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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Picture Story 3: "Cat! Cat! Cat on the Table!"

Is this another attack on our kitchen by a black pussycat?

Oh, it's Miming Negro caught again in our dinning table! But wait, there's no food on the table! What's then her purpose of invading back our kitchen!?

Welcome back to your favorite picture story! Now it's your chance to give me the answer base on the portrays.

Can you tell me what did Miming do here in our dinning table? Is she looking for food or she's bringing us food!? Or did she wants to do a cetain recipe?

Now is your time to open up your wildest imagination...! c",)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Pussycat Attacks our Kitchen!

It's my pussycat...! Hey, Miming what are you doing on our table?

Well, as you can see, my pussycat really loves to stay and invades our kitchen. After I let you invade our home, now my pussycat Miming Negro invades our kitchen!

She's looking at our foods. She's salivating for the goods on our table! She's craving for it and wanting to steel some! But hey Miming Negro, watch out! My mom is coming around. If she saw you on our table, well don't blame me if she did something to you. Be careful pussycat!

And there's more! Here's another one. Miming Negro is trying to get up on our table! She will steel some food specially on that night, our dinner is sinigang na bangus!. Hey, hey, hey...keep watching out Miming, my mom is coming around!

Hay! What can I say? Miming Negro is so 'matakaw' talaga!! She really eats too much and loves to stay and attacks our kitchen! Hey Miming, you're geting fatter and bulkier now. You're not sexy anymore! How can you maintain your figure?

But then, even though Miming Negro loves to invades and attacks our kitchen, she's really a wonderful and a cute pussycat to have! What can you say about her? Do you even like her? c",)

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