my Starbucks 2016 Planner and I will share with you my day-to-day coffee time  to gather the stickers! 

Last month, I have started my new segment called #ThrowbackThursday wherein every Thursday, I feature great photo moments from the past! We will continue that this month onwards. :)

And of course, expect for new exciting and interesting posts from yours truly. 

November is indeed another fun-filled month of celebration. Let's spread happiness and love on this second to the last month of 2015! (RCB)

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Arjo Atayde for Bits of Rocks' 5TH Year Blog Anniversary!

The son of the versatile actress Ms. Sylvia Sanchez has something to say with your favorite blog! Arjo Atayde expressed his greetings to Bits of Rocks' 5TH Year Blog Anniversary!

Here is Arjo joining the brightest stars in our celebration:

Arjo is currently leading the newest action-drama afternoon soap "Dugong Buhay" together with Ejay Falcon. He is portraying the bida-kontrabida character of Raphael, the real brother of Ejay's character.

I met Arjo for third time now. I first met him on the early part of 2012 during his first TV series project "eBoy."

Arjo is really kind and friendly. We call each other as "bro."

Thanks much for this Arjo! Good luck to your new teleserye. See you once again soon! (RCB) 

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Video: Birthday Greetings and Message to Rocky from Erik Santos!

The Prince of Pop Mr. Erik Santos is part of my birthday  celebration this year! And he expressed his birthday greetings and message to me via video.

Well, check out the said birthday video of Erik for yours truly. Here it goes:

Erik is a product of the ABS-CBN singing reality show "Star in a Million" where he emerged as the champion. After that, he popularized many hit songs. He even sung different theme songs for movies and TV series.

Erik truly has a sweet voice. I love most of his music.

Thanks much for this Erik. See you again soon! (RCB)

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