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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I Got My Union Bank Blog Earnings!

This is the latest amount I got from my income generating blogs:

I received my payments through my Pay Pal linked to my Union Bank. Advertisers paid me in dollar but when you withdraw the amount, it will be automatically converted to peso.

For the third quarter of 2011, I received an overall blog payment total of Php9,555.23.

I'm very thankful now that my blogs return me earnings! They were now bearing fruits for me! Wow! c",)

Friday, October 14, 2011

My Fourth Google Adsense Earning!

Check out my fourth blog earnings from Google Adsense. Here it goes:

This is another proof that my blogs were all doing well! For the fourth times now, I am receiving payments from Google Adsense sent to me through Western Union.

For this period (two-month earning), I accumulated an earnings in dollar of $144.70.

Converting the said amount in Philippine peso, I got a Php6,175.06.

This is only from Adsense! Yeah, I also received other payments from other advertisers. And I will discuss it to you on my next posts! Thank you very much Adsense! c",)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Third Adsense Payment!

Here we go again! Thanks God, I once more received another Adsense Payment! This time it's my third!

Yeah, this is my third received payments from my Google ads! And this third payment is the highest!

Here are details of the said payment. Take a look at them:

Yup, this is the highest Adsense payment I received so far! The payment is amounting to $179.50. Or in Philippine peso, I received a total of Php8,420. Great!

As a standard process, I redeemed my payment in our nearest Western Union outlet! I got it on the last day of July!

Just like I always do, I save my money in my bank! But of course I share some to my mother and brother! I gave Php500 to my brother while Php1,000 to my mom! I even gave another Php2,000 to my mother to buy our new gas stove!

At the end of July, my Adsense earnings closed at $99.14! And for sure by the end of September, I will get another payment when the amount reach a minimum of $100! Yippee!!! Of course, I will share it with you to give you inspiration!

Alright guys, 'till next time of another Adsense Payment counting! More to come! c",)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Counting Down My Blog Earnings Last 2nd Quarter of 2011!

My blogs now are like golden geese who were laying golden eggs. Just like trees, there are now grown and giving me sweet fruits! They are giving me extra income right not!

It's like a harvest time last second quarter of 2011 (April - June). "Panahon ng anihan...anihan ng pera!" I already harvested the fruits of my blogs! They already bear fruits for me! They already laid golden eggs for me!

I like to summarize the income I received last quarter from my blogs. Yup, not included on this are the previous ones I received from January to March 2011.

So here are my income from different accounts of my blogs:

My Second Google Adsense Payment

My Accumulative Payment from Paid Posts

Another Ads Payment in Philippine Pesos

My New Paid Posts Account Payment

To sum up all these payments last second quarter, I have $122.41 plus $101.40 plus $50.40 and Php2,150.56. Do the honor of adding! =)

Just this month, I registered to two new income generating ads for blogs. One is a pop ad while the other one is a revenue generated from traffics.

And by the end of July, I will receive another Google Adsense payments, my third payment through Western Union! Yipee! The said incoming payment closed at $179. Don't worry, I will share with you that said income when I received it at the end of the month!

Once more, I hope I inspired you with my blogs! Until next time of financial statement of earnings! c",)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mayo Denero!

"Mayo Denero!" It's a month of money! It's money, money, money this month of May!

This month of May speaks money for me! This is the month when I received and will be receiving money, income, earnings, and bonus! Well, let's discuss them one by one!

Just like many of us, May is the month where we receive our mid-year bonuses. In our case here in our office, May is when we receive the half of our 13TH month pay. Or better say the 5/12 percent of our 13TH month pay!

Actually right now, I already received that said mid-year bonus. It is part of our 15TH day compensation. But, will I be happy for this?! Since I only got a very little increase this year which truly disappointed me, the amount I received right now is almost similar to my last year's!

But if I'm not satisfied with my 5/12 bonus, I am very much satisfy and thankful to my blog incomes! Yes, atlast, I am now earning from my blog sites! "Namumunga na din ang mga itinanim!" Thank you Lord! =)

Last week, I already received my second Google Adsense payments. Yup, I will share it to you on my next post. I even received through Paypal the other payments from my paid blogs! And right now, I just sent it to my bank card. In 5 to 7 days, the said amount will be converted in Peso and will be deposited in my bank account! Great!

What more, I will even receive my other income from my other paid articles. My advertiser will send me my check and this will be deposited in my other savings bank two to three weeks from now!

So even though I'm not satisfied with my increase, here are my blogs which save me! They are now giving me money and earnings which my company cannot give to me! Now, I have other more reasons to be happy and thankful!

My blogs are like my children..."para ko silang mga anak! I am taking care of them just like a tree. In return, they will give you their fruits for me to enjoy! Go, go, go Mayo Denero! c",)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May 2011 - "Tasting The Fruit of My Labors!"

We are already on the fifth month of the year, the month of May! And talking about the month of May, the first thing that comes on our mind is the word 'labor' since we always celebrate "Labor Day" every first day of May!

We didn't actually felt Labor Day this year since it fall on Sunday. No holiday! It's one regular day!

But this month of May for me is another time to taste the so-called "fruits of my labor"! The products I worked hard for!

If last month, last April, I celebrated the anniversaries of my blogs, this month of May, it's time to taste the fruits of these blogs!

Yeah, yeah, yeah...this is the month where I can received my next Adsense payment! The second payment of my ads in my blogs. Nice! What more, I can finally withdraw now the other payments of my paid posts!

Aside from these, May also speaks of our 13th month pay. Yup, the first half or the 5/12 months of our 13th month pay will be given this month!

But then talking about my office work, I'm not that happy! Just like the recently concluded Labor Day which was not actually felt, my merit increase didn't made me satisfy! It seems negligible to me! The excellent work and job-well done I have performed last 2010 is not proportion to my merit! Grrrr....

Well, still there are other more reasons to be happy! If I'm sad with my merit, I'm very much happy with my blog earnings and with the performance of my blogs! These things truly motivated me!

So let's embrace this month of May and expect for other more exciting surprises to be published here in the one and only The Rock Land! c",)

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